23 July 2009

A couple of things

First the director's cut of The Watchmen is great!!!!

Second when will the people who check out this blog will start leaving comments?
Are you just scared of the truth?
Is it you wish you could take back your vote?
Is it you have no ammo to fight back with?
Or is it you are afraid of getting a great big Hope Hug?

Because I think I need a big Hope Hug.

Heath-care can wait!!
Chicago does not need the Olympics!!

Nadmenny Millicent


SSG_E said...

I sure could use a hug right now... But I will get my hugs from another source. Thanks.

I used your post about the healthcare bill on the Hooah Wife blog. I credited you of course. That's how Reasic found you. I'd say you scared him off though.

Nadmenny Millicent said...

Thanks for reading this blog and using our rants on other blogs.

Your right Reasic and others who check us out are scared to debate outside of lib sites like Huffington Post. They come here and read our posts but are afraid to comment.