09 March 2009

Information Minister's AKA JohnGalt1984

The Overlord actions baffle me however, the public's reactions baffle me even more.
"The One" states none of this is his fault and to his credit he can and should be held accountable for actions only taken on his watch. And since he voted present so many times before he was anointed I mean elected I tend to agree.

However, what Obama has done with the fire that is our Economy is to pour gasoline on it with his "Plans".   His we need this or more bad things will happen story. Why is this OK!

Nobody has ever spent this much money in the entire history of the world until now and nobody questions it. Why is this OK!

Obama is using this economic crisis to push his agenda, not really help this country. As a example I'll use his Cap and Trade plan for industries. Under his plan Obama stated that because of these new restrictions industries will have to pass this cost onto the consumer.  To a estimated $700 to $1400 per person per year. This will not only kill business but it will add to an already burdened public. All in the name of global warming.  Why is this OK!

Then we have little Timmy Geithner telling congress U.S oil and natural gas companies should not receive federal subsidies in the form of tax breaks because their businesses contribute to global warming.  Can someone remind little Timmy that global warming is a unproved myth engineered to kill non green industries. Given that they somehow missed a section of ice the size of the state of California that somehow just showed up. But nobody questions that. Why is this OK!!

And while were on the subject of Little Timmy the hypocrisy of the guy is off the charts. During his testimony to the ways and means committee Timmy stated that his office will be looking into new ways to end TAX evasion and avoidance.  TAX EVASION and AVOIDANCE!!! This comes from a self admitted tax cheat. Are you kidding me, how can this guy say these things without smiling. His first order of business should be to fire himself.  He won't because Obama came down from the mountain and anointed him.  Why is this OK!!

Even better yet the chairman of this committee is Charlie Rangle who is currently under investigation for tax evasion. That whole meeting should have a laugh track playing in the background. I'm not making this stuff up.  The press would never point this out. And nobody seems to care. Why is this OK!

What really worries me is Obama's Neville Chamberlian impersonation. "Mr Peace in our" time sold out Poland and the Czech republic to cut a deal with RUSSA. For those of you who don't know who Chamberlian is, he's the guy who signed a non aggression pack with Hitler just before Hitler started WWII. And we know that Hitler Never attacked England, right, Right.  Obama threw Poland and the Czech's under the bus for RUSSIA's help with trying to "talk" Iran out of making Nuclear bombs. Bush made deals with these two formally strong allies for missile defense against a Russian threat. As I said formally because who knows now. But I digress.
The reason this is a joke is that Obama is hoping the Russia can "talk" Iran out of making a bomb.  Sounds good on the surface right. But what genius may not realize is that Russia is selling all the nuclear material and parts to make this stuff. I'm sure Russia will make this a top priority.

      On top of this Mr Charm snubs our greatest ally England. Obama refused to hold a press conference after their first metting the other day in the White House. You know the one where they show both leaders sitting in chairs taking questions. But not Obama, that would mean he would have to share the spotlight with someone else and we all know that will never do. Also there is no teleprompter for Obama to answers questions from. Nobody seens to care.  Why is this OK!!
I bet you this one will come back to bite us at some point.

The Koolaid drinkers (Berry flavor) will say give Obama a chance. Your being to hard on him. Am I?? I don't think were being hard enough on him. Why is it ok with the voting public that he is running whole shot over the entire world. Even the Koolaid drinkers(Berry flavor) have got to start wondering when will this stop. At some point the voters must ask where and how are we going to pay for all of this. Ask yourself how is all this spending going to help you right now. Right this minute. If your taxes don't go up you will for sure be paying more in some form or another.  For reasons stated above.

 Obama is spending money that we as Americans have not even made yet. In other words the industry and the businesses have not been created yet that will start to pay back this kind of debt. What I'm have trouble believing is that I'm the only one thinking this is NOT OK!! You cannot tell me this is what you had in mind when you voted for this guy. Is this the America you wanted? My hope is that the voting public will have a "Change" of heart. My guess this change will come around tax time every year until the next century. Bush is gone. Build a bridge to nowhere and get over it! As we move into the area of our Overlord ask yourself this how long can I blame Bush for the current state of things. How long until voters realize that the current state of affairs rest squarely on Obama's shoulders. Ask yourself why is this OK!!

JohnGalt1984 AKA
Information Minister AKA
Loyal Opposition

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