14 February 2009


Please to note that wonderful feeling I'm sure we are all sharing this morning. Yes Comrades all our worries are over! The "Change" Train is making a stop each and every week giving us the financial freedom our Overlord promised. With crazy uncle Joe as the conductor and Obama as the Engineer with Nancy Pelosi as your ticket agent.

They are blessing us with a extra $7.69 each week. HA ZA THE SALAD DAYS ARE BACK!!!!

 I'm not sure you all understand what I mean by this.  In less then one day our government decided this final bill. In a closed door meeting mind you, how is this possible in our area of transparency like no other as Obama promised. But it happened.   I'm sure all of congress took speed reading classes as well to read a 600 page bill in one day to make the most educated decision possible.

This spending bill is a 789 Billion steaming pile of crap that was shoved in our faces. That's right I said it!! A pile of crap!!! Pelosi gets 30 million dollars for wet lands to save a mouse and we get $7.69 a week!!!  Yes this is Change we can believe in!!

Now Party Chairman and the Vice Chairman who voted for this "Change" will remember that Obama ran on and was elected on the line of every bill that comes to my desk I will take a scalpel too and cut out ALL THE EARMARKS AND PORK AND UN NESSASARY SPENDING NO MATTER WHICH PARTY IT COMES FROM.  I WILL PASS ONLY CLEAN BILLS. THE AREA OF WASTE IS OVER!!! If you all forgot this trust me he said it. Then he promised he would post which member this waste came from for all to see. Show of hands if you think this will happen. Show of hands? None? I'll continue.

 If Obama passes this Bill without doing the cutting he promised guess what fellow KoolAid drinkers (Berry Flavor) you have been had!!! That's right I said it, you have been had. I may be wrong and if I am, I am truly sorry.  But given the track record of Obama with his double talking no lobbyist but these guys. No tax cheats save for Little Timmy who fell down a well with this first showing.

What can you count on,  another sleep inducing Obama press conference.
He will sign it. The press will commend him for his leadership. Nancy will have that smug smile of victory on her face. My grandchildren will still be paying off the debt.

Comrades let us not forget there still is a housing bill and a banking bill and Obama still has to produce his own budget.  THIS YEAR!!!!

Remember,  even if this all works this debt will still be there.

Pass the Government Cheese and KoolAid (Berry Flavor) I'm done.

Thanks to the Minister of Information

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