20 February 2009

The Chicago Tea Party

My fellow Americans,
Please join me in my protest against the Tyranny being perpetrated against us by our Overlord Obama. This out of control spending must stop. America is already in debt close to 2 Trillion dollars with no end in sight, and Obama is just getting started.  Please join me in this protest. The only way we will stop is madness that we the voting public stands up and yells ENOUGH!!!!
I will display this gesture of protest proudly for all to see. I pledge to remind the KoolAid drinkers (Berry flavor)  quoting Reagan "When you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat." With our votes that is.

In less than a month the "Chosen One" will bring our national debt to over 12% of GDP much high than the 8% under Reagan.  The future does not look bright.  He is in waaaaay over his head.

America Prevails.............I hope


Anonymous said...

I think this is a great Idea!!!
I'm getting my office started in this small but stated protest of the crazyness given to us by Obama.

I challenge the rest of you to Join!!

Let me hear from the rest of you...Do you have the GUTS???

Anonymous said...

I got 8 guys in my office to join. People are starting to talk about.
Don't let this die!!!