15 January 2016

Republican National Debate 1-14-2016 // I watched so you don’t have to

The 6th republican national debate was held last night hosted by Fox Business.

I hate the opening montage in all these debates.. ”The road to the White House is getting closer as Iowa and New Hampshire draws near, who will raise to the top?” Que dramatic music with pictures of a winding road and corn fields etc…. I’m sick of it.  Just get to it and let the policy debate begin.
Fox has done the best job as moderators in the debates but they let the candidates go on sparing for too long.  The voters want policy the media want ratings.  However, as a whole every candidate did way better last night.  Even Mr. Crabs (Kasich) looked like he wanted to win
But anyway….

Trump: Stronger, not incoherent, trying to be a guy’s-guy: Trump is getting better with each debate. It’s still word salad mind you but he’s getting better. Trump did something most politicians & most on the stage with him last night would never do. Trump owned his anger. When asked about his anger instead of dodge it he flat out and said yes I’m angry. I’m angry about how poorly the country is run, I’m angry that 10 American sailors were held at gun point by the Iranians and Obama did nothing, I’m angry that America is losing.  That may have sealed the deal with a lot of voters republicans, independent  democratic alike that feel the same way. Trump won on the “discussion” with Cruz regarding Cruz’s use of Trump having “New York values” as a bad thing.  Trump invoked 9/11 as showing the strength and values of NY which is an untouchable subject with America. Advantage Trump.  Trump did push the Cruz birther issue. Where he’s saying Cruz can’t be president because he was born to an American mother on foreign soil. Cruz destroyed this and really shut down Trump.  Trump said if I pick you as my VP your birth question could be a problem?  Swing and a miss for Trump.  I am really starting to think Trump could be the nominee.  It’s hard to see where Trump can lose unless Cruz catches fire sometime around superTuesday (March 1st) it’s going to be Trump. 

Bush: Awkward, still rehearsed, not comfortable but better: Bush tried to invoke Reagan yesterday when he asked if we are better now than we were 8 years ago? No I’m not, but you’re not running against Obama you’re going to be running against Hillary or as I like to call her prisoner 11271.  Bush acted like he was just told right before the debate that he had 90 seconds to answer not 60 seconds.  He was like oh I still got more time but I’m not sure what to say.  Bush is getting better in his performance and this was by far his best debate and it will help him in New Hampshire but his time has passed.  Bush did the best thing when he said we have a socialist and a person under FBI investigation on the democratic side.  Great, It’s time the republicans start calling out  dems other than Obama. Maybe Bush is a policy guy who just can’t debate well but I didn’t see it last night.  Bush is fighting for 4th or 5th place at this point and he may go into the convention just to mess things up for Cruz or Trump.  I don’t support him and neither should you.

Carson: Place holder, nice guy:  Carson will slowly fade to the undercard then drop even if he finishes well in Iowa.  It’s clearly not his time.  He can’t keep saying when asked what would you do questions, by telling us I would ask these guys this and those guys that, then do this.  It just doesn’t come off as leadership. I’m starting to ask why?  Which is bad because I’m sure I’m not the only one asking that after last night.  He’s just there. 

Cruz: Strong, steady: Cruz is the number 2 guy in this race which makes him a target from all sides. Trump tried and failed to raise questions about Cruz’s ability to be president because he was born to an American mother in Canada. But Cruz failed in the NY values tact so he’ll drop that line as soon as Iowa is over. Cruz proved he is the best debater on the stage and would do very well against Hillary or Burnie. Rubio and Cruz got into it over who voted for what while in the senate but at least Cruz still voted in the senate while Rubio just stopped voting altogether. Cruz showed a more personable side by making jokes in a way that did not look rehearsed or stiff in anyway like Bush does for example.  Cruz pushed his flat tax plan of 10% which on the surface sounds great but I think would be extremely hard to pass in congress.  I truly feel the establishment on both sides fears a Cruz presidency, but I’m not sure if he would take a VP slot to Trump but he might.  Cruz has the closest shot at beating Trump if and only if Trump starts to fade or people actually start listening to what Trump is saying.  His immigration and tax policies are strong. Him debating skills are first rate. The establishment fears him and what he can do to their power structure, and he believes in the rule of law and the Constitution.  He would make a good president.

Rubio: Strong, Confidant, fast talker yesterday:  Rubio went with strength yesterday over optimism and I did not like that.  Rubio is at his best when he is showing how much he loves this country.  Yesterday Rubio did very well and I don’t see him faltering in the polls. However, you can tell he’s worried about Cruz.  Rubio took it to Hillary by saying she should be disqualified to run for president on her email scandal alone.  I loved that. Finally somebody is calling out Hillary.  Seemed like Rubio was running against Obama and Hillary at the same time.  Obama this and Obama that is all nice but how are you going to be different than prisoner 11271?  He stood up for the 2nd amendment very well but in a republican debate that’s not hard to do.  Rubio would make a good president and I still like him.  But slow down Marco lower your voice and take me with you to the shinning city on the hill.  We have a great shot at winning the White House, your youth is an asset, but don’t let your youth be over shadowed by prisoner 11271’s experience. In it for the long run

Kasich or Mr. Crabs: Again with the hands.  Mr. Crabs went back to telling us he was in Washington. Yeah I was in Washington during the cold war? I was in Washington, did I tell you I was in Washington, well I was in Washington oh and I’m the governor of Ohio.  Who cares? Not me that’s for sure.  Maybe in it to the convention but if he is in that long he shouldn’t be.

Christie: Firm, relaxed, comfortable:  Christie is trying to be an Washington outsider who can get things done. Christie still talks directly to the camera which I like and he tries to come off as normal in the middle of all these “politicians” and he is the only seated governor still in the race.  But my guess is after super Tuesday he won’t have the money to stay in it.  Look for him to have a small blip in the east but a decline after. 

It is a Trump, Cruz and Rubio race now.

Big Winners: Cruz
Winner: Christie, Rubio, Bush, Trump
Loser: Mr. Crabs, Carson

Illinois Primary is March 15th  

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