24 February 2012

CNN Republican Presidential Debate Full Analysis / Wednesday (2-22-2012) - FINAL FOUR - // I'll watch so you don’t have to

CNN NEWS - FINAL FOUR - Republican Presidential Debate

It’s been over a month since the last debate and I’m sure you have missed them as much as I have….NOT.  All in All CNN did a very good job last night.  The candidates along with the moderator were all seated.  Giving the appearance of relaxation but the content was everything but relaxed for this 2hr slugfest.  I also think there was a coordinated effort between Paul and Mitt supporters to mock every answer given by Santorum.
Also there was a clear alliance between Paul and Romney to take Santorum out as fast as possible.

And Away We Go…

Newt Gingrich
I’ll tell you when Newt is on you think to yourself what could have been? Now that Newt is not considered a front runner (for now) he has the ability to sit back a give concise answers that appeal to both the local voter and the broader base of viewers.  When a twitter question came up asking if the candidates supported contraceptives. Newt batted it right back to the moderator correctly stating that you would never ask this question in a Democratic debate.  Moreover, Newt called out the fact that Obama supported infanticide when in the Ill Senate but nobody would dare ask him about that.  Newt took a page from Rick Perry calling for a revamp of the federal government.  Stating that real change cannot take place until Washington breaks for the excuse that it’s just the way things are done here. The way things are going lately I cannot count out Newt for still having a shot at the nomination.  I really think the establishment Republicans would fear a Newt Presidency.

Ron Paul
Ron Paul made it clear that he has no intention to be President.  However, he is making it clear that he is solidly in Mitt Romney corner. Ron Paul has no opinion on anything save for it’s up to you, and the government has no power, and I never voted for anything.  Then what the hell is he doing still on the stage?  Ron Paul’s drones were in the audience for the sole purpose of over reacting to anything Santorum said. It was also clear Ron Paul was there to be Mitt’s attack dog.  Paul is in it for something but it’s not been revealed yet just what it is, but it’s not the Presidency.

Mitt Romney
Mitt really had nothing new to say last night.  I understand that he is going to reveal a new tax and growth plan this week but he gave no hint of it last night. This would have been a great opportunity to place himself above the fray with a bold now plan but, Mitt was busy hitting Santorum with everything he had. This was a mistake in my opinion, he had a nation audience, he should have made his case about why he is the better candidate than Obama.  But he wasted his time bashing Santorum on his voting record.  Mitt was too comfortable being the front runner for too long.  He should get back on track of making Obama the focus. That is where he is at his best.  And enough of the snide comments every time Santorum try’s to give a answer.  I’m already sick of the “Nice try’s” from Romney.  Get over it and stay on task

Rick Santorum
After several victories Santorum now is the target of the Romney hit machine.  Santorum tried to keep the focus on Obama but he had to waste all of his time defending his voting record.  Santorum does have issues that he has to overcome before he could be accepted as the nominee, and his voting record is one of them.   Paul hit Santorum for voting for something in the past that he is against now.  Santorum’s only defense was that he was a good republican only doing his job.  What I really did not like was when Santorum said sometimes you have to go along to get along with some of these large appropriation bills.  Saying you have to vote for something you are really against in order to pass a larger bill.  Well that’s how Obama care was passed and look where we are now.  You know you had a bad night when Ron Paul get the better of you. 

Final thought
Everybody is sick of these debates but they are proving to be an important part of the primary process.  More people are tuned into the process thanks to Obama’s 2008 election. For this cycle the voter is looking for a greater depth of knowledge of the candidates other than the cool factor that got Obama elected 4 years ago.  We all need to pay attention now more than ever before, because the stakes are that much greater. This is not theory we are experiencing, this is the practical results of a person and a party that is trying to transform nation into something very different than the one we grew up with.

More next time

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22 February 2012

Don't Blame me I'm just the President

Notice that Obama tells us to downgrade our vision of the American Dream to fit his transformed reality.
However, the President who wants to control every aspect of our lives yet accepts no responsibility for his actions.
As in the example below.

President Obama does not "accept responsibility" for high gas prices, his spokesman indicated today, arguing that Obama has done everything he could to bring down the price of oil and blaming the high gas prices on oil price increases caused by global factors.
"The president accepts the responsibility that he identified the next president should accept, which is the need for comprehensive energy policy," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said today when asked if Obama "accept[s] responsibility" for the high price of oil and gas. "If you're suggesting that there is responsibility for a rise in the price of oil, it's certainly not because of anything he hasn't done to expand oil production," Carney added.

Asked if he believes it is fair for Americans to blame the president, Carney noted that gas price hikes are "a recurrent problem." He added that domestic oil production is at a record high right now and that Obama has opened "millions of acres in the Gulf of Mexico" to drilling.

The conversation today stemmed from yesterday, when Carney was asked about the Keystone XL pipeline. He said that "the president did not turn down the Keystone pipeline," arguing that Republicans prevented a full environmental review from taking place.
So we all know what’s coming next,  Obama and or the Democrats will call for the heads of Big Oil with their excessive profits taking advantage of the little guy.
As President What is Obama responsible for exactly?

I love summing up this BS.

Economy…..Nope not his fault
Unemployment….Nope not his fault
Spending…..Nope not his fault
Deficit…..nope not his fault
Housing at a all time low….Nope not his fault
Gas prices…Nope not his fault
Free Condoms for everybody…Yep that’s all Obama
Taxing the Rich….Yep that’s all Obama
Starving Social Security because of a payroll tax cut….Yep that’s all Obama
Having Uncle Joe as his VP…yep that’s all Obama
Playing Golf….Yep that’s all Obama
Redefining religious freedoms to fit Obama’s mandates….Yep that’s all Obama
Ignoring the Constitution even though Obama swore an oath it protect it….Yep that’s all Obama
If Obama get re-elected….well that one will be our fault

17 February 2012

WHY WE (Conservatives) SUCK!

This is a must see for we Conservatives and it may help Libs understand our thinking.

Obama; "From now on, every multinational company should have to pay a basic minimum tax"

Obama was quoted today.  “[N]o American company should be able to avoid paying its fair share of taxes by moving jobs and profits overseas,” Obama said, according to his remarks as prepared for deliver. “From now on, every multinational company should have to pay a basic minimum tax.  And every penny should go towards lowering taxes for companies that choose to stay and hire in the United States of America.”
So let’s review these other nuggets of joy from our dear leader;
In regards to the limits placed upon him when Obama took his oath of office;  “Our Founders designed a system that makes it more difficult to bring about change than I would like sometimes.”

Obama make recess appointments while the Senate is still in session.

Obama mandates to religious institutions to what they can and cannot do even if it is against the churches tenants.

Obama mandates to private insurances companies what they can and cannot carry in regards to coverage.

Obama brags that if congress does not act Obama will act outside of congress and the Constitution.

Obama and the senate have failed to live up to its Constitutional duties by passing a budget for his entire term.

Obama believes that there comes a time when a person has made enough money and in order to be fair that money should be taken away for the greater good.
And that’s just the stuff off the top of my head.

So I ask you this?

If someone told you at the Grant Park love fest that was election night that Obama is going to force the Catholic Church to pay for birth control you would have called him crazy.

If someone told you in 2007 before you voted that Obama version of a transformed America included bypassing the Constitution to “Get things done” after 8 years of accusing Bush of the same thing, you would have said NO way.

If someone told you when he announced that he was running for President that in just 3 short years Obama would add 5 trillion dollars to the nation debt and that debt would be close to $16 trillion dollars before his term ended.

If someone told you that after being elected on the theme of Hope & Change, Obama is going to not run on his record but will foster class warfare, division and additional massive Governmental spending, taxing the rich and labeling the Republican candidate an extreme person who wants to take the country back to the 16th century just to get himself re-elected.  You would have said no way not him he’s a different kind of candidate.

If someone told you Obama would turn the 7% unemployment he inherited to almost 10% of real unemployment in less than 2 years after he was elected, you would not believe it.

If someone told you that gas prices would be 85% higher than on his election day.  You would say no way can’t happen

If someone told you that Obama would kill almost 20+ thousand union jobs when Obama stopped a pipeline deal. There is no way you would even think that would happen

Yet here we are….

We truly are at a crossroads in this upcoming election because if a President actions show us he has no care for the Constitution, why would you even think he cares about you?
God help us if he gets a second term
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10 February 2012

Obama is a Genius

As you know I am not a fan of Obama.  However I have to give credit where credit is due. Obama just preformed one of the biggest bait and switches in American history. 
Obama very carefully placed the contraceptive rule into Obama care forcing religious institutions to fully pay for such things as condoms, morning after pills and so forth.
Now if you remember there was a big stink when Obama was trying to pass his health care bill because conservative republicans and democrats alike were adamantly against any verbiage related to abortion. Obama signed a Presidential order forbidding it, and his bill was passed.

Well what’s a little dictator to do? Obama places this verbiage into the bill and sits back and waits for the Catholics to go nuts because its forces them to pay for things that go against it’s tenets
Now knowing that there is NO constitutional authority to do any of this Obama says okay the Catholics will not have to pay for this, I’ll make the insurance companies pay. Problem solved, Obama is a champion of woman’s health and the savior of all mankind.

But what just happened here it this.   Obama WON, that’s what just happened.  
Obama was able to bypass his own Presidential order forbidding federal money to support abortions by forcing insurance companies to pay for contraceptives.  But who pays this insurance companies? The employer pays the insurance companies.  So in the end the religious institutions will pay for abortions.

In the long run Insurance companies will either drop this coverage or make it so expensive people will not be able to afford it.
The end result will be that the government will be compelled to step in and insure more and more people.  Pushing the government to pass universal health care.  Which is the ultimate goal.

I wonder what other nuggets of joy will surface when the glory of Obama Care is fully revealed.

Brilliant, just brilliant.  

If Obama has no respect for the Constitution he has NO respect for you.  Never forget that!

I’m not a % I’m an American

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Affirmation on my theory...
DICK MORRIS: Obama did not make a mistake in this mandate. It’s a deliberately calculated move on his part. The Democrats realize that abortion is no longer a winner for them. It used to be ten points more pro-choice than pro-Life, now it’s ten points more pro-Life than pro-choice possibly because of the publicity of the anti-abortion people, possibly because of the aging of the population. But the point is that it’s a loser issue. So what they’re trying to do now is replace it with contraception. So the first piece of evidence was after Santorum won Iowa, the first controversy was, “Do you think states should have the right to ban contraception?” Where did that come from? Then you remember that ABC debate with that paid Democratic hitman George Stephanopoulos went after Romney trying to…

I cannot wait until this guys runs for President

Bye bye America and the Keystone Pipeline Hello China

Another  America last policy from Obama comes to pass....
"China and Canada declared Thursday that bilateral relations have reached “a new level” following a series of multibillion-dollar trade and business agreements to ship additional Canadian petroleum, uranium and other products to the Asian superpower.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Chinese leadership said Thursday the economic co-operation agreements — and billions of dollars in new private-sector deals — signed by the two countries over the past few days are unprecedented and will open the door to additional trade and investment.
Harper announced Thursday, following meetings with Chinese President Hu Jintao and Vice-Premier Li Keqiang, that the countries have struck an agreement that will allow Canadian uranium companies to “substantially increase exports to China.”
“We expect to see similar success stories in Canadian energy exports to China, once infrastructure is in place.”
Harper has said building pipelines to the West Coast — such as the proposed Northern Gateway oilsands pipeline and a separate one for liquefied natural gas — is a national priority as Canada looks to ship its vast resources to Asia."


05 February 2012

Obama channels Jesus to support taxing the rich

Remember when Perry and Bachmann said that God told them to run for President they were called crazy?
Well now Obama is trying to justify taxing the rich because he claims it’s consistent with the teaching of Jesus.
If say a republican said God told him to go to war with Iran the press and public would rightly so go nuts.
But Obama uses a whole speech to cherry picked bible quotes justifying class warfare and nobody says anything?
So if I do not agree with Obama’s tax policy I’m not only racist but I’m acting against God’s will.
Oh on a happy fun note Harry Reid was just quoted saying that he has no plans to even submit a budget in 2012.

He said, for example, that his own call for fairness in the tax code – a central tenet of his State of the Union address and his 2012 campaign – is both economically sound and consistent with the teachings of Jesus.
"If I'm willing to give something up as somebody who's been extraordinarily blessed, and give up some of the tax breaks that I enjoy, I actually think that's going to make economic sense," he said. "But for me as a Christian, it also coincides with Jesus’ teaching that `for unto whom much is given, much shall be required.' It mirrors the Islamic belief that those who've been blessed have an obligation to use those blessings to help others, or the Jewish doctrine of moderation and consideration for others."
He also said the Wall Street reform he championed both "makes the economy stronger for everyone" and abides by God's command to "love thy neighbor as thyself" because it helped people who had been hurt or treated unfairly by financial institutions.
And Obama said he believed in a "biblical call" to care for the poor and to follow "the responsibility we're given in Proverbs to `Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.'"
I'm not a % I'm an American
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Obama's fight against Religious freedoms

Holy war over health care law? Obama angers Catholic leaders

Have you guys heard about this?
The interesting quote is at the bottom from the WH :"We understand that not everyone agrees with it," Carney said of the decision. "All I can tell you is it was made after very careful consideration based on the need to balance ... (religious rights and) the necessity to provide access to preventive services for women was an important consideration."
This is the problem when you nationalize something and put it under Government control. 
Oh too bad about your religious rights guaranteed under the Constitution we need balance.  It's all about fairness after all.
And don't be fooled that this only applies to Catholics remember the state under Obama requires a fair and balanced approach for all.
You see it's not about providing the best care on the planet, it's about just providing "access" to services.  Big difference between providing care and allowing access to care as in Obama care.
While President Obama will deliver another speech on the economy Wednesday in Northern Virginia to keep the focus on jobs, Catholic leaders across the country are warning another issue may blow up in his face come November.
Catholics are fired up over new rules implementing Obama's health care reform law forcing Catholic universities, hospitals, and charities to provide insurance for their employees covering contraception -- even though that violates church teachings.
"When you push people of faith and you tell them the government is going to knock down the wall of separation of church and state and overreach like the Obama administration, you've got a war on your hands," Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, told Fox News.
In an extraordinary move this past weekend, New York Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan and other archbishops throughout the nation had their priests read letters denouncing the Obama administration policy from the pulpit at Sunday Mass.
"Never before has the government forced individuals and organizations to go out into the marketplace and buy a product that violates their conscience," Dolan said in a web video that takes the battle online. "This shouldn't happen in a land where free exercise of religion ranks first in the Bill of Rights. How about letting our elected leaders know that we want religious liberty and rights of consciences restored and the administration's mandate rescinded? We can't afford to strike out on this one."
Pressed on the matter at his daily briefing Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney repeated several times the administration believes it struck an "appropriate balance" in crafting the policy.
"The administration believes that this proposal strikes the appropriate balance between respecting religious beliefs and increasing access to important preventive services," said Carney. "We will continue to work closely with religious groups during this transitional period to discuss their concerns."
Even some Catholic Democrats are not buying that claim, however, with liberal columnist E.J. Dionne ripping the policy in a Washington Post column. Dionne charged Monday that the president "utterly botched" the issue and "threw his progressive Catholic allies under the bus."
A report last year from the Guttmacher Institute, a nonprofit sexual health research organization, found that 98 percent of sexually active Catholic women have used birth control despite the church's teachings. According to a Reuters report on the study, only 2 percent of Catholic women rely on natural family planning.
Nevertheless, the bishops have noted in their lobbying campaign that contraceptive coverage would include the so-called "morning after pill," opening the door to even more controversy over abortion.
Carney noted the administration still offers "strong support for existing conscience protections, including those relating to health care providers" and the new rules do not change that.
But Catholic leaders have noted that Catholic hospitals can only invoke the "conscience clause" -- and get an exemption on the new rules -- if they turn away patients of other faiths, something that is also anathema to the church.
"That means we can't say what we've been saying for 200 years, 'Are you hungry?'" retired Cardinal Theodore McCarrick told Fox News in an interview Tuesday. "We have to say, 'Are you Catholic?' We don't do that."
Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., a rising star in GOP circles who has been talked up as a potential vice presidential pick, jumped into the fray Tuesday by introducing legislation that would block the White House's move.
Donohue said he's been contacted by Protestants, Mormons, Jews, and others who want to join forces with the Catholic League and the bishops to overturn the new rules.
"I've never seen anything like it," he said. "They are lining up single file. Quite frankly we are going to take the fight to the Obama administration ... to me it's political suicide."
Catholic voters played a pivotal role in Obama election in 2008 and could be important again in November. Based on Fox News exit polling data, Catholics made up 27 percent of the electorate three years ago, which translates into an estimated 35 million voters.
Obama won 54 percent of the Catholic vote in 2008, a nine-point edge over Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, and White House officials are downplaying any political fallout now.
"We understand that not everyone agrees with it," Carney said of the decision. "All I can tell you is it was made after very careful consideration based on the need to balance ... (religious rights and) the necessity to provide access to preventive services for women was an important consideration."

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/01/31/holy-war-over-health-care-law-obama-angers-catholic-leaders/#ixzz1lAQUSyku
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