20 April 2012

200 Days until the election and over a 1080 days since Obama signed a budget

I may have been off the radar for a while but that does not mean that I have not been paying attention to the disaster that is our current President.
The Republican nomination process all but over, which means Mitt Romney will be the standard bearer for the party.  I am not comforted by this.   The establishment has their nominee and Obama has his target.   Yes there is my hate filled comment saying that Obama has his target.  By Obama I mean Axelrod.
All in all I like Mitt and I was a Mitt guy in the last election and as I said before I will vote for an empty milk bottle before i would vote for Obama. However, this is not a lesser of two evils election. What I am counting on is that people will just look at Obama and see that he does not deserve a second term.
Obama has made it his mission to stunt the country in order to equalize it with the rest of the world.  Here is just a few off the top of my head reasons not to vote for Obama.
The unemployment in the EU is 10%.  The unemployment in this US is a close 9%. Oh so close Mr President but keep trying to surpass the EU, we have "HOPE" in you.   Obama has not signed a budget in 3 years. Obama care.  The Obama tax cuts will expire after the first of the year. The debt ceiling is set to expire this year.  Fast and Furious, Secret Service, and the Solyndra scandal is still out there.  So much for having a squeaky clean administration.   Housing is at an all time low.  Obama disregards the Constitution almost as much as he goes on vacation. Obama's weakness in foreign policy, (telling Putin he'll be more flexible after the election & his general dislike of Israel to name a few).  Gas prices, yes gas prices. And in keeping with Obama's laser focus on job creation according to the official White House web site the President has NO official business today.   Nothing, zip, zilch, Nada. 
And Obama's plan?
It's not fair that some people have more money then others, but it's fair to hate them for it and free condoms.  That's it!!!  The smartest man to ever hold the office plan is to try to get a majority of the population to hate the other in order to get elected.  Obama is counting on the population being okay with high gas prices, little or no growth of the economy, and creeping inflation as long as the guy down the street who happens to make more money than Obama deems acceptable gets taxed out of his ass.  Yes equality for all except who pays for it.  That's the Obama way! 
And Romney?
A pro-growth agenda focusing on jobs, tax reforms and the economy.  Big difference don't you agree?
So here we go.  The field is set and we have our candidates.  It's time for all of us to stand up for our country, for our family and our friends and Vote Obama out of office!
And for all those Obama lovers out there who may feel guilty for NOT voting for Obama this time around.  Fear not for Obama like Clinton will never truly go away.   If Obama follows the past Democratic President's pattern he will be more effective out of office then when he was in office.  Moreover, just imagine the Obama-Clinton  "HOPE HUG THE WORLD" speaking tour.  I can just picture it now. After some natural disaster there will be Obama and Clinton wearing cargo pants and a vest with lots of pockets handing out grain to some refugee. Or hosting a telethon with George Clooney?  Either way Obama will have lots of time after Jan 20th of 2013 to work these things out.
 America Prevails
Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

17 April 2012

The Speech Mitt Romney Should Give By Mark Levin

This is what Mitt should say at his next speech
Levin tells it like it is, should and will be.
It's worth the few minutes of your time.
And let's face it Mitt NEEDS help, I have great concerns that he does not have what it takes to win in November.

Best of Crazy Uncle Joe Biden

Is it bad lip reading or the real thing....the world may never know.

12 April 2012

Another reason NOT to vote for Obama / Little Timmy Geithner all but confirms that team Obama has NO plan to save the ecomony

I really like these Firewall videos so please indulge me by watching the below link.
Keep in mind the Obama has not passed a budget in 3 years. After watching this video you will know why.   In the video little Timmy Geithner all but confirms that team Obama has NO plan to save the ecomony.  Oh and if the ecomony falls so goes the country by 2027.  
There goes Obama transforming the country again.