30 January 2009


This it I have had enough.......I AM RUNNING FOR GOVERNOR OF ILLINOIS

02 January 2009

Things I like to see

The number of Chicago (2.8 Million people) aldermen cut in half. The is no way to justify the the need for 50 aldermen. New York has 51 (19.3 Million poeple)and Los Angles (3.8 million people)has 15.

Short shanks Daley indited. I just can't believe he can have kept his hands clean for so long with all the poeple around him going down.

No olympics for Chicago. No good can come from it. Just headaches and bills.

Still have money in my pocket after the Chosen One takes over.

Congress give the President (any President) balls by inacting line item veto powers. This is the ONLY way to deal with earmarks.

Feel free to add any of you own in the comments. I will add it to the post if it good.