04 December 2009

Obama and the Jobs summit and the Democratic/Liberal/Socialist/Statest logic of saving the Economy

Let's understand the Democratic/Liberal/Socialist mind set shall we in relation to Obama's job creation plans and Job summit.

Let's review.

First there was the must needed don't read it just vote, close to a trillion dollar Stimulis bill. Passed because it was going to "Stimulate" job growth with shovel ready projects among countless other programs.  All for jobs right now, not later, right now!  With the brilliant oversight of Crazy Uncle Joe thrown in for good measure. What could possibly go wrong with him looking over things?

Then there was the Cap & Trade energy bill passed.  Another multibillion dollar unread but quickly passed bill. That we needed passed right now, not later, right now!  Quoting Nancy "ping pong ball eyes" Pelosi, the passage of this bill means one thing and one thing only, "JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!!


Then the Health Care Bill passed the house with the new AXIS of evil promising that we need this passed right now, not later, right now to help save the economy and create Jobs.
Remember Obama with the "The time for debate is over" line?  I do.
Yet again another multibillion if not trillion dollar bill passed with little or no real debate, that nobody read. The only bright spot is that it only passed by 5 votes.  Which is another version of a Democratic landslide victory by the way.

Notice after each passage of these job saving or creating bills unemployment grew to a actual percentage of around the 18% we currently are experiencing today.

Two things.

First; if you still think this is Bush's fault your crazy.  Second; if your not noticing a pattern of agenda based governing of massive spending, "HOPE HUGS" intent speeches with no results and pure statism or socialism your even more crazy then I thought.

Now comes the Jobs summit. Quote Obama " We cannot hang back and "hope" for the best" furthermore "What I'm interested in is taking action RIGHT NOW to help businesses create jobs--right now, in the near term." That's right he said we need to take action RIGHT F'n NOW!!!

 The jobs summit question of the day from the White House is "How do we get businesses to start hiring again?"
Crazy Uncle job chimed in with this nugget of joy stating that the $787 billion stimulis was a good start however,  Joe then paraphrased Reagan for a quick pick me up to get things started, Joe related a downturn is when a stranger is out of work a recession is when a relative is out of work and a full-blown depression is when your out of work.  "And it is a depression" for the nation's more then 10million unemployed.
I'm not making this stuff up Comrades they really said this.

Here the kicker Obama went on to say "what's holding back business investment and how can we increase confidence and spur hiring?  And get this "And if there are things that were doing here in Washington that are inhibiting you, then we want to know about it."  You have got to be kidding me??
But then finishing that the Government can only do so much and the real growth MUST come from the private sector.  This form the very same person who made it his mission to destroy the private sector from his day one.  Oh I'm sorry, first he closed Gitmo then he destroyed the private sector, in addition, he destroyed any faith the public had in the private sector.
Now he's telling them, hey its up to you to fix it. Brilliant, the mans just brilliant.

What about all the other agenda bases Ideas in the forms of the bills stated above that did nothing to create jobs? What about those bills?

Sorry about all the quotes but this stuff is too good to be made up.

Then Obama claims "The recession was made worse because of fewer TAX receipts and more demands made of the government for things like unemployment insurance."

Therein lies the Democratic/liberal/socialist/statest mind set. If the Government could tax its citizens more everything would be just fine.  In addition, their solution to fixing problems is create another or new Government program. Instead of cleaning up the mess they made.
 "Transforming" we citizens into we dependence. But maybe that's the plan.

Mark my words Obama will dove tale into another stimulus package. He has already hinted something along the lines of a cash for clunkers only for the housing market. "Cash for Caulker" or some BS like that.  Which means Obama will now use the energy efficiency or green industries argument to save the economy.  Another agenda based idea he will use to get "Cap & Trade" passed in the Senate.
If we only can pass this (insert issue Obama needs passed) we can save the economy.
What a load of crap!

Which given the pattern of the all to clear Obama method of constantly campaigning.  He is now out again on a road show "listening tour" town hall, "HOPE HUG" tour. Leading to another landmark, historic, unprecedented speech about...you guess it jobs.
Let's all have a drinking game during his speech. Everything he says "Let me be clear" we all take a shot.

Please pay attention to this....
All of these bills, all of this agenda bases governing does everything BUT put our money back into our hands.
Or to put a finer point on it, he's doing everything but letting us keep more of our money in our own pockets.
Cash for clunkers does not count.  The rebates were our tax dollars being REDISTRIBUTED to the masses.

I am fed up with this crap, and you my fellow freedom fighters should be fed up as well!!  We need to vote these jokers out in the next elections. I have taken my stand, drawn my line in the sand, what ever you want to call it.  We must stand united against this tyranny that's right I said tyranny.

And to the Obama voters out there.
How can you keep drinking the Koolaid?  How can you keep believing this crap? Oh but just imagine how bad this would have been if Obama did nothing?  To you I say name one thing Obama has done  that made as great a impact as he claimed it would, name one.  You can't!
You have to admit this is out of control.  Ask yourself would you have let Bush get away with any of this?? Ask yourself if Bush was in office right now would you not do everything in your power to see that he and his party are voted out of office??  We all know the answer would be yes.
So why are you letting Obama get away with it now.

Oh I remember, "HOPE and Change."

America prevails

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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SSG_E said...

I don't understand the Obamatrons. For some reason they simply cannot see this guy for who he really is. They would literally let this guy get away with murder. It would be nice to have an adversarial mainstream media watchdog holding him accountable. Instead we get Obama-mania lapdogs that continue to provide cover for this clown.