17 March 2009

Get the Pitchforks

In the last few day the country driven by our Overlord is  calling for the heads of the people who received Bonuses in AIG. Outrage was used, one Dem senator even suggested that these people kill themselves for such a brazen act. Senator Chris Dodd amongst the loudest.  The problem with this is that Chris Dodd added a amendment to the Stimulus package with the "Exception for contractually obligated bonuses agreed on before Feb 11, 2009." The Overlord signed this bill into LAW. Now they have the gall to say they are outraged. This is the problem with the on-the-job- training that Obama is getting running this country. First the money is given with no strings attached and these very bonuses that has lead to armed guards protecting the AIG employees because of the death threats. Was added, amended and signed into law by the same people.

Least us not forget that Little Timmy was head of the New York Fed who oversaw how this money was to paid out. So he knew this was going to happen. This proves that Obama never read the Stimulus Bill before he signed it. Before you go and blame Bush for this remember that once Obama signed this Bill this economy became his. My guess the media will over look this little fact in reporting on this issue. My question is, Obama is head hunting over less the 190 million wanting full accountability. And make no mistake people will lose their jobs over this. My questions is why is there not the same accountability on the Government when they spend a Trillion dollars of our money? I have a idea if these clowns spend our money irresponsibly fire them and give our money back. This administration that is out of control. Now they want to tax this bonus at a 100% if they don't give it back! This must stop!
Who still does not think we are moving into a socialist country. When the Government targets individual citizens because of the money they make I fear for the future of our country.
Atlas Shrugged.

Comrade Citizen,
Information Minister,
and Loyal Opposition

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