21 February 2011

What the Democrats and Obama will run on in 2012

I have been following the events in Wisconsin as many of you may have.  But I'm drawing a different conclusion then some of the reason for this "worker unrest."  Now know that Walker ran and was elected to do the very thing he is doing now.  So why is all of a sudden are the unions up in arm over this?  Why is the DNC and Organizing for America pouring into Wis to organizing the workers.  Why are when you hear about this on the media the term "It's starting to happening across the country?"  Union busters, anti-middle class, republicans hate the working class etc... Why?  Why now?

Well the democrats cannot win on success of Obama Care.  They cannot win on the success of the Stimulus. They cannot win on all the spending.  As we remember Obama and the democrats were very successful on running against Bush.  Bush was an easy target that the party and the voters could rally around.  However, in 2012 Bush is no longer a viable enemy.

So what's a desperate DNC to do??  Create or jinn up class warfare by making all republicans evil child hating, union killing, haters of police, nursers and fire fighters.  Who want to destroy public education while their at it.

But what team Obama fails to understand is that this is not 10 or 15 years ago.  The electorate is more educated and more informed than ever before.  We're too smart to be fooled by the old tricks.  Perhaps, just perhaps, CHANGE has come to America.  The people are no longer standing for the business of usual of the untouchable public sector unions.

One thing is indisputable. The CURRENT PATH IN UNSUSTAINABLE!!

The entire system will collapse if nothing is done and then NO ONE WILL GET THEIR MONEY!!

We all have to accept that some cuts will be made, some taxes will go up, and PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS PENSIONS ARE NOT UNTOUCHABLE!  Better to accept .50-.75 cents on the dollar and contribute more to your own health care then 0 if the systems crashes.

Now that Mr. community organizer himself has weighed in with support of the unions.  This issue is now all politics and re-elections hopes and less and less to do with the tax payers and union worker.

We live in interesting times my fellow patriots.

It's time to take a stand.

America Prevails

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

19 February 2011

For our Chicago Readers

I sure hope he doesn't win

America Prevails

Nadmenny Millicent

15 February 2011

What Obama's newly released budget really means

Obama has started his re-election campaign with the release of his budget.  No big Springfield Capital steps moment.  No Grant Park love fest.  Just a huge SHIT sandwich of a federal budget that we ALL have to take a bite out of.

I won’t go in to detail of the over spending and minuet cuts Obama is offering because quite frankly I can’t take it anymore myself.

Can anyone believe Obama when he says “you have to live within your means and the government does too.”

I mean really, since Obama came into office has he shown that he is glowing example of living within ones means?!

I know I need to “WIN THE FUTURE” to fully understand the giant intellect that is Obama but “WTF”

Nobody on the planet has spent more than him, he gets his ass handed to him in the last election and he comes out with a deficit busting budget, then pretends he made tough choices.

Moreover, this is by no means is a centrist budget like the media will try to portray.  And please don’t get me started of the lame Regan comparisons because there is no way in hell that you could compare Regan to Obama, and I’ll leave it at that.

But I get it.  His plan is to offer this budget and campaign against the republican who tries to say this is not enough.  After all of that the public may buy this BS and Obama will go off again on another 4 year multi-trillion dollar spending spree.  In my opinion the 2012 election is the republicans to lose, not Obama’s.  The republican’s WILL lose against Obama the man.  They need and must focus on Obama the President.  With more than half the nation successfully suing to say Obama care is unconstitutional.  Obama is very close to being held in contempt of court for proceeding with implementation.  This with the fact that unemployment’s still high, he killed domestic oil production, he want to increase taxes in 2 years and he is still happy to be the enemy of business.  Let alone sure to be higher gas prices and creeping inflation, and no stated foreign policy.  The republicans have a strong chance of unseating “THE ONE.” But only if they stick to his record.

Remember Obama wants another 4years to “Transform America”

America Prevails

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

03 February 2011

I really don't know what to make of these


America Prevails
Nadmenny Millicent


A thought from one of our friends - Egypt Uprising

Make no mistake about it, the activities in Egypt have as much to do about failed policies in the U.S. as they do about the political and ruling governmental issues inside of Egypt.
The U.S. is partially to blame, and it will get worse before it gets better.  The failed monetary policies of Benny B. and friends at our Federal Reserve have greatly contributed to the current situation and uprising.  By printing way too many dollars, and by keeping our interest rates artificially low, our own Federal Reserve has encouraged the many, many printed dollars to travel abroad in search of an investment better than the 0.1% interest rates available here in the States.  As a consequence, commodity and food prices have exploded and inflation is on the rise around the world.  Egypt imports boat loads (literally) of wheat, and the food inflation in that country is now at a rate of 17% and rising.  Those people in the streets are, in part, reacting to the fact that they can hardly afford a loaf of bread, and it's getting more expensive by the day.  Unintended consequences of the Fed's policy to print, print, print, print......
We are not immune to the same type of inflationary consequences down the road.  However, our leaders and liberal economists want you to keep focused on the Core inflation numbers (excluding food and energy costs).  So, while you are paying more for your own food, and while you pay a nice buck at the pump this weekend (and wait until Friday's surge in oil prices trickles down), just remember, according to the "man behind the curtain", inflation does not exist in the U.S. at this time. 
I think the common, working men and women have a differing opinion, and I guess the general population in Egypt got tired of hearing that bag of crap.  Coming to a theater near you....one of these days!

Viva America