28 January 2011

SOTU 2011 scorecard from the Information Minister

Ok, after 4 years of running and governing on transforming America.  Do you really think Obama is now a pro-business, budget cutting DINO?

This SOTU was almost a copy of last years speech.  We neen to invest in education, green jobs, soak the rich and tax big oil.  Then he praises himself with working with the Republicans to extend the Bush Tax cuts then brags how he's going to end them in 2012.

I thought Obama looked bored, and aren't you starting to get bored hearing another historic Obama speech?

I was looking for Obama to kick off his 2012 campaign.

But he just rambled on about some brothers having to reinvent themselves because they were going out of business thanks to Obama lack of pro-business economic policies.

Let's just boil this down to base elements, shall we.

Talk is cheap Mr.President what are you really going to do to fix this mess?

America Prevails

Information Minister

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