10 September 2012

Why Clinton's speech proves that Obama does not deserve a second term

Clinton's speech last night was about a close as perfect speech as you can get at a convention.
Clinton had complete control of the audience and the media is still dabbing themselves off with warm wet washcloths in admiration
Clinton may have also given Obama a second term in a 50 minute speech.
But buried deep within the speech was a line that stood out to me that I want you to take particular note of, more on that later.
First this proves that Obama is the amateur and Clinton is the master.  For the third time is Obama "presidency " Clinton had to brought off the bench to save Obama's ass.
The first time was in Nov of 2009.  Obama Care was dieing on the house floor because the democrats really could not get behind Obama grand plan to take over health care.      Obama's leadership failed to provide the needed votes to pass the house.      Just Obama being Obama was not enough.      So he called in Clinton to save the day. "It's not important to be perfect here," Clinton said. (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/33824081/ns/politics-health_care_reform/t/bill-clinton-urges-passage-health-care-bill/)       Knowing that Obama was trying to pass a shit sandwich on the American people.      Clinton swoops in and by 5 votes Obama Care passes.
The second time Clinton had to save Obama's ass was during the Bush tax cuts extension deal in Dec 2010.     Yet again Obama failed to lead the congress to get a deal passed.  You can almost see how this went down.     The phone rings at the Clinton's....Bill?...yeah?....It's Obama on the phone again....tell him I'm not here....he knows your here because he already checked with the secret service before he called....Dammit I'm coming....Yes Barack what do you need now?       So Obama calls a press conference starts talking and then passes the podium over to Clinton because he "Had to go to one more Christmas party"  WTF!!!!       Clinton slides over and takes over as president yes Clinton took over as president.  He goes onto to explain to the press why Obama the guy who just walked out to go to a Christmas party agreed to extend the Bush tax cuts.(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYHDPxohkrc)       Yes real leadership on display.
The third time Clinton saved Obama's ass may have been last night.      If you saw it then you know what happened if you didn't Google it.        Which brings me back to what I want you to remember from his speech.       At one point when Clinton was on a roll he said, "For this to work we have to agree with how Obama thinks" .      Let that sink in for a moment.        For this to work we have to agree with how Obama thinks.       Clinton for all his gravitas and charisma slipped.       He knows the America people do not think like Obama.     He knows the America people do not want to think like Obama.     Clinton knows he does not think like Obama.    And there is his out.     He tried he may say but the American people just couldn't agree with how Obama thinks.    Oh well Hillary 2016 here we come!!!
We all know better now and no amount of speeches will cover up the mess that is this administration.
Third times a charm for saving Obama's ass???
Not this time Bill. 
America Prevails
Information Minister
Loyal Opposition