31 March 2009

GM brought to you by the U.S.S.A

In another brilliant move by Team Overlord there is a bill that is going to pass setting limits for ALL employee salaries receiving money from the Government.  Yes that's right this covers ALL employees from the top positions to the bottom.  The Government will have to say on pay for the whole company which means all contracts are voided, pay can be set at what ever the Government thinks is "Fair".  Little Timmy will have this power to be used retroactively going back to when they first received any money.  This along with Little Timmy trying to apply this power and seize  any company he deams necessary for the common good, is going to destroy this country.

 If the Overlord has his way Venezuela will be more capitalist then America!

My only question is does this apply to the Auto industry in regards to the UAW.  My guess is no. But this dispensation may not last forever.  I give it a few weeks before the Overlord starts firing executives in banks or other companies with no end in sight.

Call me crazy but in my estimation this is SOCIALISM!!! The Government control of private business, from who is fired or to how much a employee can make or what they produce. Now comrade you tell me what's your definition Socialism if this isn't.

Tell me where I'm wrong? Or tell me is this the America you want? One may say serves them right these people are evil, they deserve what ever they get for what ever they did. No this is not alright!! This must stop!!!

America was founded on the individual success of its citizens.  Competition drives this success.  America was founded on freedom.  Society gives this freedom to the individual to succeed or fail on their own merits.  What the Overlord Obama is doing is throwing this foundation out the window and recreating America into his own misguided image.

The United Socialist States of America
Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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