13 November 2009

Obama sets new level of Foreign policy inaction and HOPE HUGS with no results Job summits

Yes Comrades,
 In another brilliant move proving Obama's genius, he has decided to yet again put off his decision on what to do in Afghanistan.  He scraped every option submitted to him by the very generals he put into place because they were the smartest best qualified for the job.  Could this delay have something to do with his trip to Asia and the big election loses in Virginia and New Jersey?  Let's see were going to have to beg another trillion dollars from China next year.  Japan is under new management and wants to pull back its support in Afghanistan.  Japan is also realizing that it needs to strengthen its position in the region because of a weakening US.  Yes, this is because of Obama not Bush.

Now moving to the home front.  Obama dazzled the country with his announcement that he will hold a JOB summit in December.  Yes after doing NOTHING in the last 11 months to really stimulate true stable job growth, not just make work BS, and given the fact that the democrats lost in both Virginia and New Jersey. Obama wants to bring another team of so called "experts" that he will in the end not listen too, to talk about job loss and job creation.  WOW mighty mouse to the rescue, "Here he comes to save the day."  Obama has now moved from "HOPE HUG" speeches with no results to "HOPE HUG" summits with no results.  MY GOD THE MANS A GENIUS.  Here a bright idea CUT TAXES across the board for individuals and business's.

 So far Obama and the democrats are pushing agenda over the economy and the public is taking notice. Prove me wrong...you can't.  The proof is in the policy.
Spend and tax...spend a tax.  Bill after bill after bill all claiming the need for passage will create job.  All passed yet unemployment grows and grows and grows.  "Let me be clear" the current situation can no longer be blamed on Bush.  This simply does not apply anymore, sorry.

 Now they're telling us the recession is over, REALLY?
 Recession is over?  So if the recession is over I guess this is what Obama's NEW vision of America is.

Massive debt, out of control spending, countless programs and needless stimulus packages and a steady unemployment rate around 10+%.  This must be all that Change he was talking about.
Or is this what he meant when he was talking about transforming America?  Then we read that the Health Care bill Nancy "Pingpong balls eyes" Pelosi pushed through will fine and imprison citizens who do not carry "adequate" insurance coverage.  Who judges what or how much adequate insurance is??  Oh I know the GOVERNMENT decides!!!  But nooooo its not Government run, Right!?!?

We are in a dire situation and without job creation and tax relief which go hand in hand there will be no growth.  But remember team Obama is supposed to be the best and brightest.  If these clown were so brilliant why do they need to have the job summit with these so called experts??  Makes you think doesn't it.

So in sum it's hurry up when Obama wants something passed and take your time and delay, delay, delay or hold a photo op summit when you really have no clue what to do.

Yes Comrades it's Change you can believe in.

America Prevails

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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