03 February 2011

A thought from one of our friends - Egypt Uprising

Make no mistake about it, the activities in Egypt have as much to do about failed policies in the U.S. as they do about the political and ruling governmental issues inside of Egypt.
The U.S. is partially to blame, and it will get worse before it gets better.  The failed monetary policies of Benny B. and friends at our Federal Reserve have greatly contributed to the current situation and uprising.  By printing way too many dollars, and by keeping our interest rates artificially low, our own Federal Reserve has encouraged the many, many printed dollars to travel abroad in search of an investment better than the 0.1% interest rates available here in the States.  As a consequence, commodity and food prices have exploded and inflation is on the rise around the world.  Egypt imports boat loads (literally) of wheat, and the food inflation in that country is now at a rate of 17% and rising.  Those people in the streets are, in part, reacting to the fact that they can hardly afford a loaf of bread, and it's getting more expensive by the day.  Unintended consequences of the Fed's policy to print, print, print, print......
We are not immune to the same type of inflationary consequences down the road.  However, our leaders and liberal economists want you to keep focused on the Core inflation numbers (excluding food and energy costs).  So, while you are paying more for your own food, and while you pay a nice buck at the pump this weekend (and wait until Friday's surge in oil prices trickles down), just remember, according to the "man behind the curtain", inflation does not exist in the U.S. at this time. 
I think the common, working men and women have a differing opinion, and I guess the general population in Egypt got tired of hearing that bag of crap.  Coming to a theater near you....one of these days!

Viva America

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