22 July 2009

Obama's Lower to Equalize method of Universal Health Care

I know I have been flipping out over the Overlords actions lately. But this health care issue is out of control, two things have come to light that I want you to pay attention too.

First if passed as is they will block private insurers from accepting any new policies. Moreover, that means if you have children or if you get married it will be against the law to add them to your policy. Thus forcing more and more people into the Government option. Second the Democrats want to eliminate the Health Saving accounts, the pre tax account used by millions of people to put pre tax dollars aside for medical bills or procedures. If you hear Obama say your coverage will not change or you get to keep your policy that is a BOLD FACE LIE!!!!
Obama was quoted by Investors Business Daily that he was "not Familiar with that provision of the bill" Either he's lieing or he has not read the bill. You pick which you believe.

Remember lower to equalize.
That's the only way to pay for this.

Insurance companies will be unable to survive under these conditions. How could they? These companies will not be able to stay in business given the restrictions under this bill. The Overlord is now saying its every citizens right to health care in America. Wwwwhhhuuuttt?? I know the Bill of Rights and trust me its not in there.

Here is another 1000 page bill that nobody will read!!! Here is another bill that we need passed right now, oh my God we need this now or the planet will stop spinning. We do not have time to read this just vote yes and trust us and spend, spend, spend. Here is another "Cross roads" moment on top of all the other "Cross roads" moments.
Aren't they running out of cross roads?

On top of this team Obama is now claiming that their Stimulus Bill you'll remember was a another "Cross Roads" moment that we needed right now, was never really meant to work right now but its really going to hit in 2-3 years.

Lower to equalize.
That's the Obama way.

What makes me mad is that the Constitution was written so that the Government takes it time in its decisions. We've all heard the term used "checks & balances", well what does that mean? It all relates to power. And before you call up a Bush reference forget it he's out of office get over it! Anyway, these checks and balances are in place to prevent such the power grab that Obama is trying. This Government was formed to take its time with measured replies. One such example would be, TAKE YOUR TIME AND READ THE ENTIRE BILL, COVER TO COVER!!! That's the check. DISCUSS THE BILL IN OPEN CHAMBERS and VOTE UP OR DOWN. That's the balance. Obama version of checks and balances is he take part of you check and depletes your balance.

You know what's this all leads to...."HOPE HUGS SPEECH TIME"!! Obama will do what he does best, bla, bla, bla into the hearts and minds of the shrinking amount of the population who stills buys this crap.
Intent with no results...again.

FUN FACT #1 Jimmy Carter was more popular then Obama at the same time in their administrations.

What I'm getting at is that the statute of limitations of balming Bush has expired. The historic implications of the Obama election is over. The warm fuzzy of beating a Republican has warn off. Leaving the realities of the systematic nationalization of the private sector of this country. Unemployment on a steady rise. Taxes going up and up and up. Salaries will decrease. The only growth taking place is the growing deficit. And spending with no results.

FUN FACT#2 As stated by Sam Webb the National Chair of the Communist Party USA, Obama's political approach is also in perfect harmony with that of the CPUSA.

What I'm saying is that its ok to question these things out loud, and say this is out of control and the spending has to stop. Its ok to take the blinders off and see Obama for the socialist that he is, and not like it. Its ok to vote him and his like out of office in the next elections. You will not be branded a racist, you will not be banished as anti-middle class, anti-labor, anti-little people.

You will be labeled an American.
I can live with that...can you?

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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