17 September 2009

The Information Minister Prediction comes true, Obama stops missile defense for Poland and the Czech Republic

Back in March of this year I correctly predicted that Obama would throw our strongest European allies Poland and the Czech Republic under the Bus in favor of RUSSIA.
Obama has announced that it will scrap the missile defense shield program for eastern Europe. Once again Obama proves that he clearly do not have a clue in regards to foreign policy.
As correctly stated in my "Information Minister's AKA JohnGalt1984" Posted March 9, 2009
Quote: "What really worries me is Obama's Neville Chamberlian impersonation. "Mr Peace in our" time sold out Poland and the Czech republic to cut a deal with RUSSIA. For those of you who don't know who Chamberlian is, he's the guy who signed a non aggression pack with Hitler just before Hitler started WWII. And we know that Hitler Never attacked England, right, Right. Obama threw Poland and the Czech's under the bus for RUSSIA's help with trying to "talk" Iran out of making Nuclear bombs. Bush made deals with these two formally strong allies for missile defense against a Russian threat."
Welcome to the wakened United Stated.
Let's see...Nationalized everything he could get his hands on, Government run Health Care and a weak foreign policy.
Supported by Castro and the National Chair of the Communist Party.(As supported in prior postings)
Obama is clearly a Marxist or a Socialist, take your pick either way we lose.
Were on to you Obama, Bye Bye in 2012!!
America Prevails
Information Minister
Loyal Opposition
JohnGalt 1984

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