05 January 2011

The "Tolerant" Left

Remember, the Tea Party is full of terrorists and radicals. Everyone else is just exercising their own Freedom of Speech:
  • A Statement from Chicago Tea Patriots founder Catherina Wojtowicz concerning the events on the night of Friday, December 10, 2010.

    "We were the target of an arson Friday at our Christmas Party.

    At approximately 8 p.m. smoke began to fill the rooms of Dugan’s Irish Pub where we hosting our Christmas Party. The entire bar soon became engulfed with thick, heavy smoke and the bar was evacuated. Within moments the Chicago Fire and Police arrived and began to clear and secure the premises. We were detained outside while firemen cleared the bar. After waiting an hour outside, with other dozens of other bar patrons, we were allowed back in to gather our belongings. The bar was covered in soot and patrons had great difficulty in breathing. Bar management had to close the bar for the night, thus losing revenue during the busy Christmas season.

    Tuesday I received a phone call from detectives from the Chicago Bomb and Arson Department who informed me that four devices, which appeared to be roadside flares, were taped together and left lit and smoldering in the trash can of the men’s bathroom. On the lid of the toliet seat, written in red, it read: F#CK THE CHICAGO TEA PARTY

    Bomb and arson police have deemed this an arson and are now investigating.

    [...] Because the devices were left in the bathroom it will be difficult to deduce who is the offender from videos and because nobody was killed or harmed (thankfully), fingerprints will not be processed for anywhere from six months to a year. However, if an offender is found, they will be charged with a felony.
Dugan's is also a popular hangout for coppers. We don't recall seeing a word about this in any of the media, but seeing as how 90+% of the bar occupants would have been people the media routinely portrays as less than human, we aren't surprised.

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