04 November 2009

Nancy Pelosi and the raising cost of Health Care

Remember just last week Nancy trotted out the House version of the Democratic Health Care reform bill. With her ping-pong ball eyes because her skin is pulled so tight telling us the cost is a mere $894 billion dollars.
Well in less then one week this pile of crap grew to $1.2 trillion dollars!!

 That's over a 30% increase in  3 days.


Why do the Obama supporters keep buying this crap!!

This Bill was presented last week, voted on this week, maybe Saturday. Perhaps only allowing hours of debate on the floor.  For something they voted themselves exempt from that won't kick in until 2013.  Makes perfect sense under Obama.  Make it evil, claim it will save money and create jobs, ram it through, move onto cap and trade.  Saving card check for next year or 2012 when Obama needs union support to win elections.

They may say I only voted for Obama for this reason or that.  "Hope & Change," remember?  I have been stating at great length you must look at the whole picture of what your vote really means.  Well this is what it really means.  Obama is a radical Marxist, there I said it and I will say it again he is a Marxist, and the ramifications of this Bill will be felt for the next 30 years at least.  Oh, Information Minister your just a hater. You need to support your President...NO I DON'T! Not only do I not support this agenda, I totally reject it and you should too.

 Does health care need reform...yes. Is health care a right as granted by the creator...NO!  No where in the Constitution does it state that it's citizens are required to buy a product and yes health care is a product not a right.  Do not use the "promote the general welfare" argument either. It does not hold up when you are asking your citizens to buy or carry a product.  What if the next President wants you to buy a certain car for the good of all citizens, what then?

A vote for Obama was a vote for the entire party and its agenda.  You cannot separate the two.  Because at the end of the day we will all be impacted by this administration in one way or another.  Remember that.

America Prevails

Information Minister
Loyal Opposition

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