10 February 2012

Obama is a Genius

As you know I am not a fan of Obama.  However I have to give credit where credit is due. Obama just preformed one of the biggest bait and switches in American history. 
Obama very carefully placed the contraceptive rule into Obama care forcing religious institutions to fully pay for such things as condoms, morning after pills and so forth.
Now if you remember there was a big stink when Obama was trying to pass his health care bill because conservative republicans and democrats alike were adamantly against any verbiage related to abortion. Obama signed a Presidential order forbidding it, and his bill was passed.

Well what’s a little dictator to do? Obama places this verbiage into the bill and sits back and waits for the Catholics to go nuts because its forces them to pay for things that go against it’s tenets
Now knowing that there is NO constitutional authority to do any of this Obama says okay the Catholics will not have to pay for this, I’ll make the insurance companies pay. Problem solved, Obama is a champion of woman’s health and the savior of all mankind.

But what just happened here it this.   Obama WON, that’s what just happened.  
Obama was able to bypass his own Presidential order forbidding federal money to support abortions by forcing insurance companies to pay for contraceptives.  But who pays this insurance companies? The employer pays the insurance companies.  So in the end the religious institutions will pay for abortions.

In the long run Insurance companies will either drop this coverage or make it so expensive people will not be able to afford it.
The end result will be that the government will be compelled to step in and insure more and more people.  Pushing the government to pass universal health care.  Which is the ultimate goal.

I wonder what other nuggets of joy will surface when the glory of Obama Care is fully revealed.

Brilliant, just brilliant.  

If Obama has no respect for the Constitution he has NO respect for you.  Never forget that!

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Affirmation on my theory...
DICK MORRIS: Obama did not make a mistake in this mandate. It’s a deliberately calculated move on his part. The Democrats realize that abortion is no longer a winner for them. It used to be ten points more pro-choice than pro-Life, now it’s ten points more pro-Life than pro-choice possibly because of the publicity of the anti-abortion people, possibly because of the aging of the population. But the point is that it’s a loser issue. So what they’re trying to do now is replace it with contraception. So the first piece of evidence was after Santorum won Iowa, the first controversy was, “Do you think states should have the right to ban contraception?” Where did that come from? Then you remember that ABC debate with that paid Democratic hitman George Stephanopoulos went after Romney trying to…

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