29 October 2010

One of my favorite site posted a response to a Obama fan who was trolling their site

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secondcitycop.blogspot.com -Hey Obama Fan

Second City Cop please keep up the good work

America Prevails

Nadmenny Millicent

Before The Over-Lord jumps in front of the cameras about the foiled terror plot read this

 An Arab-American activist who attended an outreach session at the White House complex in April had his Chicago home raided by the FBI last week and appears to be a focus of an unfolding federal terrorism-support investigation.

Hatem Abudayyeh, who serves as executive director of the Arab-American Action Network, took part in a meeting for Arab-American leaders held in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on April 22, according to appointment data posted on the White House website.

“He attended a briefing held by the Office of Public Engagement on April 22, 2010, to update members of the Arab-American community on issues of their concern,” White House spokesman Shin Inouye said.

The guest list for the event was drafted by the Arab-American Institute. Inouye said President Barack Obama did not take part in the session, which appears to have involved more than 80 people.

Last Friday, FBI agents executed a search warrant at Abudayyeh’s Chicago home as part of a coordinated series of raids involving at least one other Chicago site, along with the homes of anti-war activists in Minnesota. A copy posted on the web of a grand jury subpoena served on one target of the raids in Minneapolis demands “all records of any payment provided directly or indirectly to Hatem Abudayyeh, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (“PFLP”) or the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (“FARC”).” 

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07 October 2010

Thanks for all that Change Obama now can I have my country back?

A must see before you vote
And please if you could prove any of this wrong just let us know.

America Prevails

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01 October 2010

What If Al Gore had his way or what's in store for us if Cap & Trade passes

Welcome to Cap & Trade under Obama
Remember this is a top agenda item for Obama next year

Join or Die, nice message
In case this gets pulled here is another source hotair.com

America Prevails

Nadmenny Millicent