25 February 2009

Deep thoughts from the loyal Opposition

After the thunderous applause dies down the Information Minister steps up to address the masses.

My fellow Americans I think I can sum up our Overlords speech last night.

None of this is my fault.
Banks are bad.
Big banks are really bad.
Business is bad.
Big business is really bad.
The government is your only hope.
Executives are bad.
Executives who live and work like executives are really bad.
If you have a private plane you should be ashamed of yourself. I guess its ok to kill that industry.
Bank Executives who share their money are good. Because money doesn't really belong to the individual it belongs to the masses.
Spending good.
Big spending really good.
Obama is willing to work with Republicans as long as they understand this is all their fault, and nothing they suggest will be considered.
Defense spending will be cut greatly.
Our taxes will cover other peoples mortgages, medical, and now collage.
NOBODY MESSES WITH CRAZY UNCLE JOE.....NOBODY!!!! Nuff said on that one.
Not one mention of drilling for domestic oil.
There is absolutely no way to get out of this without huge government intervention. Just ask Obama he'll tell you.
I'm convinced that Nancy Pelosi is the sum of all evil. That's right I said it "sum of all evil" Take that Dick Chaney haters.
She should have just stayed standing during his whole speech, it must have been tough on her joints given her age.

There are over 8000 earmark projects in the 410 billion dollar spending bill just to cover things until Obama budget comes along. Obama states he will go line by line but we'll see about that. Given his record of as the do as say not as I do administration he's running, who can say.

One has to ask the question are you the kind of person who counts on him or her self to make your own life better? Or are you the kind of person who will wait for the Government in all its glory to swoop down from high above to save you. If your the former, in the long run one can only truly count on oneself to make your life better. If your the latter, well you always have Crazy Uncle Joe.

Information Minister

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