05 October 2016

Presidential Debate 9-26-2016// I watched so you don't have to

First of all shame on you for not watching these debates.  These are too important to miss.

But that being said this was the CNN sponsored "I can’t believe these are the 2 best candidates the country can offer" debate.

Let’s get to it…

Hillary: Stiff yet comfortable, always smiling, rehearsed and poll tested; Hillary came prepared last night.  She made sure she hit all her talking points and one liners. She kept looking down for some reason while talking as if she had prepared answers she was reading from which I thought was strange.  The moderator gave Hillary every opportunity to hit Trump on taxes, birtherism and supporting the Iraq war.  All questions that are fair game however, where were the questions teed up for Trump about Benghazi, The Clinton foundation?   The moderator did not have any follow up questions for Hillary while Trump got more than 5 I think.  I thought it odd that she referred to her website for policy issues.  Maybe Trump should debate the website next time?   One very important thing Hillary said was the country suffers from “Implicit Racial Bias” which means that you’re a racist, I’m a racist, we’re all racist but we just don’t know it. Except for liberals like herself of course they’re just fine.  Trump should ask her what that exactly means.  Does not agreeing with Hillary prove you have implicit racial bias? In her mind I think it does.  One thing is for sure in Hillary’s America we’re all going to be taxed more, of that there is no doubt.  In Hillary’s America the government will always be the solution. You can’t be trusted after all to make decisions because your racist remember?  She had a good debate but that’s about it. Also she may have improved her standing within her own party with folks who were questioning her ability.  Moreover, Hillary cannot have one single coughing fit or stumble or another bout with pneumonia or she’s done.  Look for her to stay off the trail and let the media and here surrogates do the heavy lifting for her.   

Trump: Comfortable but animated, funny but pushy at times, missed opportunities:  Trump was Hillary’s fact checker well at least he tried to be.  Trump was at his best when he hit Hillary with you’ve been in government 30 years and did nothing but talk.  Trump proved he is the outsider and not the seasoned politician in almost everything he did last night and that’s a good thing.  Trump acted like Trump the outsider and Hillary acted like Hillary the 30 year vet of the political system.  There is a clear contrast like no other right in front of us.  I did thought he came off a little aggressive but that may be just because he’s the first republican candidate to actually fight back.   Trump is going to connect with people who are sick of poll tested safe answers and I can tell you I’ve never laughed as much as I have during a presidential debate.  Trump was trump and that for him was a win.

Holt: I decided to add the moderator to this because he was at times the 3rd debater on the stage.   He spent way more time following up with Trump than he did for Hillary,  Yes he did try to fact check Trump on the birther issue while not really pushing Hillary on anything.  However, I do not think any of these questions were off limits as long as the questions are balanced, then ask away. 

Comments:  I’m resisting the woulda coulda shoulda of last night to focus on how I think this played out.  The media almost in unison declared Hillary the winner just like they did right after the Democratic convention.  My guess this week all we’ll hear from the mainstream media is that it’s over for Trump and Hillary can go back to measuring out drapes in the oval office.  Trump has the momentum going into last night and the polls are all but tied up with Trump slightly pulling away in the battleground states.  I don’t think this debate will change that, much to the chagrin of the media and the democrats.

Winner: Neither
Loser: Neither
Advantage: Hillary
Push: Trump

Until the next time…

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