08 February 2009

The Information Minister is calling it

Comrades,Ok I'm calling it. The economy is not doing well, there is no end in sight with the War in Iraq, Afghanistan is boiling over. Obama can't even pick a cabinet member to save his life, on the other hand he allows a tax cheat to run the IRS, he picks lobbyist for his staff even though he says he will never higher a lobbyist for his staff, he admits he screwed up, he blew off his promise to his kids about getting a dog, he still smokes, he endorsed Blago, Stroger, Daley in their last elections. Clearly this is a person who in unable to fulfill his duties as President.

Therefore I am calling for Impeachment. Or his Resignation forthwith.

I site his lack of judgment and poor judgment his biggest problems. Also he lacks a basic understanding of the ethical issues with his double standard in his appointments to his cabinet. On one hand his administration will have the highest standards of any previous administration. But on the other hand that rule holds true except for the tax cheats and lobbyist he wants. Also included is his liberal budget disguised as a Stimulus package. It has so much pork in it I could cook it at CampSwine this summer.

Enough is enough

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