29 September 2009


Yes Comrades,
Our Glorious leader the Overlord Oba Mao is now beloved in China.
Let's Sum up, Obama is supported by the Castro brothers, Hugo Chaves, Moammar kadafi and now officially embraced by China.
What could possibly go wrong???
But NNNOOOOO he's not a Marxist or a Communist.
How could you ever think that??


Information Minister
Loyal Opposition


A Bonne Vivante said...

You should leave political analysis to those who study it.

Nadmenny Millicent said...

OK, then dazzle me with your wisdom. Or is it just you have been breathing in too much paint thinner.

JohnGalt1984 said...

And your qualified to comment how??
By your profile your about as qualified as a community organizer is to be President.
But please tell us where were wrong? Tell us how Nationalizing everything the Overlords touches and massive spending is not Marxist?
Please tell us where or how were wrong? Then tell us how you think Global warning is real?
Go on now...go on.

Nadmenny Millicent said...

I can't just let this be. I guess you are our Canadian visitor from yesterday. My question is what are you basing this on? These pictures or have you taken the time to read our articles? The answer is you are only basing your comment on the pictures. Looking at our analytics you spent no time on the site. Maybe YOU should study before commenting.

Oh, hows your health-care working out for you? As of now no lines, no waiting here.