24 February 2012

CNN Republican Presidential Debate Full Analysis / Wednesday (2-22-2012) - FINAL FOUR - // I'll watch so you don’t have to

CNN NEWS - FINAL FOUR - Republican Presidential Debate

It’s been over a month since the last debate and I’m sure you have missed them as much as I have….NOT.  All in All CNN did a very good job last night.  The candidates along with the moderator were all seated.  Giving the appearance of relaxation but the content was everything but relaxed for this 2hr slugfest.  I also think there was a coordinated effort between Paul and Mitt supporters to mock every answer given by Santorum.
Also there was a clear alliance between Paul and Romney to take Santorum out as fast as possible.

And Away We Go…

Newt Gingrich
I’ll tell you when Newt is on you think to yourself what could have been? Now that Newt is not considered a front runner (for now) he has the ability to sit back a give concise answers that appeal to both the local voter and the broader base of viewers.  When a twitter question came up asking if the candidates supported contraceptives. Newt batted it right back to the moderator correctly stating that you would never ask this question in a Democratic debate.  Moreover, Newt called out the fact that Obama supported infanticide when in the Ill Senate but nobody would dare ask him about that.  Newt took a page from Rick Perry calling for a revamp of the federal government.  Stating that real change cannot take place until Washington breaks for the excuse that it’s just the way things are done here. The way things are going lately I cannot count out Newt for still having a shot at the nomination.  I really think the establishment Republicans would fear a Newt Presidency.

Ron Paul
Ron Paul made it clear that he has no intention to be President.  However, he is making it clear that he is solidly in Mitt Romney corner. Ron Paul has no opinion on anything save for it’s up to you, and the government has no power, and I never voted for anything.  Then what the hell is he doing still on the stage?  Ron Paul’s drones were in the audience for the sole purpose of over reacting to anything Santorum said. It was also clear Ron Paul was there to be Mitt’s attack dog.  Paul is in it for something but it’s not been revealed yet just what it is, but it’s not the Presidency.

Mitt Romney
Mitt really had nothing new to say last night.  I understand that he is going to reveal a new tax and growth plan this week but he gave no hint of it last night. This would have been a great opportunity to place himself above the fray with a bold now plan but, Mitt was busy hitting Santorum with everything he had. This was a mistake in my opinion, he had a nation audience, he should have made his case about why he is the better candidate than Obama.  But he wasted his time bashing Santorum on his voting record.  Mitt was too comfortable being the front runner for too long.  He should get back on track of making Obama the focus. That is where he is at his best.  And enough of the snide comments every time Santorum try’s to give a answer.  I’m already sick of the “Nice try’s” from Romney.  Get over it and stay on task

Rick Santorum
After several victories Santorum now is the target of the Romney hit machine.  Santorum tried to keep the focus on Obama but he had to waste all of his time defending his voting record.  Santorum does have issues that he has to overcome before he could be accepted as the nominee, and his voting record is one of them.   Paul hit Santorum for voting for something in the past that he is against now.  Santorum’s only defense was that he was a good republican only doing his job.  What I really did not like was when Santorum said sometimes you have to go along to get along with some of these large appropriation bills.  Saying you have to vote for something you are really against in order to pass a larger bill.  Well that’s how Obama care was passed and look where we are now.  You know you had a bad night when Ron Paul get the better of you. 

Final thought
Everybody is sick of these debates but they are proving to be an important part of the primary process.  More people are tuned into the process thanks to Obama’s 2008 election. For this cycle the voter is looking for a greater depth of knowledge of the candidates other than the cool factor that got Obama elected 4 years ago.  We all need to pay attention now more than ever before, because the stakes are that much greater. This is not theory we are experiencing, this is the practical results of a person and a party that is trying to transform nation into something very different than the one we grew up with.

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