05 October 2016

Presidential Debate 9-26-2016// I watched so you don't have to

First of all shame on you for not watching these debates.  These are too important to miss.

But that being said this was the CNN sponsored "I can’t believe these are the 2 best candidates the country can offer" debate.

Let’s get to it…

Hillary: Stiff yet comfortable, always smiling, rehearsed and poll tested; Hillary came prepared last night.  She made sure she hit all her talking points and one liners. She kept looking down for some reason while talking as if she had prepared answers she was reading from which I thought was strange.  The moderator gave Hillary every opportunity to hit Trump on taxes, birtherism and supporting the Iraq war.  All questions that are fair game however, where were the questions teed up for Trump about Benghazi, The Clinton foundation?   The moderator did not have any follow up questions for Hillary while Trump got more than 5 I think.  I thought it odd that she referred to her website for policy issues.  Maybe Trump should debate the website next time?   One very important thing Hillary said was the country suffers from “Implicit Racial Bias” which means that you’re a racist, I’m a racist, we’re all racist but we just don’t know it. Except for liberals like herself of course they’re just fine.  Trump should ask her what that exactly means.  Does not agreeing with Hillary prove you have implicit racial bias? In her mind I think it does.  One thing is for sure in Hillary’s America we’re all going to be taxed more, of that there is no doubt.  In Hillary’s America the government will always be the solution. You can’t be trusted after all to make decisions because your racist remember?  She had a good debate but that’s about it. Also she may have improved her standing within her own party with folks who were questioning her ability.  Moreover, Hillary cannot have one single coughing fit or stumble or another bout with pneumonia or she’s done.  Look for her to stay off the trail and let the media and here surrogates do the heavy lifting for her.   

Trump: Comfortable but animated, funny but pushy at times, missed opportunities:  Trump was Hillary’s fact checker well at least he tried to be.  Trump was at his best when he hit Hillary with you’ve been in government 30 years and did nothing but talk.  Trump proved he is the outsider and not the seasoned politician in almost everything he did last night and that’s a good thing.  Trump acted like Trump the outsider and Hillary acted like Hillary the 30 year vet of the political system.  There is a clear contrast like no other right in front of us.  I did thought he came off a little aggressive but that may be just because he’s the first republican candidate to actually fight back.   Trump is going to connect with people who are sick of poll tested safe answers and I can tell you I’ve never laughed as much as I have during a presidential debate.  Trump was trump and that for him was a win.

Holt: I decided to add the moderator to this because he was at times the 3rd debater on the stage.   He spent way more time following up with Trump than he did for Hillary,  Yes he did try to fact check Trump on the birther issue while not really pushing Hillary on anything.  However, I do not think any of these questions were off limits as long as the questions are balanced, then ask away. 

Comments:  I’m resisting the woulda coulda shoulda of last night to focus on how I think this played out.  The media almost in unison declared Hillary the winner just like they did right after the Democratic convention.  My guess this week all we’ll hear from the mainstream media is that it’s over for Trump and Hillary can go back to measuring out drapes in the oval office.  Trump has the momentum going into last night and the polls are all but tied up with Trump slightly pulling away in the battleground states.  I don’t think this debate will change that, much to the chagrin of the media and the democrats.

Winner: Neither
Loser: Neither
Advantage: Hillary
Push: Trump

Until the next time…

Vice President Debate // I watched so you don't have too

Mike Pence:

Inline image 2 Inline image 3  Bla bla bla vote for Trump.However, Pence was solid, on point and unflappable. Quoting my son Bruce  "Trump should copy/paste Pence's performance into his for the next debate" I totally agree.

Tim Kaine:
Inline image 1 Bla bla bla interrupt Pence, interrupt Pence, interrupt Pence, interrupt Pence, interrupt Pence, interrupt Pence, vote for Hillary, interrupt Pence, interrupt Pence, interrupt Pence  

Elaine Quijano:
Inline image 5Bla bla bla interrupt Pence, interrupt Pence, interrupt Pence, interrupt Pence, interrupt Pence, interrupt Pence,(secretly voting for Hillary), interrupt Pence, interrupt Pence, interrupt Pence 

Big Winner : Pence
Loser: Kaine

16 February 2016

Republican National debate 2-13-16 // I Watched So You Don’t Have To - SC Edition

This debate was hosted by the DNC wing of CBS news.  Not a lot to say about the moderators other than I believe that I saw a few ready for Hillary buttons on the lapels but I could have been wrong.
I have noticed a trend in the last 2 debates that I hope the RNC addresses fast. The audience is becoming part of the debate.  Now not only the moderators making news and are an active participants in the debates, the audience is becoming an unrealistic and at times ridiculous cheering section for the candidates.  As witnessed on Saturday the boos and cheers are getting to be a joke and the campaigns are trying to use them their advantage.  These should be public forums for the most important office in the world not a taping of the price is right.  Other than that it was nice to see only 6 candidates on the stage.
Moreover, with the death of Antonin Scalia this election is extremely important to the future of the country.  Most candidates on the stage understand this, one I really don’t’ think has the integrity to make that call.

But I digress…..

Trump;  He is now the Old Country Buffet of Word Salad:  For the first 2 sentences of this debate I thought to myself, Trump sounds good tonight.   Then he dives off the deep end. Anger is not leadership and Trump should know this by now. But when you have nothing to specific to offer you have to do something up there so yelling works for him.  Trumps idea of building consensus is everybody has to agree with him on everything.  Which really won’t work with a divided congress or a congress of the same party not really sure which party Trump is but his agree with me or else administration is not going to work.  As this gets closer Trump and if Trump is the nominee he needs to stop yelling and start getting specific or we as a party are done.  Trump really hit the Bush family.  He went from calling George W knowing 9-11 was going to happen and did nothing to stop it, to saying Jeb’s mother should be the one running, to Jeb just being a loser and a liar. But to Trump everybody is a liar and a loser. It’s getting old and tired.  Just like his “just trust me it’s going to be great” is getting hollow.  Best line for Trump is when he called Reagan “Somewhat Conservative”  That alone is a great insight into Trump. Just like he said the being conservative is to conserve. Let's face it he's not a conservative.  He’s still the guy to beat though. However, do we really want trump picking Supreme Court Justices?  I don’t!  This was Trumps worst night and these debates are getting more important and more people are watch so this does not bode well for him. 

Cruz; concise, direct, principled:  Cruz was interrupted more by the moderator than any other candidate which is telling. I still feel that Cruz is the greatest threat to the establishment in both parties.  Where the establishment would rather have a president Trump just so they wouldn't have to deal with a president Cruz. Cruz and Rubio went at it on immigration…again.  Even I’m getting tired of it.  Cruz must see an opening with Rubio but Rubio was on his game Saturday night so his attack fell short.  Cruz played it safe by staying out of most of the clashes with Trump and Bush.  However, will his answers be enough to stand out of the shouting match that was Saturday night?  Cruz tried to explain his flat tax plan with little effect.  It’s not a VAT which taxes every level of production but flat tax which is great but unlikely to pass.  But it’s a start.  Cruz would be the best person to nominate a justice.  Without a doubt he has the most experience with the SC and would make the decision based on original intent not the popular whims of the day by the masses.  In the end Cruz had a good night by not having a bad night.  Even though Trump and Rubio called Cruz a liar over and over and over I don’t think it will stick.  Cruz needs a strong ground game to beat Trump's popularity .  So far he won Iowa, came in third in NH spending less than a million so he’s poised to finish strong in SC. Hopefully Super Tuesday will take some of the wind out of Trump's sails.

Rubio; Calm, strong, knowledgeable:  Rubio redeemed himself in the eyes of the establishment on Saturday.  He proved he can do this without acting like a little kid’s notice me, notice me type of thing.  He hit Cruz hard and silenced Trumps attack on Bush with a simple I was glad Bush was in office instead of Gore when 9-11 happened.  I am too.  Rubio has a family first tax plan.  Not sure what that means but that’s the way Rubio is selling it.  Problem is no one is going to remember specific policies when Trump is yelling at everybody.  That’s Trumps plan but as a voter we should be demanding better and Rubio is trying to act like he wants this job.  Rubio gave Bush a run for his money on Saturday, literally establishment donors are probably scratching their heads wondering who to give money to, Bush or Rubio?   Bush was weak until about 3 weeks ago and Rubio was strong until 2 weeks ago.  What’s a donor to do?  Rubio would do well against Hillary or Sanders.  He still adds to the debates and it would be a Yuge loss if he dropped.  I don’t see that happening and perhaps Rubio is hoping for a brokered convention if he can’t get enough delegates to win outright.  I would be fine with a President Rubio. 

Bush; Clear, Concise, dare I say strong:  Oh Brother Where Art thou?  This was the Jeb every establishment republican was looking for.  My guess is there was a lot of questions like, where was this Jeb 3 months ago? Or why couldn’t he be like this from the beginning? Well running for 5th is hard work so give him a break.  Jeb is hoping to finish in the top 3 in SC. If he doesn’t he’s all but done.  Oh he’ll be around for a while but Jeb and Mr. Krabs are fighting for last place or a brokered convention.  Jeb took it to Trump and defended himself very well to the point where Trump blamed pretty much everything on his brother or the audience.  However, sticking up for your brother is what anyone would do.  Leadership is different, where Jeb was even tempered and clear of thought, Trump looked and acted pissed off.  Jeb won that round and made Trump look like a loser.  Oh he stammered every once and while but even those were not really noticeable on Saturday.  At this point I think Jeb would be well against Hillary (prisoner 11271). He will most likely not get the chance but as some ones VP, maybe????  VP Jeb????  Nah…..

Carson; Just there:  This was probably the last time we will see Carson the candidate. I’m okay with that.  Of all the outsider candidates Carson added the most dignity to the race.  However, at some point he needs to drop (like next Sunday) and support Cruz.  Carson gets the oh we forgot you were still on the stage type of questions. Where it must frustrate him but he has to see it’s very close to the time to pull the plug and call time of death to his candidacy.  Get the Doctor reference?  Just wanted to see if your still reading this stuff?  I’m telling you Carson would make a great director of HHS or the VA.

Mr Krabs: Maybe he has a tick, I don’t’ know but it drives me crazy:  According to him if he was president it would be roses and lollipops and everybody would get along and there would be no partisanship just love.  Funny thing was that every time Bush and Trump went at it the moderators went to Mr. Krabs for his thoughts on the fighting.  Why? I don’t know nor to I care what he thinks about Bush and Trump fighting.  Neither do millions of other people.  Out in a month or two. I hope.

Yuge Winner: Jeb (that’s a 2 in a row)
Winner : Cruz, Rubio
Loser: Carson, Mr. Krabs
Yuge Loser: Trump

The Below Link is an important one that I want to bring to your attention.
This link compiled every tax proposal that this season’s presidential candidates have offered during the campaign. 
I urge you to check this out as we get closer to the election. It's Yuge! 

Republican National Debate 2-6-2016 // I watched so you don’t have to // Special Sunday Edition

 This was an ABC hosted debate and I have to say it started out very awkward.  Carson couldn’t hear his name being called so he stood there on camera waiting.  You could see the production people trying to usher him out but he just stood there while the other candidates passed him up as they walked out. It worked itself out of course but it was awkward.   I’ll also note that the moderators were terrible in general.  They tried on 4 separate occasions to get the candidate on record to say they would start a war with North Korea, round up illegals and tax the rich and oh who likes torture?  All four attempts failed but to me it was obvious what they were trying to do.
But anyway….

Trump: Calm, I’m the guy but still word salad as a whole:  Trump is getting to be a better debater. However, he showed he really cannot take any sort of criticism at all.  Trump was booed on several occasions and he turned around and called the whole audience a bunch of lobbyist. Really?  Trump failed to quiet down Bush as they went at it over eminent domain.  Which Trump loves by the way.  He loves it when the government takes your property and uses it for public use, at a fair price mind you. Yeah right, fair price. So in a Trump administration if he wants something he’s going to take it. Trump’s definition of conservatism is to conserve was puzzling to me?? So he’s not rally a conservative he just plays one on TV. Trump lost big time to Cruz in Iowa and if he doesn’t get his act together he’s going to lose more.  He just can’t hold rallies and expect to win the nomination. He needs a ground game and fast. Trump Still may do very well as this race goes on but he’s shown he can be beat and he can be rattled.  If he wins on Tuesday and wins in South Carolina this could be all his.

Bush: Confidante, reserved and less awkward:  Bush has a great night last night.  He took it to Trump in the most effective way he has done compared to all the other debates.  He prodded Trump to go off and then just shut up and he let Trump dig himself into a whole.  I think Bush showed very well to the voters but more importantly the donors who were getting ready to jump ship for Rubio. But since Rubio tanked last night that may change (more on that later).  If Bush did this well earlier on he may be in the top 2 or 3 candidates now.  However, this may be too little too late for Bush. At this point it’s all about voters and donors and I don’t think Bush has enough of either to make it past Super Tuesday.

Carson: At this point Carson has about a month and a half left in his campaign and he’s starting to look like he knows it. He was barely called on in the last 2 debates and when he was called on he really didn’t add to the conversation.  I still think which ever republican wins as the next president they should make Carson director of HHS.

 Cruz: Strong, steady, measured, played it safe:  Cruz is coming off a yuge win in IOWA and yesterday he tried to act like the front runner.  Cruz was concise in his answers and didn’t attack any other candidate last night.  He gave detailed answered on immigration and foreign policy. The moderators didn’t like that so there was not a lot of follow ups or trying to get other candidates to attack Cruz’s positions. I don’t think Cruz will win New Hampshire but a strong top 3 would put him good position going forward.   

Rubio: Yea! He slowed down: Rubio completely failed last night.  Christie buried him and all Rubio could do was repeat himself over and over, which made him look completely unprepared and weak.  Rubio tried to deflect his record by talking about Obama’s and Christie nailed him on it over and over. Rubio showed real weakness and inexperience for the first time in this entire contest and I’m sure it gave a lot of donors pause let along voters.  If Rubio is going to be the establishment candidate he has to do a lot better in fending off attacks as this race heats up. Because if this was the first debate you watched and you saw how Rubio handled himself last night then you may be thinking of supporting another candidate.  This is a teachable moment and I hope Rubio learns well from it. 

Mr. Krabs: Mr. Reasonable, Mr. Moderate, HANDS:  Hey I’m a nice guy so vote for me. Hey I’m a moderate so vote for me.  Hey NO, sorry I will not vote for you. Another guy who has about a month or two left in his campaign. 

Christie: Firm, relaxed, comfortable: Christie totally succeeded in taking down Rubio last night. All Christie had to say was “See, there he goes again repeating himself without answering the question” Rubio responded by walking directly into the punch each and every time.  I don’t think Christie gained any votes last night but he did show that Rubio is beatable.  Hillary would use the same line of attack at Rubio’s lack of experience and Rubio would lose.  Christie may be the in it a little longer than Mr. Krabs but I don’t see him lasting past Super Tuesday.

It is still is a Trump, Cruz and Rubio race.

Big Winner: Bush
Winner: Cruz, Christie, Trump
Loser: Mr. Crabs, Carson
Big Loser: Rubio

Illinois Primary is March 15th  

Until the next time…..

15 January 2016

Republican National Debate 1-14-2016 // I watched so you don’t have to

The 6th republican national debate was held last night hosted by Fox Business.

I hate the opening montage in all these debates.. ”The road to the White House is getting closer as Iowa and New Hampshire draws near, who will raise to the top?” Que dramatic music with pictures of a winding road and corn fields etc…. I’m sick of it.  Just get to it and let the policy debate begin.
Fox has done the best job as moderators in the debates but they let the candidates go on sparing for too long.  The voters want policy the media want ratings.  However, as a whole every candidate did way better last night.  Even Mr. Crabs (Kasich) looked like he wanted to win
But anyway….

Trump: Stronger, not incoherent, trying to be a guy’s-guy: Trump is getting better with each debate. It’s still word salad mind you but he’s getting better. Trump did something most politicians & most on the stage with him last night would never do. Trump owned his anger. When asked about his anger instead of dodge it he flat out and said yes I’m angry. I’m angry about how poorly the country is run, I’m angry that 10 American sailors were held at gun point by the Iranians and Obama did nothing, I’m angry that America is losing.  That may have sealed the deal with a lot of voters republicans, independent  democratic alike that feel the same way. Trump won on the “discussion” with Cruz regarding Cruz’s use of Trump having “New York values” as a bad thing.  Trump invoked 9/11 as showing the strength and values of NY which is an untouchable subject with America. Advantage Trump.  Trump did push the Cruz birther issue. Where he’s saying Cruz can’t be president because he was born to an American mother on foreign soil. Cruz destroyed this and really shut down Trump.  Trump said if I pick you as my VP your birth question could be a problem?  Swing and a miss for Trump.  I am really starting to think Trump could be the nominee.  It’s hard to see where Trump can lose unless Cruz catches fire sometime around superTuesday (March 1st) it’s going to be Trump. 

Bush: Awkward, still rehearsed, not comfortable but better: Bush tried to invoke Reagan yesterday when he asked if we are better now than we were 8 years ago? No I’m not, but you’re not running against Obama you’re going to be running against Hillary or as I like to call her prisoner 11271.  Bush acted like he was just told right before the debate that he had 90 seconds to answer not 60 seconds.  He was like oh I still got more time but I’m not sure what to say.  Bush is getting better in his performance and this was by far his best debate and it will help him in New Hampshire but his time has passed.  Bush did the best thing when he said we have a socialist and a person under FBI investigation on the democratic side.  Great, It’s time the republicans start calling out  dems other than Obama. Maybe Bush is a policy guy who just can’t debate well but I didn’t see it last night.  Bush is fighting for 4th or 5th place at this point and he may go into the convention just to mess things up for Cruz or Trump.  I don’t support him and neither should you.

Carson: Place holder, nice guy:  Carson will slowly fade to the undercard then drop even if he finishes well in Iowa.  It’s clearly not his time.  He can’t keep saying when asked what would you do questions, by telling us I would ask these guys this and those guys that, then do this.  It just doesn’t come off as leadership. I’m starting to ask why?  Which is bad because I’m sure I’m not the only one asking that after last night.  He’s just there. 

Cruz: Strong, steady: Cruz is the number 2 guy in this race which makes him a target from all sides. Trump tried and failed to raise questions about Cruz’s ability to be president because he was born to an American mother in Canada. But Cruz failed in the NY values tact so he’ll drop that line as soon as Iowa is over. Cruz proved he is the best debater on the stage and would do very well against Hillary or Burnie. Rubio and Cruz got into it over who voted for what while in the senate but at least Cruz still voted in the senate while Rubio just stopped voting altogether. Cruz showed a more personable side by making jokes in a way that did not look rehearsed or stiff in anyway like Bush does for example.  Cruz pushed his flat tax plan of 10% which on the surface sounds great but I think would be extremely hard to pass in congress.  I truly feel the establishment on both sides fears a Cruz presidency, but I’m not sure if he would take a VP slot to Trump but he might.  Cruz has the closest shot at beating Trump if and only if Trump starts to fade or people actually start listening to what Trump is saying.  His immigration and tax policies are strong. Him debating skills are first rate. The establishment fears him and what he can do to their power structure, and he believes in the rule of law and the Constitution.  He would make a good president.

Rubio: Strong, Confidant, fast talker yesterday:  Rubio went with strength yesterday over optimism and I did not like that.  Rubio is at his best when he is showing how much he loves this country.  Yesterday Rubio did very well and I don’t see him faltering in the polls. However, you can tell he’s worried about Cruz.  Rubio took it to Hillary by saying she should be disqualified to run for president on her email scandal alone.  I loved that. Finally somebody is calling out Hillary.  Seemed like Rubio was running against Obama and Hillary at the same time.  Obama this and Obama that is all nice but how are you going to be different than prisoner 11271?  He stood up for the 2nd amendment very well but in a republican debate that’s not hard to do.  Rubio would make a good president and I still like him.  But slow down Marco lower your voice and take me with you to the shinning city on the hill.  We have a great shot at winning the White House, your youth is an asset, but don’t let your youth be over shadowed by prisoner 11271’s experience. In it for the long run

Kasich or Mr. Crabs: Again with the hands.  Mr. Crabs went back to telling us he was in Washington. Yeah I was in Washington during the cold war? I was in Washington, did I tell you I was in Washington, well I was in Washington oh and I’m the governor of Ohio.  Who cares? Not me that’s for sure.  Maybe in it to the convention but if he is in that long he shouldn’t be.

Christie: Firm, relaxed, comfortable:  Christie is trying to be an Washington outsider who can get things done. Christie still talks directly to the camera which I like and he tries to come off as normal in the middle of all these “politicians” and he is the only seated governor still in the race.  But my guess is after super Tuesday he won’t have the money to stay in it.  Look for him to have a small blip in the east but a decline after. 

It is a Trump, Cruz and Rubio race now.

Big Winners: Cruz
Winner: Christie, Rubio, Bush, Trump
Loser: Mr. Crabs, Carson

Illinois Primary is March 15th  

17 November 2015

Republican National Debate 11-10-2015 // I watched so you don’t have to

The fourth republican national debate was held last night at in Wisconsin hosted by Fox Business channel.

First some house cleaning. I think I will not write about the democratic debates because for all intense and purposes the democratic primary is over. I’ll still watch but really what’s the point? So unless something huge happens I’ll report it but if not consider it over.

Now to last night.
There were 3 moderators and 8 candidates with questions for over 2 hours. This debate was presented as the serious economic debate compared to the fiasco that was the CNBC debate.  It did not fail to deliver in one of the best debates so far in either party.
The moderators did not ask softball question and kept things mostly on track as best they can with 8 people with huge egos running for the highest office in the land.  The candidates were in general more relaxed across the board.

Carrying on….
Put this music on in the background when you read this….

Trump: Weak, rambling, flat.  One would think this would be Trumps strong suit last night.  After all this is an economic debate that is should be a slam dunk for Trump. But last night I feel his performance was Trumps at his worst.  Lots of people like me because I’m a winner is not policy. This guy said my tax plan is great is not policy. Trust me is not a policy.  This only thing I liked is when Trump said he would not agree to a TPP trade agreement but he would make trade deals with the individual counties instead made sense.  It would take forever to pull off but it’s not a bad idea.  On one hand Trump said we need the greatest military in the world but we need to not spend so much on the military and “invest” in infrastructure.  Which is it?  Not sure there.  Trump basically handed the middle east to Putin last night.  Which in my eyes is the continuation of the Obama foreign policy of lead from behind or don’t lead at all.  I really didn’t get a sense that Trump knew what he was saying last night?  Maybe he was tired? Trump proved that he cannot handle this job and all the platitudes in the world and repeating how great we’re going to be over and over is not going to help.  Even his shots at Kasich were dull and ineffective.  His I’ll build a wall even got snickers from the audience.  Look for Carson to start beating him in the polls going forward.  The Trump decline is starting   

Bush: Better but still dorky. One could tell that this was Bush’s redemption debate.  He didn’t hit it out of the park but he didn’t strike out either. It felt like Bush has changed his plan of attack. He completely lost when he tried to go after Rubio in the last debate, so now he’s going to leave that to his super Pac going forward. Bush was successful by shifting his attack to Hillary and Obama.  Smart move on Bush’s part.  Focus on Hillary, act like the front runner and hope Rubio implodes.  It’s worth a try, but it may be too little too late. Where he just doesn’t get it is when he tries to portray himself as anti-establishment.  Really? You’re a legacy long shot at best.  Bush is better than the other establishment candidate Kasich because at least Bush doesn’t say it out loud that his for big government and pathway to citizenship.  Bush was at his best when he stuck to policy and worst when he went off script to take a jab to someone.  It felt rehearsed and plastic.  Here’s something the chew on.  Hillary comes across as more likable and human than Bush.  Hillary would win if Bush is the nominee. Because she’s more likable then Bush.  Yes I said it.   He did ask a very important question last night that I would love to see all the candidates answer in depth.  “What does American leadership look like”  Trump is not what American leadership looks like.  Keep asking yourself that question as this going on. It’s hugely important going on.   I know I will.

Carson: Solid. Carson made no mistakes last night and had the more to gain by a strong showing.  Carson way out shined Trump as the outsider candidate. He put to bed any doubt about what has been said about his past by redirecting any question of trustworthiness to Hillary.  I still don’t see him as my president though .  Yes he explained his tax policy in a way that shut Trump up.  Needs more details but it’s a start and way better than some guy told me it would be great.  He’s right that our money belongs to us first and we are better spenders of our money than the government would ever be. Carson feels that people will give more to charity if we are allowed to keep more of our money?   Hillary and Burnie does not think your money belongs to you but to the government first.  Don’t believe me?  Then why does Hillary want to tax you even after your dead with the estate tax?  So with the democrats it’s the only certain thing in life is death and taxes and more taxes after death? When Carson is in charge of health and human services I expect great things from him.  

Cruz: Strong, steady, confidant trusting.  Cruz was challenged on his flat tax plan and how he was going to pay for it?  Which Cruz side stepped quite well but did answer in detail when pushed. I really hate when moderators ask how are you going to pay for a tax cut?  It’s our money! By not feeding the government were keeping our money!  Cruz got into it with Kasich about bailing out the big to huge to fail banks.  Cruz would not bail them out but Kasich would.  Cruz wants smaller community banks to grow there by helping small business grow because they’re the ones who need the loans that the big banks won’t supply.  Cruz has the chops to stay in it for the long term and he is steady on his feet in a way that Rubio was not last night. He’s good but if he was the nominee Cruz would be labeled as extremist because he believes in God and the power of the Constitution. Strange that believing in the Constitution and separated and limited powers is considered extreme by the democrats?

Rubio: Serious, solid, trusting but not a stand out.  Rubio was challenged by Paul in a way that he’s never been challenged before in a debate.  How can you be conservative and spend like crazy in defense?  Paul believes you can’t be both and called Rubio out on it.  Rubio went Trump and shut him down with the no economic security without a strong military.  Nice but Paul did have a point and it was a great exchange between two very different views on conservativism.  Which brings me to the point of you would never see a substantive economic debate between the democrats like what transpired last night.  What would they going to argue about?  Who’s going to spend and tax more. Or who’s going to grow the government more?  Never would happen.  I still like Rubio very much but he needs to stay focused.  He could be the last one standing to be the republican nominee and the one to win over Hillary in the general.  I would fully support a Rubio Presidency.

Paul: Way better.  Paul has the nothing to lose comfort of a candidate who has no chance of winning.  He can say what he wants and make his stand where he wants and yesterday he took his shot at Rubio.  Did it move the needle in his favor, most likely not. However, he does represent the libertarian wing of the party and the rest would be fools to discount him and the power of his supporters. Whoever the nominee is will need Paul’s supporters to win.   Paul was great when he said if you want to see income inequality at it greatest look towards democratically run cities and states.  Bam!   Can’t really argue with that.  Also he is a strong opponent of the FED.  He feels the fed is at most of the economic problems of the country.  At this point he’s running for reelection to the senate.   Maybe he’ll drop to the undercard soon.

Kasich: Grumpy…still.  Kasich is either running to be Hillary’s VP or he fishing for the token republican appointment in Hillary’s administration.  All he’s doing is complaining that the other candidates don’t understand how things work in Washington and he does.  Kasich is someone the democrats can work with and that’s all I need to know.  He could be the establishment replacement to Bush but no one cares enough to drop big money on him.  He revealed that he equates success with greed. Nice in a republican primary.  I have no use for him and he should either drop to the undercard or drop altogether. He most likely will after New Hampshire.

Fiorina: Strong. Direct. Specific and detailed. Carley had a strong performance last night but like Rubio was not really a stand out either.  She know her stuff and had a change in strategy by calling herself as “President Fiorina” I would do this or that.  As President I would say this.  This is a change for her to try to make her stand out in a field of very strong candidates.  Great move because if everyone tried this after her they would look bad.  She need to reveal her plan to take the tax code to 3 pages. Great but need details.  Wouldn’t mind a national security advisor Fiorina to president Rubio.  But as we go further the outsider candidates will fade.  She’ll be in until super Tuesday next year.  

Big Winners:  Carson, Rubio & Cruz
Winner: Bush, Paul
Push:  Fiorina
Loser: Kasich
Big loser: Trump

We’re less than a year away so things are going to start picking up.  Look for more attacks on Rubio, Carson & Cruz as the establishment tries to take them out.  Look for Carson to overpass Trump and for Rubio to gain in the polls while picking up endorsements as Bush slowly fades.

Until the next time…..

29 October 2015

Republican National Debate 10-28-2015 // I watched so you don’t have to

The third republican national debate was held last night at University of Colorado in Boulder hosted by CNBC

There were 3 moderators and 11 candidates with questions for 2.5 hours. This debate was supposed to focus on economic policy titled “Your Money Your Vote” but it really turned out to be “Our bias is ready for Hillary and that’s going to be your problem”
This debate was competing with the world series so I guess the ratings will be a little lower than the previous 2 debates.  But as I watched I kept saying to myself the same thing over and over.  There is no way these questions would be asked in democratic debate. For 2 reasons. First; why bother asking the current democratic field substantive economic questions?  When the answer would be we need to grow the government, spend more and tax more. No thought needed. Second: The media would never think about asking got cha questions to Hillary.  It’s just a fact that republicans have to deal with andtonight I think they did very well.

And away we go….
Put this music on in the background when you read this….

Trump: Better, firm, vague, on point, funny all the same time.  Trump needs to get past the platitudes and this was his chance. Instead of telling us who thinks his tax plan is so great why not tell us more about the plan and let us decide.  It’s time Trump, we’re less than 100 day to Iowa, we’re past the it’s going to be great just trust me part of the campaign.  Trump destroyed Kasich when he told him there’s a reason you’re at the far side of the stage.  Going into the remaining debates Trump just needs to not make any major mistakes and he’ll still most likely stay the front runner. Question is will people actually vote for him or just use him to be the sounding board of the pissed off republican base until someone like Rubio or Cruz takes over?  Interesting that Trump went after super PAC’s? That seemed out of place, but it is a swipe at Bush who has the largest super pac of the bunch. Trump will continue to be hit hard on his filing for bankruptcy 4 times.  It’s really one of the few things he can get hit on.  But his answer of hey everybody rich files at one point or another so what’s the big deal is a cop out, but it’s also hard to argue with.

Bush: Weak, unsteady, confused, time to go but he won’t.  Bush it turning into what he truly is a has been ex-governor with no chance of getting elected.  Bush tried to portray himself as the establishment outsider????  Oh I’m an outsider who’s going to Washington to shake things up.  Does anyone really think that Bush would go to Washington to shake things up??  NOT.  Watching Bush I don’t get the feeling that he believes in what he is saying. I think his heart is just not in this.   He tried to take a swipe at Rubio but it just felt rehearsed and stiff.  Like I was given this line by my handlers and I’m just waiting to use it.  He has nothing to offer the base and my guess is he’s has the money to stay in it with the hopes of waiting out the competition. However, I kept asking myself why is he still running?  Bush gave me nothing to answer that.  Need to drop but won’t because he is establishments last hope.

Huckabee: Calm, direct, googly eye.  Yes he has a googly eye and that’s all I could focus on when he was talking. No chance of winning so I’ll stop right there.  Let’s face it he’s one of 6 that should drop out because after last night there are only 4 people with a chance on the nomination and he’s not one of them.

Carson: Humble, on point, direct.  Carson is getting to be a better candidate with each debate, he had to look strong last night and he did.  One can understand why he is growing and leading in some polls.  By his nature he is a problem solver who would make a great secretary of health and human services. However, if he was president I don’t think Putin would know how to deal with him.   Carson has the confidence of a leader without the arrogance of Trump.  The left would not know how to deal with him as president as well and that would be fun to watch.  An African American who’s not a democrat and a conservative no less???  WWWWHHHAATTT?   Carson best line is when he said he believes that the constitution protects all people but he believes marriage should be between a man and a woman and there’s no reason you can’t be fair to the gay community.  OH MY GOD!!!   The question from the moderator was basically how can you be on a gay friendly companies board and still be a republican?  Look for him to be called a homophobe all day today. 

Cruz: Strong, steady, confidant.  Cruz is a flat taxer which I like a lot.  He is a fighter who has gone toe to toe with his own party in ways that no other candidate has done. Last night he took the media to the woodshed by calling out the moderators for the blatant bias they showed during the debate.   I would like to see a president Cruz go after the democrats and make the establishment squirm at the same time.   If you want someone to truly shake up Washington elect Cruz. I haven’t endorsed anyone yet but Cruz could be my guy.  Cruz did address so called income inequality which is a touch point for the left. He knows the constitution better than anyone on stage and if elected there is no way he would be pulling the stuff Obama did or as Hillary defiantly will.  Last night proved he’s in the top 4 and here to stay. He’s the dark horse in this race. Cruz scares both parties because he would actually try to reduce the size of the government and both parties know it. 

Rubio: Serious. On point, confident, dare I say Presidential.  Last night Rubio took it from all sides and came out ahead. He stamped down questions about pulling out retirement money to pay off loans as being immature. Fail. Lots’ of normal Americans face those same decisions every day and it only makes them look bad for asking.  The Bush tried and failed to call out Rubio as an absentee senator and asked him to resign. Rubio schooled Bush, making Bush look foolish and that’s about the 3rd time I asked myself why is Bush still running?  Rubio is the tortoise in this race and is onl getting better in each debate. I really don’t think Rubio get any lower in the polls then he is now. If/when Carson & Trump fall in the polls and Bush looks like he’s done Rubio stands to win the most. Rubio is my other choice as winning my endorsement. 

Paul: Who cares.  Sorry but you need to drop and focus on the senate where you can do the most good

Christie: Likeable, personable.  Christie’s comment about why are we talking about fantasy football when were 19 trillion dollars in debt and ISIS is trying to kill us was a great line.  Christie always looks directly at the camera, trying to talk over the moderators and talk directly to the American people is endearing but not very effective.  Reagan was the only politician to pull that off and Christie is no Reagan.  But he should drop soon.  Most likely after Iowa or after super Tuesday.

Kasich: Grumpy.  Kasich is trying to be the most reasonable guy in the room.  Look all you people I’m the only one who knows how Washington works so you better elect me. Everything else is just a fantasy.  Trump pretty much shut him up when he said Kasich was a boss at Lehman brothers that almost took the whole country down.  In other words sit down and shut you because no one cares what you say. What Kasich is really saying is I’m a go along republican to “get stuff done”  the democrats like him which is all I really need to know about him.  Although he may be the middle of the road candidate some people may like because they just can’t support Bush so he may be in longer than I would like.  Plus I hate his mannerisms. The arms flaying about is weird and distracting.

Fiorina: Strong. Direct. Specific. As usual Carly did not disappoint however, she did nothing to stand out either.  Her best line was when she said bigger government leads to bigger crony capitalism which leads to hurting of rest of the country. So true.  She has a lot to offer and it would be fun to see her debate Hillary but as president?  I just can’t see it.  She’ll get hit hard on her tenure at HP if she’s the nominee like the left hit Romney as a rich out of touch job killer. We’ve lost before with someone like this and the base will not let it happen again.  She’ll be in past Iowa into super Tuesday but not long after that.

Big Winners and my final four: Trump, Carson, Rubio & Cruz
Push:  Fiorina, Christie
Losers: Kasich, Paul, Huck
Big loser: Bush

The next debate needs to take a hard look at who really needs to be on the stage and who doesn’t .
My guess is about 5-6 of these need to drop and the second tier needs to altogether drop now.

Until the next time…..

Next Republican debate: 11/10
Next Democratic  debate: 11/14

14 October 2015

Democratic National Debate 10-13-2015 // I watched so you don’t have too

The first Democratic national debate took place last night in Las Vegas hosted by CNN.
Anderson Cooper moderated with 3 sidebar questionnaires which were in all respects useless and added nothing to the debate.
The opening credits leading up to the debate were something out of a WWF fight night. Completely un-needed and to showy in my opinion.

Without further adieu let’s begin…  

Hillary: Experienced with a side of smug, loud talker, victim.  Without a doubt this is hers to lose and she know it. After last night’s performance by her competitors I agree. Apparently Hillary is a woman and for that fact alone she’s an outsider. Really?? 3 key point about her performance last night where she failed to take a firm position. 1. She did not take a position on legalizing  Marijuana. 2. Hillary did not specifically state what the greatest threat to the United States is. 3. Hillary did not state how she would be different that a 3rd Obama term. Other that being a woman. All the other candidates did give specific  answers.  She played it safe there when she didn’t have to.  Not a big deal but it speaks to leadership. Question is how would Hillary’s performance been different if Biden was on the stage? She didn’t have a believable reply when it came to her countless flip flopping. Bernie should have jumped all over this but he didn’t.   She’ll win the nomination for sure unless the FBI finds something so bad that even the justice department can’t cover it up.  She did good but given the company she’ll have to do a lot better to defeat the republicans. Hillary called for a new “New Deal” for minorities last night. Would love to hear what’s all that about. Too bad no one in the press will follow up on her statement. She said she’s not running on her name and she’s not going to rely on her name to get elected…just her being a “Woman” should be enough. But I’m a victim because the republicans are out to get me.

Burnie: Loud talker, believable, Socialist, populist. Sander is the number two guy for a reason.  He’s the socialist version of Ron Paul.  He has a strong appeal to the youth that Hillary just can’t replicate. My guess is Bernie has been giving the same speech and had the same positions for the last 30 years. Hillary could never say that.  Maybe Cruz could on the republican side but that’s about it.  Bernie all but endorsed Hillary when he gave her cover on the email scandal. The media is cheering this today when Bernie said enough already about the damn emails.  However this could turn out to be a bad thing for Hillary.
On the one hand it gave the democrats red meat which played very well to the in house audience. However, on the other hand for the viewer who just turned and doesn’t follow this stuff like I do, they may say to themselves “What email scandal”? Then in turn start looking into this and find things they don’t like about her such as all the lies, double talk and the ever changes stories of Hillary.  He’ll never win but he is pulling Hillary way left. So watch Hillary flip flop yet again in the general election.  Yes it’s all about Hillary.

O’Malley: Rehearsed, soft-spoken & neck twerking: First the neck twerking was driving me crazy. His head poked around like a bird looking for food. He had the most to gain but he failed to impress. Yes he ticks all the democratic boxes. Hates the rich, only black lives matter, climate change is real and it’s our fault, who loves high taxes??? I do, I do, no war democrat.  But who cares? I don’t, I don’t.   He looked like he was reading talking points not speaking from a position of confidence. Maybe a VP or cabinet position  but that would be a stretch  Added nothing to the debate. Should drop soon. If Biden gets in he’ll drop sooner.

Webb: Reagan democrat, only vet in the race, stiff, no chance.  Webb is the only democrat on stage to directly kill someone, a plus in my book. Webb is an old school dem.  Strong on defense & pro labor.  But he completely blew any chance when he made the fatal  mistake or the cardinal sin in a democratic debate of saying that ALL LIVES MATTER.  So he’s done.  Plus he looked like he was trying to hold in the biggest fart of his life. He should and will drop soon.

Chafee: WOW, why and good bye.  Chafee major policy is bringing the metric system to America.  The poor guy basically said he didn’t know why he voted for something while he was in the senate. The best he came up with is that he didn’t know what he was doing because his father passed away right before he went into office.  Cooper pushed him on this but I think even Cooper backed off because it was so bad.  Just do yourself a favor and drop while you can.

Winners: Hillary & Bernie
Losers: The other three. who cares what their names are no one else does
Push/Loser: Biden. 

Closing thoughts: It did look like a senior citizen tour just left the free buffet from Circus Circus when the candidates took the stage.  Democrats are the old white person party this time around.  Hillary said it the best when she said we all want the same things it’s just how we get there that is the difference.  By we all want the same things are, all 5 want to tax the rich… a lot, free collage paid for by taxing the rich (except Hillary who at least want collage kids to work no more than 10 hours a week & tax the rich), fix climate change by taxing the rich, fix the infrastructure by taxing the rich, fix income inequality by taxing the rich, Fix the tax code by taxing the rich,   completely eliminate illegal aliens by making everyone citizens as soon as the cross the border plus the 11-15 million that are already here, (except Webb who actually said a county need borders so again he’s done). No talk about the economy. Oh and all were calling for health care for everybody but forget to mention Obama care which guarantees health care for everybody. Interesting data point on that. So then it means that universal health care cannot be far behind if a dem get elected.  My question for the next debate would be would you keep Obama care or what proposal would you put forth as a plan that would be better?

Biden needs to get in or endorse Hillary and be done this it.  I would love to see him get in.  Hillary is weak on so many issue that Biden could really get a shot at winning the nomination if he pressed her on the issues.

Closing thought II: If the democrats do not win the White House who do they have in the bull pen for 2020?  I really can’t think of anyone except Warren?  Another big problem for the democrats

Until the next time…

18 September 2015

Republican National Debate 9-16-2015 // I watched so you don’t have too

The second republican national debate was held last night at Reagan Library in California hosted by CNN news.
There were 3 moderators and 11 candidates with questions for 3 hours. I did not like the attention getting ploy from CNN for try to generate fights between the candidates. This is the last debate before the Democratic debate in October so I wanted to see policy not personality.
We need to start seeing what are the policy differences NOT who can take a jab at Trump for better ratings.  This is serious, the country needs a leader who can govern, fix the absolute mess Obama is leaving the country & honor the constitution. Not play games.
The republicans still have the advantage because there are choices but we need to get down to 6-8 strong candidates pretty soon. However, I have no doubt that the next president was on that stage last night.

Okay let’s get to it….

Trump: Same old, same old. As soon as Trump stops being Trump he’ll go down in the polls.  That being said, he really had nothing to offer last night in regards to policy.  Is the smoke clearing in regards to what he wants to do? Yes. Is he starting to get over his head? Yes. The first debate he commanded the stage. Last night he was just there playing it safe.  Even his so called zingers were not effective. Then today he’ll be out throwing mud to stay in the media’s eye to take away from his flat performance last night.  Smart move but will it be enough to stay in front to get the nomination?  
The honeymoon is starting to end for Trump now that were into the fall. Informed voters are waking up and starting to take notice. They are fed up with the establishment republicans who like Obama promised the world but delivered nothing. However, I don’t think it will be enough to bring Trump into the White House. What Trump has been good for is that he’s taken the Republican Party completely out of its comfort zone. For that I am grateful to him.

Bush: Better, but not by much. Still unsteady. Not presidential.  Bush to me looks like the little brother who finally got noticed to the dinner table. After he finished his statement he had this look on his face like “I’ve been waiting to say that for a while and I finally got my chance” Can you remember anything Bush said last night?  No?   Me either.    If he wasn’t a Bush he would be no better than Kasich, Christie, or Walker. Worse even because he was a Governor more than 10 years ago so he should be on the B stage.  Money is the only thing that’s going to keep him going well into next year. I for one would not like him debating against Hillary or Biden or Sanders for that matter.  Would you?  

Walker: Sliding (for now). I still like Walker and he has a more appealing record to conservatives than the other Governors on stage. But his appeal is slipping as of late but I still think he’ll have a strong showing in Iowa.  The format of the debate did not lend well for showcasing Walkers record.  If you didn’t have something bad to say about Trump it was tough to have any screen time last night.  He’ll need to up his game and get some traction in the polls and do better in the October debate or support will continue to slide.  

Huckabee: Better. Huck is a man of his convictions there is no doubt about that. As President he needs to hold the constitution above all else. Yes you can have your religious beliefs and the constitution protects that.  However, we do not need another President who just does sh%t because he doesn’t agree with the law. We cannot act outside the constitution just because we feel like it. I’m not confidant the Huck wouldn’t do that. Like the consumption tax idea. I also like that most candidates want to take on tax reform instead of the democratic idea of just raising taxes.

Carson: Walking softly. There is no doubt that Carson is a very smart guy. But try as I might I still don’t see him as president.

Cruz: Spoke directly to the viewer.  Not enough air time for Cruz. He along with Rubio are my top picks to get my endorsement. Cruz would come out on top in a debate with Biden probably better that Rubio would. Cruz is steady and does not get upset easily which is a good quality for a president. He has a deep respect for the constitution and is best suited to standing up to his own party for the good of the country. Want to hear more policy from him.

Rubio: Serious. He could do the job. I haven’t made my pick yet but I like Rubio.  His getting better with each debate, he knows his stuff and is optimistic about the country is a more genuine way then Trumps “Make America Great Again” BS.  I would like to see him against any Democratic candidate. He’s young, knowledgeable, and conservative while still appealing to the general public/establishment republicans.  He’s a top contender and defiantly a top 2 contender in my book

Paul: Better. Sorry but it’s time for Paul to back down. He’s just not what the country is looking for now. He does have appeal when it comes to states’ rights and he is for a smaller government but the non-intervention lite foreign policy not what we need right now. 

Christie: Trying very hard.  He had a good showing and has a plainspoken ease about him. I see him as the alternative to Bush but not good enough for the nomination.  He does add to the debate in his call for action on entitlement issues which will need to addressed by the next president for sure. If Rubio picks up that mantel he’ll be a better balanced candidate.  Too little too late for Christie.

Kasich: Who Cares? Looked easily flustered.  A moderate who is afraid to stand up to congress and shut down the government if needed.  If he was President and there was a democratic congress would he just bend over and give in because he doesn’t have the guts to stand up to them.  Yes he would.  He looked out of sort and fakes angry when talking about the Iran deal with Cruz.  A pushover who needs to go.

Fiorina: Strong. Direct. Specific. She was the only candidate to give real substantive details about what she would do as president. If she could have pulled out a map of the middle east and pointed to where she would place troops she would have.  She really was impressive last night and deserves to be a top contender.  She would easily hold her own against Hillary. She is unafraid to give specifics about any subject. Fiorina really was heartfelt when she talked about the personal toll drugs have on a family. That cannot be faked or questioned.  Want to see more of her as this goes on.  

Winners: Rubio,  Fiorina
Losers: Bush, Huck, Kasich, Christie, Paul, Walker
Push: Trump, Carson, Cruz

**********UNDERCARD DEBATE EARILER IN THE DAY***************

I’ll be brief……
I’m done with them…..
Fellas drop out. Please.

This still is Trumps to lose.

First Democratic debate 10/13
Next Republican debate 10/28.

That’s it for now…..