09 January 2012

Saturday & Sunday (1-7/8-2012) ABC NEWS Republican Presidential Debate // Analysis // I'll watch so you don’t have to

ABC & NBC NEWS Republican Presidential Debate…Hey let’s play 2 today!!

I watched both the ABC & NBC debates and it almost killed me.  I wasn’t going to analysis the NBC debate but after watching  it, I’m glad it did.  If for no other reason than to prove the blatant media bias.
On the one hand it’s good practice for the candidates because it was basically them debating against the Obama administration.  On the other hand it showed that without a shadow of a doubt the main stream media is completely in the back pocket of Obama.  The moderators for ABC were completely incompetent with their questions, to the point that several of the candidates had to stop and ask “what are you trying to ask me?” It was that bad.  Diane Saywer really does not know if she is on foot or horseback, and George Stephanopoulos is a Obama hack that is second only to David Gregory in their love for all things liberal.   Both of these debates were so bad that I really am struggling to write anything productive.   The problem with both of these debates was that the moderators were not even trying to generate any substantive  answers.  The NBC’s David Gregory spent the first 20 minutes of the debate trying to goat the other candidates to bash Mitt.   In addition, the ABC questions were either incoherent or just incorrect as when Stephanopoulos said that Mitt gave 2 answers to the same question in an effort to try to pin him as a flip flopper which in that case Mitt was clearly not.

I’ll keep this short because of the above reasons…

Newt Gingrich
Newt was fine for both debates. He’d tried to hit Mitt but he had little success. Newt as usual is the only candidate to call out the moderators for the hypocrisy of the questioning.   The NBS questions were pushing hard on what kind of pain will you inflict on the public with your cuts.  Newt retorted with why don’t you ask about cutting the fraud and over spending first then talk about the pain.
Newt also correctly pointed out to all that everybody in the opposing party wants that President to be a one termer.  It’s a no brainer that you want the other guy to voted out as soon as possible.  The media and the democrats hate the fact that republicans only want Obama to have one term and have openly said that.  It’s the media and the Democrats that don’t get it and Newt is only happy to point this out. NBC kept asking about what pain will you be inflicting on the public.  In other words the Republicans will only bring pain to the public, it’s really sad when you think about it.

Jon Huntsman Jr.
My only issue with Huntsman is trying to find a comparison of him from pop culture.  This time after watching Huntsman all I can think about was him with a lab coat on portraying every scientist from every Sifi movie of the late 60’s early 70’s.  Look at him again and you’ll see what I mean.

Ron Paul
I don’t know how you can look at Paul and see a serious candidate?  Paul is very proud saying he is against everything to do with spending except earmarks for his district just as Santorum is great calling out Paul for proposing something like 700 bills with only getting 2 or 3 passing.  You may like Paul but if you really think about it Paul will be more divisive than Obama in actually getting anything passed.
No one will want to work with Paul.  My problem with Paul is that he will never rule out a 3rd party run if he does not win the nomination.  This will ensure a Obama victory which I think Paul will equate to a Ron Paul I told you so for not nominating me in the first place.

Rick Perry
Perry received the fewest questions of both debates.  However, Perry had a great retort to Gregory’s question regarding what pain will you inflict on the public by cutting programs.  Perry was happy to go back to his brain fart moment by correctly naming all 3 things he would cut, The Dept Edu, Energy, & Commerce.  Perry is trying to stick to his policy plans and truly being a Washington outsider compared to the other candidates.    It may be too little too late for Perry but he will continue to give it his best shot.

Mitt Romney
Mitt is trying to position himself as the Cincinnatus of the field (Google it).  Mitt’s not a career politician, he’s just a man who is stepping into the Presidency for 2 terms only to step down when his time is over.  Just ask him and he’ll tell you.  He does have this whole debate thing down.  He is very good at bringing all the arguments back to the failure of Obama. He spoke well of the importance of this election in the history of the country and  the choice of which direction this country is headed.  Do we want to be a country of freedom and liberty?  Or do we want a European style Socialist version of the country that Obama is trying to transform America into?  There was no winner of these debates because they sucked so much but Mitt did stay above the rest. 

Rick Santorum
Okay I totally counted Santorum out and I was wrong to do so.  His leg work in Iowa won him a second place finish to Mitt.  Some of our confederates have even gone as far as endorse him as the only true conservative in the field.  While others have called him another big government loving Bush clone.  Santorum is a strong debater with solid answers for both his foreign and domestic policies.  I’m not sure if I like his tax plan that favors manufacturing companies over other corporations but any tax cut is a good tax cut.   NBC tried unsuccessfully to hammer Santorum regarding Gay rights to the point that a question came up asking what would he do if his son told him he was gay?  A question that no one would ever ask Obama, ever.  Santorum simply replied that I would love him just as much as the second before he told me.  Completely taking away any stupid follow ups from the NBC boneheads.  Time will tell if the momentum Santorum gathered from Iowa will carry into super Tuesday.  But it’s nice that Santorum will receive a second look from the voters.

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