11 September 2009

Another Breaking point, Cross Roads, Mile Stone moment speech from the Overlord....again

Is it just me or does this guy sound like a broken record? I was conferring with my Chief Economic Advisor after another "HOPE HUG" intent speech with no results from our glorious leader Obama. When it came to me that I'm sick of Obama. I'm sick of the talk about personal responsibility to school children one day and the very next day a speech about that only a Government option will solve the health care issue.

Correct me if I'm wrong but did I miss where Obama mentioned which bill he was endorsing with his grandiose plans of Utopia? You know where he said that everybody will be covered, every medical issue will be covered, no costs will increase, there will be no caps on coverage, nobody will be dropped from their coverage, nobody will be denied coverage, the Government will never get in between you and your doctor, no illegal aliens, no money for abortions, this will not cost the taxpayers a penny and not increase the deficit or he will not sigh it plan. That Utopian plan.

Finding another place to quote Star Wars, I'll correctly reference Episode III when Senator Amidala said "So this is how liberty dies, to thunderous applause", hat tip to a senior advisor to make sure I had the correct episode this time.

What planet is this guy from? Who does he think he's fooling? I mean really.

I will only comment on Joe Wilson's statement in as much as he was only saying what every one was thinking. And I'll leave it at that. I do not want to detract from the fact that after over a 120 speeches regarding health care Obama has yet to submit a plan. His plan. Just broad ideas wrapped in sugar.

Obama feels that the time for debate is over. Really? Why is he so upset when people take a measured approach to a issue? Is Obama the only person in the country who can study an issue from all angles before deciding the right course of action. Is the rest of the country incorrect in asking for time to do the right thing. No the time for action is NOW! Don't think, don't ask, just trust in Obama. Get it? Obama does not like free thinking individuals who believe in the Constitution. Obama does not like the fact that the Constitution limits the Government's power. He cannot understand that checks and balances are in place for a reason. Obama does not like that normal citizens know more about the bill then he does. Obama trusts only in the non thinking drone masses to obey him. Ever wonder why Obama only speaks at Union halls and rally's. Well now you know why.

Free thought and liberty are Obama's enemy. The arrogants of Obama is that he gets mad when people dare question him. The american people have clearly question him and his ability to lead and team Obama is not happy.

Which brings me back to his speech. If Obama was such a great leader he should have laid out his vision at the beginning of this process not at the end. If he truly wanted Republican input why did the White House shut the door on them back in April?
Again his lack of experience is showing.

The most telling line in Obama's speech is when he said that "There are a few details that still need to be worked out" if you noticed there was laughter coming from both side of the chamber. This laughter translates to what ever I just said did not mean a damn thing. That laughter from both side completely discounted Obama.
Why because when it comes to a bill like and all bills for that matter the devil is in the details, and a flowery "HOPE HUG" speech will not change this.
Remember the 9000 earmarks in the bill that Obama signed after he said he would not sign any more bills with earmarks in them. Those kind of details.

Then there was the let's do it for Teddy guilt trip he tried on the American public at the end of the speech. Too little too late.
Were on to you now Obama and the smoke and mirrors are not working anymore.

The best thing that can come from this disaster that is Obama is that now he's making a record for himself. That record clearly shows nothing but massive spending and Government take over of everything he gets his hands on. How will taking over health care be any different? Oh I know just because he said so. In Obama we trust...in Obama we trust. Obama can no longer blame anybody else. He has to stand on his own merit just like everybody else. The water walker is getting wet. The news of his 12 trillion dollar deficit should kill this bill.
The month of August alone the deficit alone grew $111.4 billion. Thanks to Obama.
This must not pass. This must fail. That's right I said must fail.

There are better options then this massive take over of your health care. Just removing the barriers so that insurance companies can compete across state lines would increase competition exponentially without the need for a public option.
In addition, allowing citizens to deduct their medical insurance expenses would be a great benefit to many and tax credits to those who need assistance would be useful as well.
Duh, a no brainier low cost free market solution.
This is just one among many other ideas currently being ignored by Mr I'm open to all ideas as long as they come from me Obama.

Obama would be better served by resigning to travel around the world making speeches with Al Gore. More effective but less dangerous to our country. Following the model of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

Oh and I hear that the grand leader the Overlord will be making another speech on how he saved the America next week. Starting to notice a pattern??

America Prevails

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition


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