18 September 2015

Republican National Debate 9-16-2015 // I watched so you don’t have too

The second republican national debate was held last night at Reagan Library in California hosted by CNN news.
There were 3 moderators and 11 candidates with questions for 3 hours. I did not like the attention getting ploy from CNN for try to generate fights between the candidates. This is the last debate before the Democratic debate in October so I wanted to see policy not personality.
We need to start seeing what are the policy differences NOT who can take a jab at Trump for better ratings.  This is serious, the country needs a leader who can govern, fix the absolute mess Obama is leaving the country & honor the constitution. Not play games.
The republicans still have the advantage because there are choices but we need to get down to 6-8 strong candidates pretty soon. However, I have no doubt that the next president was on that stage last night.

Okay let’s get to it….

Trump: Same old, same old. As soon as Trump stops being Trump he’ll go down in the polls.  That being said, he really had nothing to offer last night in regards to policy.  Is the smoke clearing in regards to what he wants to do? Yes. Is he starting to get over his head? Yes. The first debate he commanded the stage. Last night he was just there playing it safe.  Even his so called zingers were not effective. Then today he’ll be out throwing mud to stay in the media’s eye to take away from his flat performance last night.  Smart move but will it be enough to stay in front to get the nomination?  
The honeymoon is starting to end for Trump now that were into the fall. Informed voters are waking up and starting to take notice. They are fed up with the establishment republicans who like Obama promised the world but delivered nothing. However, I don’t think it will be enough to bring Trump into the White House. What Trump has been good for is that he’s taken the Republican Party completely out of its comfort zone. For that I am grateful to him.

Bush: Better, but not by much. Still unsteady. Not presidential.  Bush to me looks like the little brother who finally got noticed to the dinner table. After he finished his statement he had this look on his face like “I’ve been waiting to say that for a while and I finally got my chance” Can you remember anything Bush said last night?  No?   Me either.    If he wasn’t a Bush he would be no better than Kasich, Christie, or Walker. Worse even because he was a Governor more than 10 years ago so he should be on the B stage.  Money is the only thing that’s going to keep him going well into next year. I for one would not like him debating against Hillary or Biden or Sanders for that matter.  Would you?  

Walker: Sliding (for now). I still like Walker and he has a more appealing record to conservatives than the other Governors on stage. But his appeal is slipping as of late but I still think he’ll have a strong showing in Iowa.  The format of the debate did not lend well for showcasing Walkers record.  If you didn’t have something bad to say about Trump it was tough to have any screen time last night.  He’ll need to up his game and get some traction in the polls and do better in the October debate or support will continue to slide.  

Huckabee: Better. Huck is a man of his convictions there is no doubt about that. As President he needs to hold the constitution above all else. Yes you can have your religious beliefs and the constitution protects that.  However, we do not need another President who just does sh%t because he doesn’t agree with the law. We cannot act outside the constitution just because we feel like it. I’m not confidant the Huck wouldn’t do that. Like the consumption tax idea. I also like that most candidates want to take on tax reform instead of the democratic idea of just raising taxes.

Carson: Walking softly. There is no doubt that Carson is a very smart guy. But try as I might I still don’t see him as president.

Cruz: Spoke directly to the viewer.  Not enough air time for Cruz. He along with Rubio are my top picks to get my endorsement. Cruz would come out on top in a debate with Biden probably better that Rubio would. Cruz is steady and does not get upset easily which is a good quality for a president. He has a deep respect for the constitution and is best suited to standing up to his own party for the good of the country. Want to hear more policy from him.

Rubio: Serious. He could do the job. I haven’t made my pick yet but I like Rubio.  His getting better with each debate, he knows his stuff and is optimistic about the country is a more genuine way then Trumps “Make America Great Again” BS.  I would like to see him against any Democratic candidate. He’s young, knowledgeable, and conservative while still appealing to the general public/establishment republicans.  He’s a top contender and defiantly a top 2 contender in my book

Paul: Better. Sorry but it’s time for Paul to back down. He’s just not what the country is looking for now. He does have appeal when it comes to states’ rights and he is for a smaller government but the non-intervention lite foreign policy not what we need right now. 

Christie: Trying very hard.  He had a good showing and has a plainspoken ease about him. I see him as the alternative to Bush but not good enough for the nomination.  He does add to the debate in his call for action on entitlement issues which will need to addressed by the next president for sure. If Rubio picks up that mantel he’ll be a better balanced candidate.  Too little too late for Christie.

Kasich: Who Cares? Looked easily flustered.  A moderate who is afraid to stand up to congress and shut down the government if needed.  If he was President and there was a democratic congress would he just bend over and give in because he doesn’t have the guts to stand up to them.  Yes he would.  He looked out of sort and fakes angry when talking about the Iran deal with Cruz.  A pushover who needs to go.

Fiorina: Strong. Direct. Specific. She was the only candidate to give real substantive details about what she would do as president. If she could have pulled out a map of the middle east and pointed to where she would place troops she would have.  She really was impressive last night and deserves to be a top contender.  She would easily hold her own against Hillary. She is unafraid to give specifics about any subject. Fiorina really was heartfelt when she talked about the personal toll drugs have on a family. That cannot be faked or questioned.  Want to see more of her as this goes on.  

Winners: Rubio,  Fiorina
Losers: Bush, Huck, Kasich, Christie, Paul, Walker
Push: Trump, Carson, Cruz

**********UNDERCARD DEBATE EARILER IN THE DAY***************

I’ll be brief……
I’m done with them…..
Fellas drop out. Please.

This still is Trumps to lose.

First Democratic debate 10/13
Next Republican debate 10/28.

That’s it for now…..