21 August 2009

Obama and the art of misdirection

Well first it was Hillary with her vast right wing conspiracy now its Obama and the art of misdirection.
Obama's poll numbers are yet again dropping faster then you can say health care reform...insurance reform...health insurance care reform...what ever he's calling it now.

Oh people still like Obama but they don't have confidence he will make the right decisions for the country's future. As a recent ABC/Washington post poll shows its only 49% in support. Obama's handling of Health Care at 46%. In other words nice guy but can't really run the country.
Believe me these number are bad.
Regardless what team Obama says they live for the polls, all politicians live for polls.
They are running out of ways to spin this into a positive.

I will quote Queen Amidala of Naboo from Star Wars episode II. "Chancellor I call for a vote of NO CONFIDANCE!!"

Again as I have said before what do you expect the man has no experience running anything!!

The man has no plan, just broad socialized ideas about health care reform. To show his style of leadership he is leaving it to the House and Senate to come up with a bill. Nice. Contribute nothing but generalities, promise the world, take all the credit with any success, distance yourself from failure. Wow that's change you can believe in.

Which brings me to Obama's art of misdirection. As I "hope" you have all heard by now there is a great debate going on about this bill. Both sides strongly voicing their opinions. The difference here is that Obama supporters are paid $600 a week to "volunteer" to go to these town halls and support this bill.

However, the major battles are within the Democratic party itself. The single payer push in the House and the it's not going to happen with single payer in the Senate. There are at least 4 Republican bills moving around the House but for the most part they are united against any Obama bill and for good reason. But there in is the problem for Obama. All this decent is coming from his side. Now what to do? Well we know that Obama cannot come out and say "look I'm way in over my head with this whole President thing." Or "my fellow democrats don't know if their on foot or horse back when it comes to which bill to support." But best thing to do is misdirect the issue back onto the republicans. Its all their fault that we democrats cannot find consensus within our own party,even though we control both the House, Senate and the White House. Its the radicals to blame for the fact that I'm such a poor leader. Its the disrupters at the town halls proving that support for this bill was loose at best. And you know the desperation is showing when Team Obama uses race bating/Nazi/white supremists' to paint everyone who opposes this bill.

What Obama is in denial about is that its not only the Republicans but a growing number of Independents and just plain citizens who are against this bill.

How could this be? How could "The One" fall so fast? How can the man who could do no wrong BE so wrong? How can his credibility be shot so early? Well Obama is learning the hard way that image means nothing. Intent with no results are hard to argue with. Guess what the "HOPE HUGS" are no longer working.

This is a real problem for team Obama. The man has never lost and that is my real fear here. At this point this guy will sign anything, and I mean anything just to get a win. The democrats who put so much into Obama will not want to disappoint him regardless of how much the public is against this. Harry Reid was quoted just this morning, Health Care will pass by "Any legislative means necessary". What the hell does this mean? It means to paraphrase the Wall Street Journal Democrats are undeterred by history, precedent and most importantly public opinion. And they will pass this bill regardless of that "we the people" think.

Make no mistake this will fundamentally change your relationship with the Government and this country FOREVER!!

Remember with Obama and I cannot overstate this enough, Obama wants this change not because of his love for this country but for his love of control.

Ask yourself;

How can you add millions of people to a system and cut billions from that system and not cut or ration care?

How can the Democrats tell the American public you need this bill passed for the good of the country yet exempt themselves from it?

How could you support this bill knowing that the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office states that this bill would increase costs over time and still leave millions of Americans not covered?

How can you support a President who knows all of same information you now know and yet still wants this passed?

We must maintain the pressure on the White House and the Government, we must never let them forget, its for the people by the people NOT for the Government by the Government.

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition


SSG_E said...

The vote of "no confidence" was in Star Wars Episode I, not Episode II. At the end of Episode I Palpatine was already chancellor. Yeah, I used to be a geek.

JohnGalt1984 said...

You are so right, thanks for the heads up.
You are now allowed 1.75lbs of Government Cheese.

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

SSG_E said...

Hurray! Cheese!