31 July 2009


Cash for Clunkers is wrong! Not only do we now own a part of GM, we now own a junk yard full of clunkers turned in for subsidies provided by the tax of Joe Citizen. Furthermore, in the infinite wisdom of the Government, the same one that wants to get a lot bigger using your $$$, some dumb ass decided to re calibrate the 18 mpg calculation for acceptable vehicles, and push the calculation out to the fourth decimal to be even more precise. OK, nothing wrong with being exact, I say. However, that same dumb ass released that Governmental department's results AFTER the start of the Cash for Clunkers program. Thus, over 80 cars were classified out of the program AFTER it began, resulting in a whole lot of people being de-selected from the program when they thought they were going to be able to participate. HELLO, how about having it all figured out before you officially start offering the program to the public.

Now that I think about it even more, it sounds like the manner in which most of the Government programs are handled. Moving targets, less than optimal, and never on target! What a waste of yours and mine hard earned $$$$.

Like cocaine to an addict or honey to bees, the Cash for Clunkers program has drawn out the masses beyond the governments wildest calculations! No kidding! What do you think happens when you incent people to spend money they don't have and can't afford to be spending. So you give them the $4,500 rebate, how are they going to pay for the balance of the car? They confuse the word "sale" with the word "free". And, who's on the hook when they can't pay their debts. Oh yeah, it's the taxpayer. But, let's incent the hell out of that behavior.

The dumb asses in Washington that structured the program (giving each dealer essentially a dozen cars for the program) weren't even close on the calculations. The computer sites needed to process the requests have crashed (great infrastructure), just think what will happen when your healthcare needs are filed into the same Governmental infrastructure! Let's feed the addicts even more and triple the program to $3 billion, which is the $2 billion increase being discussed in Washington today. What the hell, what's another billion or two when the deficit is trillions. Yes, my friend, this is the real, dreaded slippery slope......

The program ran out of money after 5 days of sales. The government estimate was the money would last until the end of the program November 1st.

They are the same people you want running health care?!?

Update: heres another $2 billion hope it's enough and we will change the rules as we go on what cars qualify

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