17 December 2009

Obama and the Total collapse of the American Economic system, that we need to spend our way out of to fix. Or Health Care is Obama's version of Bush's Mission Accomplished

"May you live in interesting times"

Yes Obama speaks the truth, we are now experiencing the worst economic conditions since the great depression.  All thanks to Obama!!!

 If further efforts to "save" the economy. Just yesterday the Democratic congress just gave themselves the ability to borrow another $290 billion dollars just to keep things going for another 6 weeks.  That's $6.9 billion dollars a day in case your wondering. YES 6.9 BILLION DOLLARS A DAY!!!!  The Democrats were really hoping to get $2 Trillion in order to avoid having to go back during the election cycle next year,but they had to settle for a mere $290 billion.
In addition, Obama signed into law a $1.1 TRILLION DOLLAR bill that increases Government budgets 10% across the board.  Meanwhile the unemployment in Detroit is now up to 50%.   But don't worry Democrat's said this money would help the economy.  Also on Wednesday the Democratic congress passed a $155 billion dollar JOBS BILL to be used for 'shovel ready' projects.  Why don't we use some of those shovel's to remove all the BS this administration is spreading around.
THAT ALL HAPPENED IN ONE DAY!! ONE DAY!!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!!! Why do some people still think that the democrats are for the little guys.  This is outrageous.

Meanwhile in "Hopenhaggen". Hugo Chaves was quoted to thunderous applause saying "Capitalism is the road to hell....let's fight against capitalism and make it obey us." I.e the socialist's.

Just days before Obama flies off to blame the US for Global Warming and hand over a $100 billion dollars of our money to fight a myth.

Now the Health care bill is just votes away from putting the finishing touches on the complete destruction of the country.  "Make no mistake" and "Let me be clear" this stopped being about reform a long time ago.  Its all about Obama's victory at our expense.  NOTHING MORE!!!

 This is Obama's version of Bush's Mission Accomplished.  "And its not just me"  Obama very own Health and Human services dept analysis stated that the saving from the HC bill may be unrealistic and adding millions, I'm sorry mandating millions into a health care plan while cutting cost could lead to cuts in service. Moreover, health care policies could cost between $15K & $20K a year for a family making around $88K a year.  But that's just fear mongering.  Just so you know Mandates are another word for Taxes.

Now Obama claims that without the passage of the health care bill the country will go bankrupt.  "Mission Accomplished."  But that's not fear mongering that's the Obama's transformed America you voted for.

The White House also threatened to closed Strategic Air Command in Nebraska if a no vote came in from Senator Ben Nelson.  This is the kind of administration that hope and change elects.

To put a fine point on it, no one outside Harry Reid's office has seen the entire bill, just bits and pieces leaked to the press.  The rest of the Senate and we the citizens are shut out. 2074 page, 2.5 trillion dollar bill that Reid wants voted on before Christmas and he won't reveal the bill.  Rush, rush, rush, but the bill won't kick in until 2014, makes perfect sense.

When your trying to trick an entire country its best to move quickly as you can.

My point is that when more of the bill is revealed the less people want it.  The more we know the more the polls drop in their support.  Hell even the unions are pulling support.  The Democrat's want the bill for Obama not the people.
Here's what we do know;

Will it cover everybody...NO
Will it keep costs down...NO
Will it increase competition...NO
Will taxes go up...YES
Will there be choice...Mandates are not a choice
Will it increase the debt...YES
Will abortion's be covered...maybe maybe not
Will illegal aliens be covered...not yet
Does it cover everything...no/maybe/were not sure
Does the country support this....NOT ANYMORE!!
Over and over it is proven that Obama DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ANY OF THIS!!!
 Ask yourself is this still good enough to give Obama a win.
To give you another thing to think about.  The Washington Post reports:
   "In the space of a single fiscal year,2009, the debt soared from 41% of the gross domestic product to 53%. This sum, which does NOT include what the government had borrowed form its own trust funds, is on track to rise to a crushing 85% of the economy by 2018.  Getting the debt back down to reasonable level will require (now listen to this) extraordinary, almost unimaginable, fiscal discipline and political cooperation."

This is about a serious as it gets and there is no end in sight.

Remember its all for and all about Obama. And the funny part of this is, you voted for all of this!
Thanks Obama Voter and Thanks Obama.

I just thought you would like to know.

America Prevails

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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