12 December 2011

Saturday's (12-10-2011) ABC Republican Presidential Debate // Analysis // I'll watch so you don’t have to

ABC Republican Presidential Debate

This was not a debate in the classic form in my opinion this was a 2hr interview by ABC.
I did not like this debate for a few reasons.
First;  Did Diane Sawyer has a stroke recently?  I’m just asking because her left eye was drooping  and she was asking the dumbest questions I have ever heard.
Secondly;  The moderators felt compelled to set up every question with their wisdom before getting to the questions.  Just get to it.  Ask the questions and let the candidates have the time to answer.
Also, the moderators spend a lot of time trying to get the candidates to fight among themselves. They tried to goat the candidates to comment on the others response to generate infighting.  Most candidates did have their war faces on but this was not very productive in my opinion.  Newt must be the front runner because a good hour of the debate was spent trying to destroy him.
Oh and I almost forgot,  when the candidates mentioned their spouses ABC felt the need to put them on camera like it was the Oscars or something.  A totally unnecessary time waster if you ask me.

Michelle Bachmann
Great debate for her.  Bachmann like the other candidates catered their answers directly to the Iowan voters.  There was a lot of “this is why you should vote for me” in her answers.
She stayed consistent in her stance that she is the only true conservative on the stage.  She coined the term  “Newt Romney” when she successfully connected Newt and Mitt in being for a health care mandate before they were against it.  This is an important point that should not be overlooked.  And it will be a sticking point for “Newt Romney” for the remainder of the Republican primary and the general election if one of them makes it that far.  Bachmann stayed consistent in that she has fought against Obama Care, Tarp, the Stimulus and most of the Obama agenda.  But so can most of the candidates up on the stage. She also channeled Herman Cain’s 999 plan to Bachmann’s new win, win, win plan.  Why???? Not really sure about that one.   This may work to give her a strong showing in Iowa but it may not be enough to win the nomination. 

Newt Gingrich
One thing that 3 failed marriages has given Newt is a thick skin.  The closer we are getting to people actually casting votes the harder the media created front runners will be hit (except Mitt, notice how Mitt has not been bashed by anyone in the media? I find that very interesting)   This was no exception on Saturday night.  Newt was hit from all angles from being a Washington insider, to taking money from Freddy and Fanny, being for the individual mandate before he was against it. But he managed to deflect these attacks better than most.  Newt has confidence and strength that is appealing to voters.  He always has an answers to any criticism put forth by the moderators or the other candidates. Newt  does have bold ideas the get America back on track. However, if elected he may have to spend a great deal of time explaining these ideas after the fact.  But we do need to remember a few things about Newt.  He did figure out how to simultaneously work with Clinton on balancing the budget (which has not been done since) while stopping Hillary Care at the same time.  No other republican on that stage can say that. 

Ron Paul
The Ron Paul continues to nip about the edges of reality.  People like his economic policies and plain talk about all the Washington problems. The Paul cult follows him from debate to debate to fill the audience with applause at his every word.  But Paul’s true feelings always come out when the topic turns to foreign policy. Ron Paul is not just a non-interventionist he is an isolationist.  He made several remarks about our current policies or actions were “getting us into trouble”.  Would he run his administration trying to avoid anything that would “get us into trouble?”  Answer..yes.  A Ron Paul foreign policy would make Obama look like Reagan in comparison. Yes it would be that bad.  If Paul goes independent it will give Obama another 4 years.

Rick Perry
If Perry only started out as strong as his last 2 debates. He would be a top contender to taking Mitt out.  Perry’s problem is that he is not  smooth talking politician. However, let us not forget that Obama is a smooth talking politician and look where that has gotten us.   Perry pointed out that he is  a against  grain Republican who is not a Washington insider. He is the Anti Newt conservative who deserves a second look.  Perry pointed out that he is the only candidate who is dealing with Obama policies and is still able to create jobs.  If he wants to stay in it for the long haul Perry needs to return to Job creating results and trying to make in his words “Washington inconsequential in our lives as possible” That is a working message rings true to most republican voters.

Mitt Romney
You will hear a lot about Mitt’s $10K bet to Perry. The bet is not important.  What is important is that Mitt can be flustered to the point where his only defense is “I’ll bet you I’m right.”  Mitt’s problem is that he remained untouched throughout early debates.  Now that the heat is on him and he actually has to mount a defense he breaks easily to Perry.  Which means he’ll snap if Obama calls him out on  Romney care.  These outbursts are small and some people may not notice them, but they do show that Mitt HAS weaknesses that can be exploited by republicans and democrats alike. Do not forget this point.  If Mitt loses his cool in a debate against Obama, Mitt may not be able to recover.  Member the flop sweat from the Nixon – Kennedy debate as a example.

Rick Santorum
Solid performance from Santorum.  Not really understanding why he is not doing better in the polls? I think he loses independents with his only a 2 parent family is the key to success.  I understand the idea but the reality is something different.  Santorum does have the best and strongest policy is dealing with Iran.  He like Bachmann are calling themselves the only true and consistent conservatives on the stage.   That’s true, and in a primary where 80% of the republicans voting are conservative it could make all the difference. But in the general???? Not sure how appealing that will make him

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