21 January 2012

Thursday's (1-19-2012) CNN NEWS - FINAL FOUR - Republican Presidential Debate // Analysis // I'll watch so you don’t have to

CNN NEWS - FINAL FOUR - Republican Presidential Debate

As debates go this was to that bad.  However, with the experience of watching many, many, many, of these debates I’m starting to notice that the NBC/ABC/CNN debates focused mainly on getting the candidates to fight amongst themselves rather than focusing on Obama’s record or the state of the economy.  Fortunately it’s the candidates who manage to bring to topic back to the real issues.  CNN used a single moderator that really didn’t ask anything of substance.  He focused mostly trying to get the candidates to comment on each other’s attack adds instead of questions on issues.
The only real questions came from the audience and that was limited to 3 total. 

And away we go…

Newt Gingrich
Not a good week to be Newt.  However, Newt blasted with both barrels the CNN moderator on the allegations from Newt ex wife being the first question in a Presidential debate. Other candidates are jumping on Newt calling him scattered brained, too many ideas at one time and lack of focus. I’ll tell you I’ve been watching these from the beginning and frankly I don’t see this.  Newt is on target, focused, and is the best at articulating ideas than any other candidate on the stage.  Newt’s problem is that the media portrays him as either happy Newt which they try to make him seem like a braggart or angry Newt who is unpredictable and extreme.  If Newt sticks to being a proponent and champion of conservative ideas he may still have a chance.

Ron Paul
Okay I’m going to say something I thought I’d never say.  Ron Paul had a great answer that I agreed with last night.  The moderator asked Paul his thoughts about Apple who employs 500K people overseas (Apple employs the contract manufacture Foxconn to do their builds they are not Apple employees but I digress) If he thought they should move these production jobs to America.  Paul correctly stated that if you do that your $100 phone will then cost you a $1000.  So by keeping the production overseas Apple is save the consumer $900 right off the bat. Great answer.  But I still very much dislike Ron Paul.  More on him in my final thought

Mitt Romney
Mitt’s poor debate performance of earlier this week was fully erased last night.  Mitt was the guy who always managed to bring it back to Obama failures.  Mitt’s tax returns were still a topic, but that will quickly go away once he releases it.   At that point the Democrats will pounce and even the republicans will try to hit Mitt as being out of touch with the common man because of his wealth. However, Mitt also correctly defended this success and noted it was funny that at a Republican debate a person has to defend his own success.  Mitts biggest problem going forward in the primary and if he becomes the nominee is simultaneously defending Romney Care as great for the state of Massachusetts and trying to fight Obama Care as bad for the nation. Santorum caught Mitt in this trap last night and Mitt struggled to dig himself out.  If Obama focuses solely on Romney Care as being the model of Obama Care Mitt may not stand a chance.

Rick Santorum
Rick had his best debate last night.  He nailed Mitt on both taxes and Romney Care.  Santorum is positioning himself as the middle class guy who is fighting for all America.  He played to the SC crowd and touted his voting record and his prolife stance.  Paul hit back Santorum on being for big Government spending.  Paul hit Santorum on voting against right to work legislation when he was a Senator but now he supports it on the nation level.  Santorum really does not have much of a retort about this other then saying it was a mistake.  Santorum could hold his own against Obama If and that’s a big if he get the chance to run as the nominee. 

Final thought
After watching a lot of these debates I have noticed one thing.  Mitt Romney never attack’s Ron Paul and Ron Paul never attack’s Mitt Romney.
I wonder why this is? Given that these debates are going to be twice a week for the next few weeks.   I’m going to base my analysis on which one has the better content.  Sorry but it’s getting to be too much even for me.  Next week I’m going to focus on the State of the Union.  If something BIG happens I’ll update you at that time.

More next time

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