14 October 2015

Democratic National Debate 10-13-2015 // I watched so you don’t have too

The first Democratic national debate took place last night in Las Vegas hosted by CNN.
Anderson Cooper moderated with 3 sidebar questionnaires which were in all respects useless and added nothing to the debate.
The opening credits leading up to the debate were something out of a WWF fight night. Completely un-needed and to showy in my opinion.

Without further adieu let’s begin…  

Hillary: Experienced with a side of smug, loud talker, victim.  Without a doubt this is hers to lose and she know it. After last night’s performance by her competitors I agree. Apparently Hillary is a woman and for that fact alone she’s an outsider. Really?? 3 key point about her performance last night where she failed to take a firm position. 1. She did not take a position on legalizing  Marijuana. 2. Hillary did not specifically state what the greatest threat to the United States is. 3. Hillary did not state how she would be different that a 3rd Obama term. Other that being a woman. All the other candidates did give specific  answers.  She played it safe there when she didn’t have to.  Not a big deal but it speaks to leadership. Question is how would Hillary’s performance been different if Biden was on the stage? She didn’t have a believable reply when it came to her countless flip flopping. Bernie should have jumped all over this but he didn’t.   She’ll win the nomination for sure unless the FBI finds something so bad that even the justice department can’t cover it up.  She did good but given the company she’ll have to do a lot better to defeat the republicans. Hillary called for a new “New Deal” for minorities last night. Would love to hear what’s all that about. Too bad no one in the press will follow up on her statement. She said she’s not running on her name and she’s not going to rely on her name to get elected…just her being a “Woman” should be enough. But I’m a victim because the republicans are out to get me.

Burnie: Loud talker, believable, Socialist, populist. Sander is the number two guy for a reason.  He’s the socialist version of Ron Paul.  He has a strong appeal to the youth that Hillary just can’t replicate. My guess is Bernie has been giving the same speech and had the same positions for the last 30 years. Hillary could never say that.  Maybe Cruz could on the republican side but that’s about it.  Bernie all but endorsed Hillary when he gave her cover on the email scandal. The media is cheering this today when Bernie said enough already about the damn emails.  However this could turn out to be a bad thing for Hillary.
On the one hand it gave the democrats red meat which played very well to the in house audience. However, on the other hand for the viewer who just turned and doesn’t follow this stuff like I do, they may say to themselves “What email scandal”? Then in turn start looking into this and find things they don’t like about her such as all the lies, double talk and the ever changes stories of Hillary.  He’ll never win but he is pulling Hillary way left. So watch Hillary flip flop yet again in the general election.  Yes it’s all about Hillary.

O’Malley: Rehearsed, soft-spoken & neck twerking: First the neck twerking was driving me crazy. His head poked around like a bird looking for food. He had the most to gain but he failed to impress. Yes he ticks all the democratic boxes. Hates the rich, only black lives matter, climate change is real and it’s our fault, who loves high taxes??? I do, I do, no war democrat.  But who cares? I don’t, I don’t.   He looked like he was reading talking points not speaking from a position of confidence. Maybe a VP or cabinet position  but that would be a stretch  Added nothing to the debate. Should drop soon. If Biden gets in he’ll drop sooner.

Webb: Reagan democrat, only vet in the race, stiff, no chance.  Webb is the only democrat on stage to directly kill someone, a plus in my book. Webb is an old school dem.  Strong on defense & pro labor.  But he completely blew any chance when he made the fatal  mistake or the cardinal sin in a democratic debate of saying that ALL LIVES MATTER.  So he’s done.  Plus he looked like he was trying to hold in the biggest fart of his life. He should and will drop soon.

Chafee: WOW, why and good bye.  Chafee major policy is bringing the metric system to America.  The poor guy basically said he didn’t know why he voted for something while he was in the senate. The best he came up with is that he didn’t know what he was doing because his father passed away right before he went into office.  Cooper pushed him on this but I think even Cooper backed off because it was so bad.  Just do yourself a favor and drop while you can.

Winners: Hillary & Bernie
Losers: The other three. who cares what their names are no one else does
Push/Loser: Biden. 

Closing thoughts: It did look like a senior citizen tour just left the free buffet from Circus Circus when the candidates took the stage.  Democrats are the old white person party this time around.  Hillary said it the best when she said we all want the same things it’s just how we get there that is the difference.  By we all want the same things are, all 5 want to tax the rich… a lot, free collage paid for by taxing the rich (except Hillary who at least want collage kids to work no more than 10 hours a week & tax the rich), fix climate change by taxing the rich, fix the infrastructure by taxing the rich, fix income inequality by taxing the rich, Fix the tax code by taxing the rich,   completely eliminate illegal aliens by making everyone citizens as soon as the cross the border plus the 11-15 million that are already here, (except Webb who actually said a county need borders so again he’s done). No talk about the economy. Oh and all were calling for health care for everybody but forget to mention Obama care which guarantees health care for everybody. Interesting data point on that. So then it means that universal health care cannot be far behind if a dem get elected.  My question for the next debate would be would you keep Obama care or what proposal would you put forth as a plan that would be better?

Biden needs to get in or endorse Hillary and be done this it.  I would love to see him get in.  Hillary is weak on so many issue that Biden could really get a shot at winning the nomination if he pressed her on the issues.

Closing thought II: If the democrats do not win the White House who do they have in the bull pen for 2020?  I really can’t think of anyone except Warren?  Another big problem for the democrats

Until the next time…

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