16 September 2009

The Information Minister announces the new Fall lineup on Obama TV

Given the media blitz that Obama is desperately pursuing in order to get somebody, anybody to buy this pile of crap that is Obama care. As Information Minister I would like to announce the New fall line up on Obama TV

This season On Must Cover Everyone TV

Tonight on a very special Blossom Obama discusses the fact the abortions will not be covered however, Obama cannot say which bill he is talking about. Leaving room for a part 2.

NCIS Obama.
Obama helps Gibbs solve the mystery of where the money is going to come from to pay for this. Ducky expounds the benefits of the UK Single payer system.

Obama brings back ER for a very special episode where Obama explains to Dr. Ross how he will now have to see a multitude of patients, charge less for his services and receive less reimbursement money from the Government. All without decreasing care.

This season on Big Brother...nuff said.

Survivor Season 15
The Elimination challenge is just trying to stay alive under Obama care.

"How I met your Mother...in line waiting to see a doctor"

Next week on "Two and a half men and Obama." Obama expounds the evil of the insurance companies, and that their profits are not fair and should be regulated to a modest 2%.

On the George Lopez show. Obama tells George that sorry to say the illegal aliens will not be covered under Obama care...wink wink.

"Dancing with the Stars" will now be known as "Tap Dancing around the real issues". See Obama misdirect and change the subject in order to avoid the fact the he has no clue of how to be a President.

You get the idea. Obama cannot win on substance so he's working on over exposure to make up the difference.
More Obama is not a good thing now a days.
The voting public is getting fed up with all Obama all the time. Its like they found a winning formula to get him elected and now they think this will work for everything.

Enough already!

America Prevails

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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