04 November 2014

An open Letter to the Republicans a few days before the election…

Okay I’ve supported you, I listened to the party get bashed. I tried to defend you when clearly you had nothing to offer to the American people but the “most electable” establishment candidate and kept hope that one day you will be in the position to truly stop the Obama agenda.  Well it took years and you may be posed to have control of 2 of the three branches of government.  Now what?  All the chest thumping and grand standing is over and now you have to present your ideas to the American public and govern.  You better not waste this precious gift with bullshit legislation and symbolic votes. Please just set the table for the 2016 elections and avoid the revenge politics.
So that being said please dump Mitch McConnell and John Boehner as majority leaders.  Obama clearly will not work with these two and  I think new leadership will send a clear message of a fresh start.  Because like it or Not Obama is still in office until the next election so in order to make things work you have to find a way for Obama to sign whatever bills you put in front of him.  So first things first,  PASS A BUDGET!  Not some huge, massive omnibus spending bill just to get it off the table for the fiscal year. A budget is a statement of principles, that’s why the democrats never wanted to pass a budget for most of Obama's full 2 terms.  They never wanted their policies put down on paper because they knew that once that happen the public would reject them.  Pass a smaller budget targeted on growth for all Americans. A budget that will put the democrats on their heels while giving them enough input that they have no choice but to support it.  And yes do not be afraid to shut the government down!  We have enough current income to service the debt, so call Obama’s bluff and do it if you have too.  Stop seeding power to the executive branch! Don’t tell me you’re the party of the constitution and them give the executive branch more authority.  If this is your chess game your chess game sucks. You also better stop team Obama in the lame duck from pulling all kids of crap before the new congress is sworn in in January. 

Also stop bullshitting around and secure the border and work on the illegal immigration issue. For a start why not increase the amount of new legal citizens allowed into the country to say 5 million a year sliding back down to the current level of a few million in 4-6 years.  Loosen up the log jam so people will see that its worth waiting a little longer to get in legally.  True Tax reform both corporate and private.  This may be the best way to get the democrats on board. The public wants bipartisanship after 6 years of nothing out of congress so tax reform would be a good start.    Close loop holes, reduce the burden on small business and make companies want to stay here rather than run from here because of the punitive nature of our current tax system.  Make Obama revisit the war powers act.  This we’re not at war but we’re really at war crap has to stop.  Isis it a true threat and they are at war with us so we might as well oblige them and scrape them fully off the map.  Obama care was ruled a tax so you can remove about 80% of it with 51 votes in the senate so now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and do something.  If you push this off and try to make it a 2016 election year issue you will lose.
Also and most importantly, do not give us an establishment “most electable” moderate republican presidential candidate in 2016.  In other words not another Romney or McCain.  Hillary will most likely by the Dem nominee so the republicans need a clear contrast to her in both principles, values, and optimism for the future of the country.  The democrats just want Hillary to tick a box saying that they elected the first African American now they will be the first to elect a woman as president you know it has to be historic after all, not what’s best for the country.  Republican need to run a candidate that is inclusive, strong in national defense, Pro-American, pro-growth, Pro-business, loves the respects the constitution and yes conservative.

Do these things and not only will you have my support but I believe the support of the majority of the population.  Don’t do these things and you’ll lose across the board.  You've been warned.