16 November 2009

Obama and how low can you go.

"Let me be clear," its not the fact that he bowed.  I get the whole cultural thing, trust me I have first hand knowledge on this subject, It's about how low he bowed.  The lower the bow the lower the status.  In other words, the depth of Obama's bow showed the he is inferior to the Japanese emperor.

You cannot spin it any other way.

And for the record that's twice.

First with the Saudi's now with Japan.
So don't pull that isolated incident crap either it won't work.

What about the queen of England our longest standing ally?  Well she got a Ipod with a best of Obama's speeches and some DVD's that didn't work.
How's that for respecting cultural differences.

One again this is another glowing example of Obama's vision of America.

Thanks Obama voters!!
Thanks a lot!

America prevails

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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