27 August 2009

Another nugget of Joy from the Information Minister regarding ObamaCare

Yes yet again Comrades in a area of a "New Style of Government" from the Overlord.

More and more of our personal liberty's are going to be taken away under ObamaCare.

Here are some more Fun Facts from H.R 3200

Section 431(a) of the bill says that the IRS must divulge taxpayer identity information, including the filing status, the modified adjusted gross income, the number of dependents, and "other information as is prescribed by" regulation. That information will be provided to the new Health Choices Commissioner and state health programs and used to determine who qualifies for "affordability credits."

Section 245(b)(2)(A) says the IRS must divulge tax return details -- there's no specified limit on what's available or unavailable -- to the Health Choices Commissioner. The purpose, again, is to verify "affordability credits."

Section 1801(a) says that the Social Security Administration can obtain tax return data on anyone who may be eligible for a "low-income prescription drug subsidy" but has not applied for it.

No wonder Obama wanted to ram this through without giving anybody a chance to read this. One has to question the motives of our Glorious Leader the High Chancellor our Overlord Obama. Why the Rush? I think the American people are starting to find out why.

In addition, please do not think just because a person passed away we should set down our principles and just support this bill.

There is no way team Obama can spin this into a win, not after the news about the deficit. Looks like the out of control spending has finally caught up with Obama.

R.I.P Teddy and ObamaCare.

Side bar: Massachusetts State law requires a special election for the seat no sooner than 145 days and no later than 160 days after a vacancy occurs. The law bans an interim appointee. An interim was appointed by the govenor until Kerry ran for president with a Republican governer. Now there is a Democratic governor they want to change it back.

Please Massachusetts do not pull a Blago and plug in a puppet Democrat just to maintain the power base. Do not make your state a laughing stock like Illinois did. I know there is no chance his seat will go to a Republican but still this was the LAW that Teddy helped put in place. Follow it.

America Prevails!

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

26 August 2009

Nice video

Someone sent me this and I thought I would post it. Enjoy.

25 August 2009


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And Thanks for Serving
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America Prevails
Nadmenny Millicent

Ok it's time to watch a movie

Now that the White House has created it's own integration unit (ministry of the Hand), it's time to watch a movie or read the book.

Everyone please watch V for Vendetta or even better read the graphic novel.

Is this the path on which we are heading? Fake a crisis to get the poulation behind you and then increase your power by increasing government control.

America Prevails
Nadmenny Millicent

21 August 2009

Obama and the art of misdirection

Well first it was Hillary with her vast right wing conspiracy now its Obama and the art of misdirection.
Obama's poll numbers are yet again dropping faster then you can say health care reform...insurance reform...health insurance care reform...what ever he's calling it now.

Oh people still like Obama but they don't have confidence he will make the right decisions for the country's future. As a recent ABC/Washington post poll shows its only 49% in support. Obama's handling of Health Care at 46%. In other words nice guy but can't really run the country.
Believe me these number are bad.
Regardless what team Obama says they live for the polls, all politicians live for polls.
They are running out of ways to spin this into a positive.

I will quote Queen Amidala of Naboo from Star Wars episode II. "Chancellor I call for a vote of NO CONFIDANCE!!"

Again as I have said before what do you expect the man has no experience running anything!!

The man has no plan, just broad socialized ideas about health care reform. To show his style of leadership he is leaving it to the House and Senate to come up with a bill. Nice. Contribute nothing but generalities, promise the world, take all the credit with any success, distance yourself from failure. Wow that's change you can believe in.

Which brings me to Obama's art of misdirection. As I "hope" you have all heard by now there is a great debate going on about this bill. Both sides strongly voicing their opinions. The difference here is that Obama supporters are paid $600 a week to "volunteer" to go to these town halls and support this bill.

However, the major battles are within the Democratic party itself. The single payer push in the House and the it's not going to happen with single payer in the Senate. There are at least 4 Republican bills moving around the House but for the most part they are united against any Obama bill and for good reason. But there in is the problem for Obama. All this decent is coming from his side. Now what to do? Well we know that Obama cannot come out and say "look I'm way in over my head with this whole President thing." Or "my fellow democrats don't know if their on foot or horse back when it comes to which bill to support." But best thing to do is misdirect the issue back onto the republicans. Its all their fault that we democrats cannot find consensus within our own party,even though we control both the House, Senate and the White House. Its the radicals to blame for the fact that I'm such a poor leader. Its the disrupters at the town halls proving that support for this bill was loose at best. And you know the desperation is showing when Team Obama uses race bating/Nazi/white supremists' to paint everyone who opposes this bill.

What Obama is in denial about is that its not only the Republicans but a growing number of Independents and just plain citizens who are against this bill.

How could this be? How could "The One" fall so fast? How can the man who could do no wrong BE so wrong? How can his credibility be shot so early? Well Obama is learning the hard way that image means nothing. Intent with no results are hard to argue with. Guess what the "HOPE HUGS" are no longer working.

This is a real problem for team Obama. The man has never lost and that is my real fear here. At this point this guy will sign anything, and I mean anything just to get a win. The democrats who put so much into Obama will not want to disappoint him regardless of how much the public is against this. Harry Reid was quoted just this morning, Health Care will pass by "Any legislative means necessary". What the hell does this mean? It means to paraphrase the Wall Street Journal Democrats are undeterred by history, precedent and most importantly public opinion. And they will pass this bill regardless of that "we the people" think.

Make no mistake this will fundamentally change your relationship with the Government and this country FOREVER!!

Remember with Obama and I cannot overstate this enough, Obama wants this change not because of his love for this country but for his love of control.

Ask yourself;

How can you add millions of people to a system and cut billions from that system and not cut or ration care?

How can the Democrats tell the American public you need this bill passed for the good of the country yet exempt themselves from it?

How could you support this bill knowing that the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office states that this bill would increase costs over time and still leave millions of Americans not covered?

How can you support a President who knows all of same information you now know and yet still wants this passed?

We must maintain the pressure on the White House and the Government, we must never let them forget, its for the people by the people NOT for the Government by the Government.

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

12 August 2009

Another Moment of Clarity from the Information Minister regarding Universal Care

How can one pass Universal Health Care when the idea of Universal Health Care is NOT Universally accepted?

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

10 August 2009

The Information Minister with the Question of the day

If Obama thinks the current Health Care System is bad why does he at every twist keep telling everyone they can keep it?

One more...

Can anyone tell me which plan Obama is referring too when he touts the benefits of the plan. The 1600 page house bill which on page 16 it states it will be illegal for insurance companies to write any new policies after the start date or the Senate Bill which there is none yet?

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

Another Nuff Said

07 August 2009

The Information Minister is putting out a APB for the Bill of Rights please help!!! Its gone missing!!

I have been looking for something that I think was misplaced since January 20th.
Its something that I think you all know of or have at least heard about. Can anyone tell me what happened to the BILL OF RIGHTS!!!

You may already know this but the White House has set up a website asking for people to turn in or forward so called "Fishy" emails, blogs etc... Regarding the health care issue to the White House. In other words the White House is compiling an enemy list. Yes comrades please turn in your fellow citizens for not being loyal party members. Just to keep this in context. This same program was implemented back in 1930's Germany. To weed out the non believers of the new master race. And again in hardcore communist RUSSIA.

The Obama administration touted that they will bring about a new style of Government. A new area of transparency. Stating that the last 8 years of irresponsible spending and Government waste is over. Remember that when you see how NONE OF THIS HAS HAPPENED besides the new style of Government.

Obama has surpassed Joseph Goebbels and is trying to move the county to Orwellian proportions in his fight for Universal Health Care.

Anyone who voices decent or tries to organize a protest is labeled a angry mob on the payroll of the anti reformer lobbyist or working for the insurance companies.

How about just concerned citizens questioning the validity of this bill.

Wasn't all this community organizing something in Obama's past that he was praised for? "Who cares if the man had no experience he was a community organizer". Remember that one?

May I also remind Obama that he cannot complain when a community organizes when he was a community organizer himself. Right!

Now the AFL-CIO officially sanctioned enforcers for the democratic party are ordered to go out and intimidate anyone who protests in this debate at the town halls across America.

So let's review.

Obama calls for health care reform. He cannot ram this through in a few weeks. Poll numbers start to drop. The budget office reports that this will in no way decrease costs in fact it will increase costs over time. Team Obama starts calling insurance companies and doctors evil as per the standard Overlord play book. Poll numbers dropping still. Obama claims this is not about him but every time he speaks he mentions that this is his house or I won. To underscore this point Obama when giving his instructions directed the Kool-Aid drinkers (Berry Flavor) to go to "MYOBAMA.com" to find out how to mobilize. Yes go to MyObama.com. But its not about him. Who are they trying to kid? Citizens start to read the bill and they are not liking what they see. The bill does not pass the congress. Obama shows us his frowny face. Poll numbers continue to drop. Obama is getting desperate and calls out the big guns. Yes you know what that means...ROAD TRIP!! But where does he go only to union sponsored events. Nancy Pelosi joins in and calls protesters swatikas wearers. Barbara Boxter call protesters the angry mob and fears for the safety of the president. Now the White House is asking citizens to expose fellow citizens to the Government. Intimidation anyone?

Notice how Obama changed the term to "Insurance Care Reform" from "Health Care Reform.". Ask yourself why? Why the need for the "Change"? Ask yourself why our El Presidente is so defensive? What is problem Comrade?? If Obama had such a strong argument there would have been no reason to change the term. The change came because this bill was failing fast and they were hoping to redirect the issue onto the big bad insurance companies, with their fat cat executives and the bloated salaries and corporate jets. (More on that later).

Then, team Obama brands new logo for his health care plan to gain support. Hey, it worked before with his HOPE pin.
Unfortunately the logo is eerily like the Nazi Eagle. My guess this logo will disappear soon.

I'm starting to think the intent with no results is taking its toll on the masses. I'm starting to think that people are finding out that this guy is a radical not the centrist they hoped he would be.
I'm starting to think Obama with this website may have finally over reached. I'm starting to think Obama has awakened the silent majority.

Something seems Fishy too me about the Overlord.
Me thinks Obama does protest too much.

And don't get me started on the 3 Gulf stream jets the congress needed to get around the country at the cost of 200 million. These are the same jokers that condemned the Auto executives for doing the same thing Congress just did. But this time with OUR MONEY!!
Seems to me that 200million would go along way in covering the uninsured. Wouldn't it.

You know that Obama will come back to hit the middle class with a tax hike to cover all the spending in this bill or others. You may start hearing the question how much in taxes would you sacrifice to cover your fellow Americans? Or if we ALL gave a little just think how much good we could do with health care. Or something along these lines. Little Timmy Geitner already hinted at this just last week. But it will happen.

You know I'm right.

Hope & Change, Comrades, Hope & Change.

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

Bill of Rights

01 August 2009

Big Thanks

We have been getting allot of visits coming from Hooahwife.com.
Thanks for checking us out. Anyone else looking at this site should check them out as well.
And a bigger thanks to all who serve our country.

I thought I would add this from Big Trouble in Little China

Wang Chi (Dennis Dun): "Here's to the Army and Navy and the battles they have won! Here's to America's colors, the colors that never run!"
Jack Burton (Kurt Russell): "May the wings of liberty never lose a feather."
Amen to that

Nadmenny Millicent
Loyal Opposition