06 December 2011

Saturday's (12-3-2011) Mike Huckabee Republican Presidential "Forum" // Analysis // I'll watch so you don’t have to

Saturday's Mike Huckabee Republican Presidential  "Forum".

The Forum topic was State vs. Federal power, and what is the role between the two.
Great topic given the issue’s this country faces today.
I liked the setting for this debate.  Each candidate sat alone in front of a panel of 3 Attorney Generals from 3 republican states, Oklahoma, Florida & Virginia.
Each candidate had an equal time of 11 minutes to answer the panel questions and 1 minute rap up at the end of the event.  Some did well in this format others in my opinion did not.
This forum also pointed out the vast differences between candidates who were Governors and candidates from congress.

So lets’ get right to it.

Michelle Bachmann
It’s very interesting to see that happens when she has to work past her talking points.  As an example, most candidates are like Michelle Bachmann when they call for the getting rid of the EPA.  However,  when pressed about how she would handle this she fell short.  This is a very important issue that all the cut government candidates need to address.  They need to know the practical of how to get this done AND they need to know how to handle this 2-4+ years out from there. Bachmann stumbled because coming from congress she has no practical experience how to get this done. If they don’t have a solid answer how to do this then it’s just talk in my opinion.   However, she’s not the only one with this problem. 

Herman Cain
He’s out of the race, officially listed as “Campaign Suspended”

Newt Gingrich
As predicted Newt was hit hard of his let them stay immigration policy.  This is important because the questions coming from the Attorney Generals were tactical in nature.  How are you going to get this done?  This came up a lot during the night.  Newt is a idea guy that much is clear.  And he does have tangible experience of getting policy moved through congress which is a plus. Moreover, he has studied his history and clearly understands state rights issues.  In addition, he knows the Constitution.  But will this be enough?  Newt did have a good closer when he asked the American people to work with him. In other words don’t just elect him president then sit back in your chair and say good luck with that.  Newt is asking we Americans to stay involved and keep the pressure on the Government. 
He also correctly pointed out that 8 years of Obama as President would be a disaster.  We shall see how Newt does standing fully in the spotlight now that Cain is out.

Jon Huntsman Jr
Did not participate in the forum.  To my understanding he was off filming the new season of MadMen. Okay I stole this from Comedy Central but he does look like he is an actor of MadMen.
I’ll come back to why I referenced Comedy Central later.

Ron Paul
Well this was Paul’s comfort zone. State rights, the 10th amendment,  Constitutional issues.  And if you never listened to Ron Paul you might just join the Ron Paul cult. He is calling for the states to invoke nullification of laws the states do not agree with. Paul knows what separation of powers mean, and he respects private property rights to the fullest.   However,  I want you all to fully understand Ron Paul truly believes that most if not all terrorist attacks against America are caused by America.  It’s our fault we are attacked because we have bases in lands where terrorist don’t us to.  So he’s thinks that if we pulled out of every country we would NEVER be attacked again. He feels it’s not the freedoms that America represents that the terrorist hate, it’s our policy.  He strongly feels that terrorist acts are criminal in nature.  This belief showed itself when pressed with questions regarding the 9-11 attacks.  You could tell he was really trying hard not to call these a criminal act. 
You can almost see him saying to himself on 9-11..see I told you so.  I really cannot picture him as President. If you think Obama rambles just imagine a Ron Paul press conference. OH MY GOD that would be painful.

Rick Perry
This was by far his best debate/forum for Perry.  As a governor he has 10 years of practical knowledge of how to work with and deal with the federal Government. As the Governor of Texas Perry has been successful in implementing, fighting, working around and dealing with mandates, laws, regulations and the craziness that is the federal government. He clearly understand states rights and the role of the states within the federal government. I liked the fact he carries a copy of the Constitution in his pocket.  I bet Obama doesn’t even have a copy of the Constitution anywhere near him. Perry looked comfortable and confident in his answers.  I am also confident that Perry would know how to get the states behind him in order to move his policy forward.  Whereas 1 minute answers work well for Mitt and others. This longer format suited Perry well.  Look for him to have a stronger showing in the upcoming debates.

Mitt Romney
Mitt like Perry has experience as a Governor, so he knows how to deal with and work with Washington.  He argues like most of the candidates that most of the federal programs should go back to the states.  Mitt played it safe in this forum, he sat crossed legged and comfortable.  Not much new from him

Rick Santorum
Rick is running as a family values candidate.    But with Santorum, Paul & Bachmann the differences between a candidate from Congress and Candidate Governor becomes very clear. All they can do is say I voted for this or I was the first to vote for that. Or I helped write this legislation or I helped  sponsored this bill.  But that is the extent of the experience, it stops there.  It’s the Governors down at the practical level who have to deal with these issues and try to make them work for the state. However, I fully understand that Carter was a Governor, and at this point only second to Obama as history’s worst President.   Rick’s a good guy but without a strong showing in any of the upcoming primaries Rick will remain second to third tier.

The Dept of Education does not educate children that is handled to the local level. The Dept of Energy does not produce energy it restricts it. The Dept of Agriculture does not grow anything it, restricts it.  Most if not all of these departments can and should be either eliminated or handled at the state level  and all of the Republican candidates know this and they will actively work to achieve this goal.  Further, the Republicans and in my opinion most of the country understand that the federal government is completely out of control with spending & borrowing more so they can spend more.

Obama and the democrats fully embrace spending and growing of the Government.  Moreover Obama does not want to cut or reduce ANYTHING! Never forget that. 

Now to discredit the whole process Trump is hosting future debate.  WTF? Watch for Comedy Central via Jon Steward to try to host a debate as a counter to Trumps stupidity.

Only in America.

More next time

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