24 January 2012

Republican Presidential Debate Full Analysis / Monday (1-23-2012) NBC NEWS - FINAL FOUR - // I'll watch so you don’t have to

NBC NEWS - FINAL FOUR - Republican Presidential Debate

Brian Williams had a goal last night.  His goal was to provoke the candidates to fight among themselves rather than focus the debate on Obama.
Williams succeeded.  I’ve watch all of the debates so far and I have to say the FOX News debates are by far the best.  FOX has the best content in regards to the candidates policies and visions for the country.   ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN seem only concerned with infighting and trying to label the Republicans and anti everything. Williams devoted a great amount of time asking a candidate what he thought about the other candidate.  It was left to Mitt to basically stop the debate and refocus it back to Obama.  One good thing that happened last night is that NBC did not allow cheering after answers.  Good move and it changed the debate dynamics for the positive in my opinion.

But I digress…

Newt Gingrich
Take away the applause and you take away some of Newt’s power.  Without the audience approval of everything Newt said he was just a guy on the stage.  Newt was hit hard for his time with Freddy Mac.  The exchange between Mitt and Newt on this topic was clearly frustrating Newt to the point that he had to pause collect his thoughts before he could reply.  In my opinion Newt is going to have a harder time spinning his “role” at Freddy Mac then Mitt is with his tax issue.  Last night proved that Newt has weaknesses that he needs to address if he wants to stand toe to toe with Mitt.
Ron Paul
Paul was marginalized last night.  The Moderator went out of his way to only ask Paul questions regarding the Fed or monetary issues.  When the topic was foreign policy Williams went down the line for comments regarding Iran except Paul. In my opinion the media wants to keep Paul in the race. Paul’s only comment about Iran was that America is provoking Iran and it would be our fault if Iran became aggressive. Paul has a clear blame America first policy that rivals Obama and NBC did not want the public to see this last night.

Mitt Romney
If Mitt debated like last night for all the prior debates he would be pulling way more than the 20+%.  Mitt proved that he could more than hold his own in a debate against Obama.  Mitt hammered Newt last night, he never lost his cool and countered Newt at every turn.  Mitt finally showed that he knows what he’s talking about and not just reciting 30 second talking points.   If Mitt does a better job at explaining capitalism and that he earned his money though the freedoms and liberty granted by the Constitution.   Mitt has a very strong chance at sealing the nomination.

Rick Santorum
Rick is positioning himself as the other conservative on the stage. The anti-anti-anti candidate. He’s not Newt because he was against cap & trade.  He’s not Mitt because he was against the individual mandate.  And he’s Paul because he’s not crazy. However,  I think the public does not want a default candidate.  Rick is pulling more than Paul at this point but it may just come down to money.  But I would have absolutely no problem with a Security of State Rick Santorum

Final thought
Without Mitt redirecting the focus back to Obama from time to time one could almost forget who the sitting President is.  The media has a clear agenda of supporting Obama.  And the media is doing everything possible to cover for him.  It’s going to up to the candidates to keep the spotlight on Obama.

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