18 November 2009

Comments on The Cost of Obama care, bogus Job creation, Stimulus 3.0, terror trails in New York and yes Sarah Palin

Buckle up, because I'm pissed off!!

I find it interesting that the chief argument for left in regards to health care is that every person should be covered and everything should be covered.  Sounds fair right?  Until it come to who is going to pay for it? Fairness goes right out the window at that point.  Then it's just the wealthy's citizens burden to come up with the money.

So again in Obama vision of America its all in and nobody out except when it comes to who gets to pay for it.
A fine example of HOPE & CHANGE.
Obama did work hard on one thing in the last 11 months.  He did manage to make all success and wealth evil in the only country ever founded in the history of man to foster these very same things.  No president that I can remember did more to retard innovation and growth of the individual then Obama.

In a prequel to Government run health care we find out that the numbers of jobs created or saved is completely bogus.  With mythical congressional districts, creating mythical jobs.  Oversaw by a mythical Vice President crazy Uncle Joe.  Problem is our very real money went somewhere.  In addition, a team of "experts" (we know how Obama loves teams of experts)  released a government study telling women not to get screened for breast cancer until age 50.  Sounds like rationing care to me.  Every woman should be outraged over this. Look around you if you know a woman you know somebody touched by this cancer in one way or another.  Here is a perfect example of how government interference in health care will result in the death of its citizens.  Who needs death panels when your not able to get screened until its too late anyway?

This is leading to "NEW democratic" idea  another stimulus, but in effort to get it passed Obama is going to call it a "jobs bill."  So ALL the other bills that were forced down our throats and rushed through that nobody read in order to create jobs meant nothing, my God this has never been tried before why didn't Obama think of this before?  Who is still believing this crap!?!?  I know...I know give him more time.

Let me underscore this with a quote from a article on the CBS NEWS blogs written by Mark Knoller he sited the WHITE HOUSE budget review paper issued in August that "By the end of the current fiscal year on Sept 30th the National Debt could top $14 trillion" the same document also projects and this is the truly frightening part "by the end of the next decade, the National Debt will hit $24.5 trillion dollars--exceeding the. Gross Domestic Product projected for 2019 of $22.8 trillion dollars.
This outrageous! Time and time again Obama has called for us to sacrifice!  Obama tells us we the citizens need to do without!  Obama cautions us against the excess of the past. But what does he do?  Obama just increases the National Debt level to accommodate MORE spending. How does this even make sense anymore??
Fun fact: if the currency tanks so goes, health care, cap & trade, green industries, all the BS agenda crap the team Obama is pushing.  Including the greatest county known to history all for the sake of transformationing America.

Oh I know, this is Obama's new vision of America that he kept talking about. Got it.

Thanks Obama voters!!!

As for the terror trials in New York.
In another effort to get people to like him Obama is trading national security for a public relations ploy.
If we have a trail here in open court we can prove to the terrorists that America is really a nice place to visit and to not blow up and kill all of its citizens regardless of political party.
I know this may shock the Koolaid drinkers (Berry Flavor) but the terrorist want to kill Democrats and Independences, not just Republicans.
 I'm not worried about security during the trail.  I'm really worried if for some reason these killers are released on some technicality, and they walk out free men, I truly fear the consequences for the country.

Now Sarah Palin, yes Sarah Palin.
Now I'm not the biggest fan of Palin however, I'm baffled by the pin point focus the left has of her.  She is touted as the dumbest, most irrelevant person according to the left.  But why is she mentioned in every breath by them. Its Sarah Palin thinks this and Sarah Palin said that.  She was officially a VP candidate for what 3 months?  Unemployment is almost 12% yet there are teams of reporters fact checking her book and nobody looking into the stimulus spending?  What's wrong here?  Go fact check Obama's books or how about Gore's for that matter.
One things for sure for some reason Sarah Palin scares the shit out of the Democratic's.

But I'm the hater here, I'm the bad guy for pointing this out, right?  NO!  I'm just an American who is sick and tired of this systematic dismantling of everything this country stands for.  Our traditions and values mean nothing to Obama.  Remember Obama looks down on the "Old" way of thinking.
People need to wake up, before its too late.

Thanks Obama & Thanks to the Obama voter.

America Prevails

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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