06 December 2011

What if Obama wins?

I’ve been thinking about this for some time now.
This is without a doubt the most important election of our life time.
This next election will chart America’s course for the next decade.
You think I’m kidding…well I’m not! This is about as serious as it gets.

There has been a lot of talk about the republican candidates lately but not for the right reasons.
This one’s religion is a issue.    That one has divorced several time over.    This one can’t get their history straight.    That one has a memory problem.
Put that all aside and forget it and let me refocus you back to the issue at hand.
The only thing you need to know is, can this person govern?
If you dropped this republican into office right now could they lead the country.
Because whomever takes over for Obama will have one of the biggest shit sandwich’s America ever had to eat.
And we need to know the person we elect can handle the job.

We know Obama is incapable of this kind of leadership.     We know that Obama’s so called leadership fell apart as soon as he lost the majority in Congress?
Leadership means you can still get things done even when the people around you do not agree with you.     Obama has shown that he has no clue how to do this.    Lincoln knew how to do this, Reagan knew how to do this…hell even Bush was capable enough to get things passed without a full majority.     And the smartest man ever to hold the office of President, Mr. Obama? Answer NO!

Did he pen his health care bill…NO
Did he write his stimulus bill….NO
The only thing Obama did write was his proposed budget that was so terrible that the entire Senate, Republicans and Democrats voted against it.
Obama calls a debt commission to get answers on the massive debt he helped create, then blows off the findings.    He agree to a super committee then goes on vacation and a tour of Asia so he can call Americans lazy.
Comes back and tells everyone that Congress doesn’t know how to do its job and they can get nothing done without him. 
To quote Chris Christie “What the hell are we paying you for?”     That’s a very good question?

Remove your feelings from the cult of personality that is Obama, and look around at the facts.     Every policy and law that Obama put into place has FAILED.      We don’t have to guess anymore “I wonder what would happen if we elected Obama?”     This is NOT a theoretical exercise anymore.      This is a practical example of a liberal spend and tax version of America.

And quite frankly Obama’s version of America sucks.

So what would happen if Obama wins in 2012?
Well I know the Sun would still rise in the east and set in the west.
America will still be a country….but in name only.
The America we grew up with will get that much closer to being a memory.

Electing Obama in 2012 will solidify Obama care for all time.
If for no other reason you vote against Obama it would be to stop Obama care.
But there is hope, not the intangible mist of hope that Obama was pushing.

I’m talking real hope for the future that true action brings about.     The hope that millions of Americans gave us in the 2010 elections that removed Nancy Pelosi from power and pushed Harry Reid back on his heels.

Yes a storm is coming my friends.     The American people are now wide awake and Obama and the Democrats and know this. 
I myself cannot wait to Vote in 2012.    I want to be the first person in the voting booth to start the pebble that turns into the avalanche that sweeps Obama out of office.

America Prevails

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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