05 January 2012

Checks and Balances we don't need no stinking checks and balances!

First some foundation work regarding the Constitution.  Now stick with me because this is needed to understand what is happening in this administration.  At the constitutional convention the framers argued and argued about how to best set up this new government.  And in these arguments the framers always came back to these key points.   1) Decentralize power  2)Keep the power as close to the people as possible.  3) If there is a power bestowed to a branch of Government make sure there is a check on that power.  4)  Checks and balances are in place to slow things down.   There are others but I want to focus on these for now.

Like it or not Presidents have operated with these boundaries and respected the firewalls put in place by the framers….until now.     Obama started to break down these firewalls very subtlety or not so subtlety for those who were paying attention during a State of the Union speech a few years ago.  Obama called out the Supreme Court for upholding citizen united case.   Citizen untied supports free speech in the form of monetary donations to support a political cause or a candidates but not directly to a candidate for Corporation’s and Union’s, yes Unions I bet you didn’t know that citizen united also upholds this freedom to unions.  But a sitting President openly bashing the Supreme Court for a ruling he does not like weakens the firewalls of separation of powers.  The press sat on their hands and questioned nothing.

Next the President commands his justice Dept NOT support the Defense of Marriage Act because Obama feels that it’s not Constitutional.   Even though the Supreme Court says is Constitutional and the law of the land. Obama says who cares I just agree with it so I won’t support it.   The Firewall weakens, and the press asks Obama how he’s holding up under all this pressure of the just say no Republicans.

Now Obama the middle class warrior makes a “recess appointment” to head a new bloated governmental agency for consumer protection on top of all the other bloated governmental agency’s for consumer protection. Oh and by the way this appointment just happens to be from Ohio a key swing state that Obama hopes to win.    The problem is Congress is NOT in recess.  How do we know Obama cannot make this recess appointment?  Well because Obama’s own justice dept confirmed with the Supreme Court that Obama will NOT make ANY recess appointment’s unless Congress is on recess for longer than 3 days.  Now back to that pesky Constitution Obama doesn’t like.  Article 1 section 5 states neither house can adjourn for more than 3 days without consent of the other house.  In other words the Senate must approve if the House wants to adjourn and vice versa.  And for the record the House has NOT approved to adjourn the Senate. Moreover, according to LAW the senate still has to approve this appointment.   There goes the troublesome checks and balances Obama doesn’t want to concern himself with.

This move is a naked power grab of a Dictator, that’s right I said dictator.  Obama who claims that he cannot wait for Congress to act, overrules his own justice dept, the firewalls put in place by the framers, and over a 100 years of history.  All in the name of looking out for the little guy.   Have other presidents made recess appointments..yes however, they always acted with the boundaries of the Constitution.  Obama is acting OUTSIDE of the Constitution which one would think would be an impeachable offence.

These are the acts of a President who is desperate to be re-elected and cannot run on his record.  Every time you hear Obama say he cannot wait any longer and he will act without Congress. Remember these checks and balances are in place FOR A REASON, they are meant to slow things down and to keep powers in check and decentralized.  Presidents cannot go it alone. Presidents who go it alone are heading towards tyranny.    Obama went from we need this bill passed right now to who needs a bill passed I’ll just do whatever the hell I want?  I’ll just act and wait for the courts to catch up with me. These are the actions of a person who hates the Constitution and the restrictions put in place by the framers.  What other reason could it be?  The point is if the firewalls are destroyed and the Constitution is not followed then it’s over, America will exist in name only.   Maybe this is but another glowing example Of Obama’s transformed America.

And the press?  Well at least we know how the press will react.

God help us.

America Prevails

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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