30 September 2010

Obama and "IF" you’re so TerrIFic

Yes in another brilliant move by the Obama administration and the DNC going into the mid-terms and 2012 elections the "IF" campaign is on the move!

Think about it, even before he was elected Obama used the "IF" technecq.  IF you elect me I will change America.  IF you give me your vote I will give you "Hope".  Then he's elected and Obama shifts to post election "IF" mode.  IF the stimulus is passed unemployment will not go past 8%.  IF Cap & Trade is passed it will save the planet.  IF we pass Obama Care your costs will go down.  IF the jobs bill is passed Jobs will be created.  IF the small business bill is passed people will start to hire.  IF the second small business bill is passed it will...bla bla bla.  IF the first $900 Trillion didn’t work why should we believe even more spending will save us.  IF not for Bush, the majority of the public and the Republicans Obama could have delivers the utopia he promised.

Then second tier of the "IF" stratagem was deployed at the same time.  IF the republicans only worked with us everything would be better.  Even though the democrats have control of both houses and the WH, IF the Republicans went along with us we all could change the country.

The third tier of the "IF" stratagem involves we the citizens.  From Obama to Pelosi, Reid, Kerry have all used the "IF" on us.  IF the public only understood how great the Stimulus, Cap &Trade, Obama Care, spending bill after spending bill after spending bill everything would be just great.  Now they have the nerve to say IF you don't vote for us all will be lost.

The last rung on the Obama ladder of the "IF" stratagem is the Obama pity party he has for himself, supported by the media.  IF his generals only just agreed with Obama his Afghanistan stratagem would be a success.  IF the public truly understood the struggles Obama faced he could save the country.

This point it’s not the public’s lack of understanding or the Republicans Party of NO that is getting in Obama’s way.  It’s the agenda and policies that are the failure here.

I have a advance copy of the new DNC and Organizing for America funded commercial you’re going to see a lot below.

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09 September 2010

Letting the Bush tax cuts expire and Obama

I'll keep this short and sweet.

At this point, isn't the real issue here the spending and not the revenue??

America Prevails

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