05 September 2009

Newly released excerpts from Obama's speech to school children on Sept 8th.

As the Information Minister I am privy to the Overlords speech to the school children on Sept 8th. There may be some changes but here is just a small sample of the talking points.

"Live within your means children and do not spend more then you make.
Ask nothing from the Government but to stay out of your way.
The money you earn does not belong to the Government it belongs to you.
You have the right to protest as you see fit under the law.
If children you decide to go into the business world. Go in knowing you have the full support of the President.

Let me also set the record straight, PROFIT is not a dirty word. Its ok to succeed in this country and school is your ticket to that success. If you work hard in school and you find a job you like, you may one day become an executive and even fly in your own private jet.

Children to underline my support for big business, let me be clear once and for all. Capitalism, free market solutions and tax cuts are the best way out of the current economic condition we now face.

The success of this country is based on the success of the individual. Its up to you to chart your own course. Its not for the Government to decide what level of success the individual may obtain. There is no such thing as the evil rich. Remember children it should never be acceptable for the Government to tell its citizens you have had too much success, its time for somebody else to have a chance just to be fair.

And lastly children stay in school and work hard so you will never have to live off the Government.

This message was brought to you by the letter "A" and the letter "D". "A" as in Anything to improve my poll ratings, and "D" as in desperate to get anything passed.

And the number "46" and "0". As in Obama's current approval ratings, and "0" as in zero chances of getting Universal Health Care passed.

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition


SSG_E said...

I wish Obama really would give that speech. There is probably a better chance of hell freezing over.

Nadmenny Millicent said...

One can dream. The school my kids go to is not showing the video.