29 July 2009

Another moment of Clarity from the Information Minister regarding the Universal Health Care debate

The Grand Chancellor Overlord Obama spent more time picking out a dog for his kids (4 months) then he allowed for the debate on Universal Health Care.

Something wrong with that don't you think?

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition


reasic said...

Your position is that the whole thing is crap, and should therefore be trashed, right? Coming from that viewpoint, what would you like to see accomplished through an extended period of debate on the bill?

JohnGalt1984 said...

What I demand as a tax payer is that every member READ THE WHOLE BILL!!!
You don't read it you have to vote no. Not present, not yes, it has to be a no vote.
This will as I have said before fundamentally change this nation in my opinion for the worse.
It should be debated at great length, my goodness the guy has 4 years if there is reform needed take your time and do it right.
I believe in a free market solution without Government intervention. Something along the lines of Mitt Romney's approach in Mass. For example the cash for clunkers program has 136 pages of rules and regs, and that was touted as so easy it was a no brainer. Image what a mess it will be in the government run health care system if you need a new Kidney?

The polls are showing day by day dropping support for Obama and dropping support for this bill.
Why? Well, it may be freedom fighters like myself and this site spreading the word of the debacle that is this administration.
You have fought the good fight in your responses and although I do not agree with you I respect your right to speak your mind.
But there is a reason why this is failing, it's a bad bill. I have given my stance on this in prior postings.

Information Minister.
Loyal Opposition

SSG_E said...

I don't know about the healthcare in Mass. It has been a failure from what I have read. I don't know how much of it is actually Romney's plan anymore because I am sure the Dems and other lawmakers tinkered with it since it was implemented.