30 December 2009

Fire Janet Napolitano,then system may work!! Comments on the failed Christmas Underwear Bomber


Talk about skid marked underwear.

Make no mistake this was a massive failure for home land security.  If Obama had a pair (which we know he does not) he would fire Janet by weeks end and replace here with someone with more authority.  I would even suggest Colin Powell or some ex high level military person who has the experience to deal with the multi departmental beast that is HLS.  It's clear she and Obama have no clue how to handle this. We cannot fight this defensively.  We cannot wait until something bad happens then react.  We cannot have a review process after the fact then review some more.  We have to take the fight too them. We have to make them feel that if they stick their heads out of what ever hole they are hiding in we are going to blow it clean off.  Say what you want about Bush but the world and the terrorist knew we were NOT PLAYIN and they better stay in their GD holes.

If you remember there was a TSA leek not too long ago.  Where a tremendous amount of data was released regarding ALL of our security protocols when it comes to air travel.  Well guess what the terrorist have all this information, and contrary to popular belief these guys are not stupid people.  Add that to the Christmas Underwear Bomber in addition, the Yemen government is saying that they know of at least 300 more terrorist waiting to blow up planes.  Mix that with a weak and ineffective President, that's right I said weak and ineffective President and an incompetent HLS and God help us.
Just in case your forgot our economy is still on the brink of disaster and one successful attack would cripple the country let alone the world.
The terrorist do NOT care who the President is, they Hate America and all it stands for.  And "Let me be clear," the terrorist's do NOT fear Obama. His nice guy routine only makes us weaker.

Maybe he can close Gitmo...again. I thought that was supposed to improve our standing with the terrorist's?

Thanks Obama & Thanks Obama Voter!
Happy New Year

America Prevails

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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